WhiteForHeisman.com Launches

Our old friend Dougity Dog has done it again. This time, launching WhiteForHeisman.com. Along with the official WVU site, PatWhitePlaysHere.com, we now have a formidable push for Pat White’s Heisman campaign. I urge all fans of WBGV to check Dog’s new site, as it has a wealth of information, is well-designed, and hell, it’s about Pat White — so you know you’re going to check it out anyway.


6 Responses

  1. There are certain things about being a parent that stand out in new realms of awesomeness.
    One being: My 21 month old son says “Lets Go!!!” “Mountaineers!” “Pat White!!!”

    Seriously…that makes dad proud.

    Now I’m going to have to teach him to say “Heisman!!!”

  2. I don’t understand why DD had to go and create another website that does exactly the same thing as the one the university created. It’s like he’s trying to compete with them.
    Personally I feel it’s a little cocky. They should just support the real site and leave it be.
    BOOOOO on Doug and his crew and please try to be a little more original.

  3. and boooo to WBGV to promoting it

  4. Oh yeah, heaven forbid there be multiple promotions for one of the best players in Mountaineer history.

    If it weren’t an NCAA rules violation would you reject an ad from NIKE featuring Patrick White for Heisman because we already have this website?

    Would you rather him promote Steve Slaton for Heisman? Please, it is an original and terrific design. Get over it and get use to WVU getting promoted by more than just the University.

    We are big time now.

  5. I would contend that our site is very different then what wvu offers we say whiteforheisman, they say that he plays here

  6. Both sites are great. Hey, in my opinion, the more sites the merrier. When someone searches or Pat White, a non-Wvu fan will find more. Great job DougityDog.

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