Hump Day: Ladies of the XXIX Olympiad

I was hoping to post a hump day consisting of nothing but girls in action. Unfortunately, those pictures suck. It’s nothing but sweaty women not wearing makeup. I much prefer a woman to be photographed from flattering angles and then airbrushed and retouched to death. That’s classic beauty.

George W. Bush knows what I’m talking about.

Alona Bondarenko

Amanda Beard

Tatiana Golovin

Ana Ivanovic

…and by popular demand, though it’s not the best picture…

Alicia Sacramone


11 Responses

  1. While there is no airbrushing, might I suggest the French olympic swimmer Laure Manaudo?

    (NSFW… hell, it’s not safe for home either…)

  2. Why is there a gay wink at the end of my post? Dammit.

  3. I was hoping for a little of gymnast Alicia Sacramone. Yeah, she lost us a gold medal last night, but at least she’s over 18.

  4. That’s the problem with company firewalls, they ban all the NSFW stuff. Really takes the fun out of going to work everyday.

  5. You gotta love a gymnast named Nastia. You gotta know what happens when you name you daughter Nastia.

  6. Alicia Sacromone can fall off my balance beam any day

  7. Isn’t that girl like 16?

  8. No, she’s 20. She’ll also knock you the fuck out.

  9. that may be the best video ive ever seen

  10. I think the picture of W is the best, that’s our pres-o-dent! HA!

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