Coach Stew Just Wants To Bang

If you ever doubted that Coach Stewart had a potential career in romance novels, think again.

“We’re going to bang, it’s going to be an intense one, and it is going to be hot, which is great.”

Seriously, how do you say that without giggling? If someone in the press corps didn’t immediately follow that up with a “That’s what she said!” … then someone is not doing their job.

[Tip O’ the Cap to APH]


6 Responses

  1. They’re really going to ram it down opposing defenses throats until they choke on it. They’ll just pound it in there until they call for mercy…

  2. The defense was as the ESPN brainiacs said would be WVU’s demise and the reason we wont see another BCS bowl let alone the National Championship….we were just a coach away last year!

    Get your rooms babies, its in the bag.

  3. where does this man come up with this crap? Its frankly getting old.

  4. I can’t get enough of Stew’s cliches.
    And its even better now that he’s turning into Tobias Funke.

  5. “I just blue myself”

  6. I like to say. FInd the hole and punish it! Punish that hole so hard ! Thats how you win !

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