Yesterday Certainly Didn’t Suck

At the very least, we beat Villanova yesterday. That should be reward in itself. But, as I see it, yesterday was a pretty damn good day.

  • Bowling Green 27, Pitt 17
  • Utah 25, Michigan 23
  • East Carolina 27, Virginia Tech 22

That’s a full day of orgasmic defeats and upsets.  So while you’re busy bitching about the defense, just remember yesterday was a good day for the Mountaineers.  Think any of those three teams listed above would trade places with us?


7 Responses

  1. Yesterday looked a lot like western michigan last year. I’m not worried yet. Nova had 9 in the box the whole game and we played a soft zone which I hope to never see again…

  2. We won’t see a D2 team like Villanova again…I’ll wait to watch the ECU game before I start questioning the defense.

    However i am pissed about one thing with regards to our defense. We only get Mortty Ivy for one more year. That man is a BEAST

  3. YA but we get JT Thomas for the rest of this year and 2 more years after this year too. JT will be one of the best linebackers in school history WATCH

  4. We are loaded at linebacker…. Ivy is the man but he is not irreplacable. Much like Jock = Reynaud 2.0 we have guys ready to step into Ivy’s shoes.

    I’d be more worried about losing #5, who played like a heisman winner and NFL draft pick yesterday. If it wasn’t for dropped passes, Pat would have hit about 85% with no picks.


  6. nothing about yestarday sucked. If you actually watched the game, you would have noticed that we placyd quasi soft defense against a quarterback who was actually insanly accurate. You would have also noticed that when we wanted preasure, we got it. You would have also noticed that JT Thomas is a freaking beast. If we lose next week, start to freak out. Right now, enjoy the victory and the turnovers, preasure and linebackers.

  7. The defense wasn’t able to stop Villanova, Nova stopped themselves. If the defense can’t tackle in space or cover recievers, or get any push from the D-line, new intricate blitz packages don’t matter. The offense was also digusting. We never came close to establishing a running game. The O-line was horrible run blocking. We never ripped off a big play, or big chunks in a row, and got outgained by a D-1AA team. And couldn’t stop them on third downs. But RichRod, pitt, and vt lost so i sleep well at night, while wearing only Charley West’s favorite blue tie.

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