OK, Now Can We Fire Greg Van Zant? Seriously, Please? Anybody Listening?

You can be the most diehard of Mountaineer fan and still hate Greg Van Zant. I certainly do. The man is a waste of human existence, which wouldn’t be so bad if he worked at Jiffy Lube. Unfortunately, he has just a slightly more high-profile job: head coach of Mountaineer baseball.

But as much as I hate him, I had given up hope of seeing him fired from his job. I just figured he would keep missing the NCAA Tournament for another 30 years until he finally croaked and we had to bury him behind Hawley Field.

Well, today, my hope is restored. And, of course, leave it to our savior Pat White to do the restoring.

Asked if he had spoken directly with Van Zant about playing for him, White said: “(No), he wasn’t (excited). He wasn’t interested.”

Then he paused and added:

“In my knoweldge of West Virginia baseball, there’s not been many players of my race on his team. He’s not too high on it.

“Every player I’ve talked to doesn’t like him. He’s not a well-liked coach but I guess he has tenure so they never got rid of him. They’re not successful at all.”

Asked if he might have played if there were a different baseball coach at West Virginia, White said, “Maybe.”

I realize White is simply speculating here, but c’mon: if Pat White told me to jump off a bridge, I would do it. In that same vein, if he calls Van Zant a racist, I will believe it. This is a man that, as per his Wikipeda page, punished players for attending church. As I see it, I want my players doing all they can to hit a good curve ball.

So why not believe White? He seems to have a lot more credibility than Van Zant at this point.

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15 Responses

  1. Pat White got a football coach hired…I wonder if he can get a baseball coach fired.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe he said that. I guess Pat thinks he can say anything he wants about WVU now since he’s the best player in the country …sometimes the truth hurts.

  3. Unfortunate comment. Van Zant is not liked as a coach…..and for many reasons may deserve firing….but the race allegation is based on anectdotal evidence that would not stand up. Baseball has a minor league option that is very atractive to many players..most of the very best including many black players choose this option (JR House)……Baseball has limited scholarships and almost no full rides……talented multi sport athletes have better chances for full rides in football, basketball than baseball. Additionally, taking kids that are risky with grades and test scores is not smart with the limited number of scholarships…..a way around the scholarship game is to couple partial accedemic with athletic…..the African American kid that has great grades, good talent and does not want to take the money…..goes to a warm weather school with a great tradition and facilities……WVU does not have a great baseball history, has crumby weather, and only average facilities compared to other big east baseball schools e.g. Louisville……so like I said this was an unfortunate comment that would not stand up to hard analysis…….Since UofL won the Big East….take a look at their team photo………this is not a WVU issue….it is the nature of college baseball.

  4. academic….funny

  5. We are talking baseball with 31 days until Foozeball returns. I love baseball but the college level has been destroyed by the minors. There was 6 high school kids take in the first 10 picks of the MLB draft. It’s a joke! Baseball is a deep south sport on the collegiate level.

    Pat can say whatever he wants but race is not the issue. MLB is down to less than 10% african-american players. So what does that tell you?

  6. As a general rule, I do not question anything Pat White says or does. He reached “I’m Keith Hernandez” status a long time ago. Van Zant now must go.

  7. They didnt recruit me either…

  8. Is crumby related to gumby?

  9. By the poor performance of the baseball team alone, Van Zandt should be fired.

  10. There are several pro baseball scouts in the east that have stated several times that they do not like dealing with Van Zandt. And, yes, they have used the word “asshole” to describe him.

  11. Is Greg Van Zant trying to say Jesus couldn’t hit a curve ball?

  12. van zant career 220 hitter!!! great job greg!!! ROOOOOM! ROOOM!!!!

  13. The argument that talented african americans stay south or play pro ball is irrelevant in this argument. Pat White is a stud baseball and football player and he already attends WVU…why would GVZ not try to get a 4th round pick to play on his team…its not as if there is no money available to him the kid is on a full ride already…and Van Zant should have been fired long ago regardless…the only reason he got the job is because the previous coach died…he has a winning record for his career of course…but take a look at the schedule this guy puts together every year and it is usually ranked about 275 out of 300 or so…the baseball program at West Virginia needs a major overhaul because it could easily compete on the national level…and getting rid of GVZ would be a step in the right direction

  14. It is possible that WVU could compete on the national level…..but not with our current facilities. They would need to build an all weather facility…..with complete clubhouse and all the bells and whistles to compete in this climate. I played baseball at WVU years ago…..and it is a tough environment to play in because it is so cold and rainy. Fall ball is actually not so bad, but the spring is a killer. Irrespective of the coach the University would have to pour a ton into the program to attract top talent. I played for Ramsburg and with Greg….who was a very good fielding third baseman and solid fundamental player. I am not a GVZ defender, but I do not believe anyone could take us to the next level without a huge investment. I live in Louisville, KY and if you want to see what I mean…..look at their facility and note their improvement since they got it……..that is the deal….the coach is secondary to that at this point.


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