Program in Meltdown: West Virginia

Note: You knew it was coming.

As 5th Year Senior told us yesterday, “everybody fucking panic!” I certainly am. Why? Because Coach Stewart and the Mountaineers certainly left a lot of doubt on Saturday. In fact, the doubt dial is turned all the way up to 11.

Walking out of the Pitt game last December, I didn’t think it was possible to see a Mountaineer team play with less heart or determination.  Unfortunately, instead of a lifetime, it took all of nine months.  Whether it be offense, defense, special teams, the Mountaineers lacked any type of intensity.  With each drive, I foolishly got my hopes up that a change was just around the corner.  Each time, my soul was crushed just a little bit more.

Where do we go from here?  Well, good question.

I know it was only one game, but Coach Stewart has essentially lost all credibility he painstakingly built up over the past eight months.  All of a sudden, the criticisms made by the national media of this hire are hitting very much at home.  Unless this time responds and responds quickly, this game could reverberate much more than just one loss on the record.

I won’t throw anyone under the proverbial bus today, but this team better respond.  It has to, or we’re in for a long season.


24 Responses

  1. Leave no doubt, I won’t be able to watch another game this season sober.

  2. This is what I get for laughing at the UofL fans last year…

  3. 2007 was our last best shot at glory for a while. We’ll have some good teams along the way, but it’ll be a long, long time before the stars align like that again.

    I think 5th year’s 9-4 prediction is a accurate…we’re good, but only in the regional sense. The national discussion of WVU will evaporate with another loss (CU, Auburn) and we’ll once again be relagated to also-ran status. It was nice while it lasted however.

  4. We’re talking 1 loss here. Let’s wait for another one before we start crying about 9-4 and we suck. Colorado will give us a good indication of where we really are.

    Quit crying! 1 loss. 12-1 is a damn good season.

  5. Quit crying! 1 loss. 12-1 is a damn good season.

    I am not giving up, but what exactly about that one loss — or that one win — tells you we win eleven more games?

  6. If it is a punting or field goal kicking competition we WIN easily.

  7. I wish there was a place in Vegas I could lay some money on “Pastilong’s replacement fires Bill Stewart within 12 months of becoming AD”.

  8. I am not giving up either but my head is telling me 9-4. My heart still thinks we will go 12-1. I hope me heart wins out.

  9. I think (hope) we’ll see a different team on Sept. 18th.

  10. I was at the game and I havent seen the TV version. I dont mind taking a buttwhooping once in a while; In fact it might even be good for the soul on occasion. But that team had ZERO physicality. That deeply troubled me. Maybe Stew forgot to tell them to ATTACKLE!? We better get it together….quick.

  11. C’mon, show us some tits and asses to make us feel better.

  12. We’re going to get our asses kicked all over the field on a regular basis. Teams know we’re soft now, I just hope we can prove them (and myself) wrong. God we need Reed Williams.

    On another note, I sure am glad Johnny Dingle and Darius Reynaud jumped ship to not make an NFL roster. Boy do we miss them.

  13. Wow, hadn’t considered that. Dingle would be tremendous to have around.

    I also can’t believe he’s ahead of the Fridge at UMd.

  14. As WVU fans, we’ve grown up with this mentality that if we’re projected to do well, then it’s, “This is our last and biggest chance” – “Now or never” attitude. These are also the same people that will tell you that they want to be a contending program year in and year out.

    Like who? Auburn? LSU? USC? Oklahoma?

    Every one of these programs has gone through what we are going through now — high expectation coupled with a devastating blow (a little Tropical Storm humor). The only problem is that we haven’t been a power as long as these other programs, so panicking is our first reaction.

    The fact remains that we’ve got recruits coming in that Rod himself didn’t secure the likes of. We’ve got TV exposure that will bring kids to the Big East and WVU. Ticket sales are through the roof. Facilities are constantly being upgraded.

    We’ll be fine. Don’t go jumping off of any bridges soon. Let’s see how this current staff handles a little adversity (Lord knows the last staff had a lot at first and that turned out alright — well until the son of a bitch walked out).

    We’ll be fine. This year may not be our year, but then again — there will be more.

  15. Heading into Saturday’s game, WVU was 12-2 since the triple OT Louisville game when it allowed over 3 touchdowns in a game. The fact is that as dreadful as the defense was, holding ECU to 24 points should have put WVU in position to win.

    I am weary of hearing Bill Stewart talk about how much experience his staff has. There is absolutely no one on the Mountaineer staff that has ever coordinated an offense before…. and it shows.

  16. Besides trying to install Mike Leech’s offense, I think the most egregious moments of the game is when Bill Stewart is punting on 4th down near midfield in the 4th quarter down 21….not once by TWICE. Down 21 with 7 minutes to go, 4th and 9 and you punt?!! WHY?? So you only lose by 21 instead of 28 if you don’t get the 1st????? YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. That was a Wandstache move.

    The difference between Stew and Rodriguez is he though we were fine to be down 14 at halftime, which Rich Rod wanted not just to beat the other team, but to embarass them. To quote Mighty Ducks, “It’s not worth winning if you can’t win big.” That should be our goal. To humiliate the other team. Not to only lose by 21.

  17. Lets all try to keep our panties unknoted. I’ve been watching the Moutaineers since I was in Motown during the Frank Cignetti era. We were glad to have a winning season. So when I see all the talent on this team (on both sides of the ball) and the veteran coaching staff I’m inclined to chill a bit and see if this loss doesn’t motivate a few folks. WVU has never been able to stay on top of its game for long. It seems like it has to get knocked down a peg (e.g., Pitt last year) in order to provide some motivation. So before we run for the hills in panic mode, let’s give Coach Stew a chance to coach.

  18. MUST READ ARTICLE! WE ARE FINE ! IT IS SO HARD TO WIN EVERY GAME IN THE NCAA ANYMORE. you have the press, the refs, the weather, and sometimes things just arnt going your way dropped catches missed first downs 1 turnover. It happens…. We will win a title with STEW !

  19. BCWVU, are you smoking crack? Don’t use Tony. C as a crutch to your argument. What does the press, the refs, and the weather have to do with getting our ass whipped?

  20. We need to also think about the recruits that may decommit if we stay on this path. That’s the worst part in my opinion.

  21. 2000Grad. You need to lay off sniffing so much puss @ lady Godivas! And crack is wack ! Stew and WVU will win more games than any other first year coach in WV history and we will know this for sure on Thursday in Colorado. One thing that needs to be learned is that we should NEVER bash our own team or ever boo them! Also the reasons in the ECU game of why we lost will and can be fixed!

    See you in Colorado…

  22. Nos,

    I too am a firsthand witness to the Cignetti era…the textbook definition of mediocrity.

    9-4 is only panicking if you believe we’re National Championship bound. It is a decent season, by most standards in WVU football history. My point was EVERYTHING (all of the variables that the team could not control) was set up for us last year. The team have worked a miracle in the past few years to gain a toehold in the mainstream national championship discourse. And now, with a modest victory and ass-whipping defeat, the questions start. Reputations are built over time, but can be undone all too quickly. CBS is in toughest of spots. If he wins, Stewart will be accused of winning with others recruits…if he loses, well it’s not hard to see where that would go. As a fan, though, I’m hoping to be proved wrong.

  23. BC – a fan can bash whoever they want, whenever they want, there aren’t rules. It’s not that we lost, but how we lost, the likes of which we haven’t seen since 2003 Maryland. Weather, turnovers and luck can cause a loss, like USF and Pitt last year (losing by a combined 12 points), but not 21 point beatdowns. And don’t use msnsportsnet as proof. That is university propoganda.

  24. Watching Michigan against ND , I bet about the time WVU is ready to give Stewie the boot Coach Rod (Judas) will be getting the boot . I bet the Mounties will just snatch up Coach Judas if he becomes available.

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