Frankly, There Are No Words…

Louisville QB Hunter Cantwell

…except these…

If you’re scoring at home — and I know that you are — that’s Louisville QB Hunter Cantwell = 1 … bullfrogs, basic human dignity, and man’s continued evolution from primates = 0.



6 Responses

  1. i can assure you that he would not have expected being chastized for gigging by a website from wv.

  2. What can we say, we love throwing stones, glass houses be damned.

  3. i would have gone with pot and kettle….but well done either way.

  4. Pardon my ignorance (actually, I really don’t think that’s the right word in this context), but what does one do with so many dead bullfrogs?

  5. I guess you eat their legs…????

  6. ahhh yes and that is the apparent problem with Bull Frogs. Only the legs, after they’re gone what do you do with the rest of the frog. No one wants a bunch of gimp toads. Anatomy classes are only so much of the market.

    He should hunt snakes, they’re all leg.

    by the way the shirtless overalls is the ONLY look that would make sense in this photo. Imagine him holding a giggin’ pole wearing a Tommy Hilfiger Polo shirt, doesn’t work. Definitely nailed it.

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