Hump Day…Better Late Than Never

I would like to apologize for the late posting but Charley is working on a 27 day hangover from Fall Fest. This is a direct quote from Mr. West.

“Have you ever woken up late in the day really hung over, rolled over in bed to find at best a 4 laying next to you, and still put your wake-up wood to good use? No? BULLSHIT, you know that happened at least once during your time at WVU. If you haven’t experienced it yet, better late than never.”

So remember never let an opportunity pass you by. Hot chicks after the drop

I love Marrisa Miller

Who is this?


3 Responses

  1. My vote goes for #2.

    And as for the quote, you should count yourself lucky. Some of us go to small liberal art schools where the best girls around are, at best, 4s. Foiled again.

  2. #2. Definitely. If those things were any bigger she’d be a Macy’s parade balloon.

  3. Holy Crap, i like the last one….look at that round thing!

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