Karma Can Be A Bitch

Cam Saddler

There was news yesterday that heralded Shitt recruit Cam Saddler tore his ACL during a non-contact drill. This is a big blow to a team that expected him contribute as a true freshman.

While some of you may be smiling because Saddler cheered for Pitt during his official visit to Morgantown last year. You should wipe that smile off your damn face. It is never appropriate to cheer or root for a kid to get injured. Remember, karma is a bitch and it could happen to a guy on our team too.

Charley and I had an infamous incident in which we almost caused a fight at Kegler’s after some idiot cheered when Micheal Bush broke his leg against Kentucky in ’06. I for one hope Saddler fully recovers, makes it back for next years Backyard Brawl at Mountaineer Field, and gets his head taken off when catching a pass over the middle.  That, would be the appropriate form of payback.

Don’t be an asshole and cheer when opposing players get injured. If you cheer near me when an opposing player gets hut, expect a shoe to the side of the face.  (stepping off soapbox)


9 Responses

  1. Who thought my post would take a different tone than that?

    See, I’m not a complete asshole.

  2. you are a complete asshole, this post is just an exception that proves the rule.

  3. I think people who cheer when other’s get hurt are complete dickheads with no class, and obviously have never been on a football field or basketball court in their life….

    That also goes for WVU fans who badmouth or talk shit about our players or coaches… it just goes to show you that they have no real idea about sports in general or what it’s like to actually play in a game.
    (stepping off soapbox)

  4. One more thing…just remember, somebody on OUR team IS going to get hurt this year. Fact.

  5. I disagree with 5th Year Senior’s handbook on being a fan. I love it when players get injured. I always cheer for the other team’s star to get brutally injured, but not quite dead. Injuries are a good thing. In fact, I want WVU’s player to get injured. Bednarick gets hurt = Pat White. Steve Slaton gets hurt = Noel Devine. Jamaal Adae gets hurt = Pacman Jones.

    Just remember, The 25314 preaches tolerance. Boo college players if they mess up. Cheer when someone gets injured, especially if it might help WVU win. Make noise when the offense has the ball. Tell a girl that those jeans DO make her look fat. Or don’t. I don’t care as long as we win.

  6. Damn, …one of you guys always gets me. The one time I write something serious….I should’ve known.

  7. I only cheer when athletes from communist countries get hurt.

  8. […] time you cheer for a Pitt player to get injured, a furry little kitten […]

  9. Infamous? We all know the 1L would have owned you at Kegler’s. A true Mountaineer supports anything that benefits us, this includes injury, death, and especially Michael Bush snapping his leg in half.

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