That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Watching Noel Devine on Saturday made the eyes jump out of my skull. 


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What Is That Smell?

Normally, West Virginia ships its trash to New Jersey but this Saturday the trash will be sent back our way as Rutgers visits Morgantown. The Schiano Knights are coming off a HUGE win against FCS opponent Morgan State. Now that is a win you can build your program around.

Rutgers has never won in Morgantown and look to continue that tradition by building on its 1-3 season record with a loss to the Mountaineers on Saturday. While I will not be in attendance I can picture the scene now.

Wavy lines and that doooodoooodooodooodooodooo noise….
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Taking Your Temperature

Let’s play doctor for a minute. Not the middle school version, where you convinced a girl it would help her with science when all you really wanted to do was touch your first boob. Rather, I want to take your temperature about the rest of the season following a win.

Many of you have gotten a little hot under the collar discussing the coaching staff’s performance following two road defeats. A win at home will not cure your ills but it should improve your outlook. If it doesn’t, then you really need to head to a strip club and eat the lunch buffet.
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OK, That Was 100% Decent

Decent win Saturday.

Think it was great?  Good?  Awesome?  Fucking spectacular?  A lot of Mountaineer fans did.  I didn’t.  Decent is as far as I will go.

We went out and executed everything pretty well Saturday.  The running game rolled up our once customary 300+ yards.  The passing game took just enough pressure off the running game.  No mistakes in special teams.  And our defense shut down Marshall, to the tune of 158 yards.  Not too shabby.

But then again, it was Marshall — a team we were favored over by two touchdowns and would have been favored by four had the first month of the season not happened.  Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the Thundering Herd decided to take a cyanide pill everytime they got the ball in a crucial situation.  A much less talented team handed us the game on a silver platter — hooray!

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On Location???

Am I in Morgantown right now? Will I drink beer and fuck bitches this weekend? The answer to the second question is always yes.

Better Defensive Scheme Than The 3-3-5?

My guess is that opposing offenses won’t be so quick to attack us vertically if they were facing a wall of fecal gas. But that’s just me. Maybe Marshall likes the smell of shit, who knows.

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A man has been charged with battery on a police officer for allegedly passing gas and fanning it toward a patrolman.

Jose A. Cruz, 34, of Clarksburg, W. Va., was pulled over early Tuesday for driving without headlights, police said. According to the criminal complaint, Cruz smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech and failed three field sobriety tests before he was handcuffed and taken to a police station for a breathalyzer test.

As Patrolman T.E. Parsons prepared the machine, Cruz scooted his chair toward Parsons, lifted his leg and “passed gas loudly,” the complaint said.

Cruz, according to complaint, then fanned the gas toward the officer.

“The gas was very odorous and created contact of an insulting or provoking nature with Patrolman Parsons,” the complaint alleged.

Update: assault charges have been dropped. Defense obviously works.

[Original story: MSNBC]

Yeah, I Guess I’ll Go To The Game

…but only because there’s beer.

Seriously, this has what it has come to with me.  I don’t even really want to go.  The past few weeks as a fan have completely zapped me of any energy and enthusiasm I had towards this team and program.  And you can’t even call me a pessimist or a bandwagon-jumper.  Hell, I started a damn WVU blog — don’t think I’m a big fan?

I already know what’s going to happen, too.  We’re going to win by 14-17 points in completely uninspiring fashion, and I’m going to leave the stadium trying to figure out just how we’re going to beat awful Rutgers and Syracuse teams.  But I will be walking out of the stadium, which means I had to go into the stadium, which means I went to the game.

…but only because there’s beer.