Mullen Mauled

No, there was not a tiger attack in Morgantown last night. However, Mullen did get beat down pretty good on the Statewide Sportsline. Almost every caller bashed his motion offense and questioned every facet of his offensive game plan against ECU.

Normally, our fan base is somewhat out of touch with reality on these call-in shows but last night most callers really knew their stuff. I only punched myself twice because of a caller’s statement.

Not to get off topic, but when you end a call please don’t say, “I’m going to hang up now and listen to what you have to say.” NO SHIT. Of course you are going to hang up and listen. I thought you were going to take over for Tony the remainder of the show.

Why do you feel the need to tell everyone what you are about to do? Do you announce your intentions to do something throughout your day? “Honey, I’m about to piss on the toilet seat.” “Hey Tom, I’m going to fart as I walk by your cubicle.” Or, “Honey, I’m going to penetrate your butthole and pretend it was an accident, OOPS.” Just end the call by saying, “Thanks” and then hang-up.

Mullen took every question, comment, and awkward moan like a man. Fraud would have pissed his panties after one call and ended the call-in portion. I applaud him for at least attempting to answer every question and taking the blame for the offensive performance. I also got the feeling that he actually wanted to make adjustments and improve the offense.

He realized we were dominated from the point of attack and could not get any movement up front. Even White and Devine need little hole to run through. He promised things would change but only time will tell. Let’s hope that it was not lip service and he actually makes some adjustments to improve what was once one the most consistent offenses in the nation.

Finally, did anyone notice the little shot Mullen took at the S & C coach?? Is there dissension in the ranks already?


17 Responses

  1. What shot at the S & C coach? what is the S & C coach anyway?

  2. If the S&C coach was responsible for:
    1. Running backs colliding in the backfield;
    2. The line blocking right and the backs running left;
    3. People not knowing where to line up;
    4. Pat turning left to handoff and that running back already take off blocking;
    5. The OL completely unable to pass protect;
    6. Punting in the 4th while down 21 points;
    7. The WRs complete failure to execute any meaningful block; and
    8. Rushing for 213 less yards against ECU when we have a better QB and OL than last year.

    Then yeah, I guess Mullens should take a shot at the S&C guy. Or, maybe Mullens should have actually installed his offense this summer and had his half of the team ready to play a goddamn D-I game.

  3. Double U man, you just stole my thunder for my shoe post tomorrow. GEESH

    The O has a lot of work to do before the trip to Colorado. At least we have a lot time.

  4. The Double U put it well. It’s not a change of scheme that’s the problem, it’s the completely lousy play. it’s like watching the Redskins over again. Maybe they should go back to yelling again.

  5. that girl is HOT!

    Wait did we lose this weekend?

    What happend?

  6. It kind of makes you wonder what exactly Mullen & Co. have been doing the last 6 months.

  7. Stew and Casteel?

  8. …or Safety and Corner?

  9. Strength and Conditioning.

  10. Simple Jack…love the name.

    Mike Barwis was awesome at what he did. Anyone matching him would be difficult.

    The O-line isn’t a pass blocking line. The O-line last year wasn’t as good as 2006 or 2005 version. No reason to expect Mike Dent, and Jake Figner and Selvish Capers to suddenly become remarkably better over the summer.

    We’ve had 4 WR coaches in the past 5 years (Steve Bird, Butch Jones, Tony Dews, Lonnie Galloway). It seems as each one plays the faster recievers at the beginning, realizes the receviers aren’t good blockers or great route runners, and finally settles on the slower but better blockers Jalloh and Tito.

  11. Mr. Senior, feel free to plagerize or, in the alternative, post more pictures of the beautiful Adriana Lima. Only Ms. Lima can see us through our present crisis.

    As an aside, my current “Thing that makes me want to throw a show” is the people braying about the team’s “lack of [effort/heart/desire/pride/guts]”. That team on Saturday played pretty damn hard, but as Seneca the Younger said, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

  12. Barwis is crazy fuck….no one will match his intensity. “unleash the dragon”

  13. Well, at least the cops beat the shit out of ECU. Given that we couldn’t beat the shit out of a paper bag on the fron steps.

    ECU security guards beat the sit out of fans:

    However, we still suck.

  14. “As an aside, my current “Thing that makes me want to throw a show” is the people braying about the team’s “lack of [effort/heart/desire/pride/guts]“. That team on Saturday played pretty damn hard, but as Seneca the Younger said, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

    The Double U – You obviously were not watching the same game I was while at Greenville.

  15. I don’t know, maybe we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I thought the team was a step slow, but it looked like to me that they (O and D) were a step slow because they were unsure where to be and where to go. I don’t remember seeing anyone give up on plays, but I remember about 2 dozen instances of mental clusterfucks on offense alone. In all fairness however, I was watching on television and it’s tougher to gauge effort through the boob tube.

    At any rate, I think we can all agree that the ECU game was an abortion and whether it was coaching, effort or little green men, Stewart better fix it and fast.

  16. I know the show was about the offense, but when the offense isn’t on the field at all how can it execute? That zone couldn’t stop Morgantown High School right now, let alone a D-1 program.

  17. I think we just came out flat, thinking too much. We obviously haven’t picked up the new terminology and motion yet. All the new “stuff” sucked balls. The defense wasn’t even adjusting thier set up when we motioned…so what’s the point.

    I still think we can come out and score 30 against Colorado.

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