Do The Humpty Hump

I hate the Eagles but I love you.

Hello, friends.

It is that time, once again, to look at hot girls while you should be working. Enjoy these pics and send in your picture or theme requests for future hump days.


Yes please

Seriously though, comment on some themes or girls we should focus on in future Hump Day posts.


9 Responses

  1. She would look fantastic with shorter hair.

  2. I agree with the above comment 100%.

    A theme of bare breasted co-eds covering up with their hands would be good.

    I don’t mind the butt shot from the last girl either.

  3. is sponsoring a cowgirl contest in honor of the lovely Miss Jenn Sterger. Does WVU have some slutty young co-ed contest we could focus on? If not, why not steal some of the cowgirls?

  4. Barksdale, in one week slutty young coeds will be all over campus. Fathers, thank you for all your daughters.

  5. Now that the season is starting, have your “staff” take pictures at the games and focus on “Whores of WVU”.

  6. They’re not whores, they’re just extra friendly.

  7. That’s an excellent idea. WBGV should have a staff photographer and run weekly (daily!!!) photo articles.

  8. Charley, for a small fee i’ll be your “staff” photographer for 3 home games, and I usually meet plenty of extra friendly girls in Motown! wooohooo, thank god for whores from New Jersey!

  9. That first part sounded a little gay didn’t it?

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