Stargate 2008

Oh my

The title of this article does not reflect my love for science fiction movies that are eventually made into TV shows. No, no, and no. Rather, it is in reference to our recruiting haul so far this season. While we have not been scoring 5 star guys like Heastie and Boyd, the depth and potential we are collecting is unheard of for WVU at this point. We willland at least 4 more 4 or 5 star guys by signing day.

The new coaches are seemingly recruiting Gods. If they target a player, we are guaranteed to be in the mix. We no longer have to pray for 5 star kids to fall into our lap. With these coaches, we can EXPECT 5 star recruits year after year.

What is that you say? We don’t need 4 or 5 star guys to win…just look at White, Slaton, and Schmitt. That is a very valid point, but look at Marshall these days. They got lucky with a couple unheralded QB recruits and haven’t had success since.

Do you want to become Marshall? Hell no, I don’t either. That would be like getting the head cheerleader naked and then blowing your load before penetration. I want to win a damn national championship, not fall off the map after a few years of success.

There is a reason USC and Ohio State consistently win football games. No, not paying players. And no, not playing in weak conferences, either. They consistently land 4 and 5 star talent (Ed. note: Charley West also consistently lands 4 and 5 star talent, in bed).

This coach staff is going to take us taking us to the next level, talent-wise. The question is: can they coach’em up and turn talent into results on the field? I sure damn hope so. Lord knows we don’t want to become Pitt either.


10 Responses

  1. Damnit, 5th Year: perfect place for a “Randy Moss is not happy with the state of the program” tag and you missed it.

  2. We will be so much better now ! Look @ this video! This is one hell of a man, right @ home, in charge the greatest team, in the greatest place on earth!

  3. a) I hope that PacMan is praying for Mazzula and Thouroughman.

    b) A WVU redshirt freshman football player shot a man in the head while he lay in bed next to his five year old son during a robbery. How is this not getting more pub?

  4. He was dismissed from the team in May. That’s why.

  5. I know this is football time, but are we gonna loose Mazzula running the point this year?

  6. So if Washington is no longer on the team, that will knock us out of a tie for first place in the Fulmer Cup. Yet again, a short stay for WVU at number 1.

  7. Mazzula took a swipe at a police officer while trying to get other police officers off of Thoroughman. If this turns out to be true, do you think he deserves to come back? Huggins will be under a microscope being this is his first test of players getting into trouble. He will make an example.

  8. This isn’t a situation which you can say, “What college student hasn’t _______.” Getting in a fight is one thing, punching a cop is completely different.

    If he punched a uniformed officer, he should be seriously disciplined.

  9. What’s is skinny on that whole situation? What happened?

  10. Two WVU basketball players get arrested in PITTSBURGH?

    Hmmmm …

    Do you think the stadium personell and the cops knew who they were?

    I call SHENANIGANS!!

    Where is the video of the arrest?

    I want to see the beat down the cops were trying to put on Cam when Mazulla steped in.

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