Don’t Be Rich Rodriguez!

Lying awake last night I thought about my girlfriend in a sexually explicit way. After thirty seconds of ecstasy, I started to think about our football team. With thoughts of the team running through my head my mood turned from satisfaction, to utter disappointment.

Then I began hearing voices. Don’t worry, it is not out of the ordinary for me to hear voices. Luckily for us all, they did not order me to go on a ten day meth and sex bender again. It was only HCBS and his Fiesta Bowl pre-game speech.

For me, that speech is like a sore pecker, you just can’t beat it. The speech put me in a great mood and soon enough I was sleeping like an overweight baby after a breast feeding. Waking up refreshed I hit the internet to read my usual WV papers.

For once, a story in the DA really struck a chord with me. (Read it here) HCBS’s speech is referred to regularly on this site. Hell, we are even selling t-shirts with some of our favorite lines. But we often overlook one of the most important lines, “Don’t leave your wing man – never, ever, ever bail out on your brother.”

This simple line subtly let the team know that Fraud had no character and left them during their toughest time. It also reminded them that the team is still firmly together, and stronger than ever. After all this team has been through in the last year, they know that they can count on each other and their coaches for support. Let them know that they can still count on us.

I’m not saying to follow blindly without criticism, but we really need to stop being so damn negative. It is fine to let them know that they can do better and we expect more. But if you have already given up on this team, you need to check your priorities and don’t even think about jumping back on the bandwagon if we start rolling again.

Give this team your whole hearted support while they are on the field straining for US. The strongest steel goes through the hottest fire. Stand by this team. Don’t be Rich Rodriguez and abandon the Mountaineers when they need you the most.

“Don’t leave your wingman, never, ever, ever bail out on your brother.”


11 Responses

  1. Amen

  2. Well said

  3. I’ll see your air force “wing man” analogy and raise you an infantry one:

    “If a C.O. was incompetent, fragging the officer was considered a means to the end of self preservation for the men serving under him. The very idea of fragging served to warn junior officers to avoid the ire of their enlisted men through recklessness, cowardice, or lack of leadership. Junior officers in turn could arrange the murder of senior officers when finding them incompetent or wasting their men’s lives needlessly. Underground GI newspapers sometimes listed bounties offered by units for the fragging of unpopular commanding officers.”

    I say that in jest; there’s no current need to be calling for Stewart to get fired. For all we know, that game could have just been a everything-that-can-go-wrong-did-go-wrong game and we’ll win nine of the next ten and party in New Orleans. However, that long leash Stewart earned in Pheonix just got reeled in quite a ways…

  4. I’m still behind our team. I’ll just have that twisting feeling in my stomache when i watch the games from now on. That feeling had kinda gone away in the past two years, but now i feel like my old self again. Damn.

  5. “I go back to Bill Stewart’s Fiesta Bowl pre-game speech, “It’s Mountaineer Pride…From the heart.” We had no heart today and I am embarrassed to be a Mountaineer football fan.”

    Go pound sand.

  6. I always thought that “Don’t ever leave your wing man” phrase sounded corny and stupid.

    Unless, of course, you REALLY are a fighter pilot and your life really does depend on your wing man.

    PS – Tom Cruise is a fag. And I guess my low opnion of that phrase comes from its use in the movie.

    Right Iceman ……

  7. Why should I pound sand? How is your quote from my previous post against what I said in this one. Fans can state that they are disappointed and expect more from this team. I was embarrassed on Saturday but I’m still on board with my Mountaineers.

  8. Here, here. Its funny that you posted this as I was just thinking about this today. Bill Stewart has to be the most scrutinized coach I have ever seen or heard of. The man just lost his first game (albeit badly) and a lot of ‘fans’ are ready to get rid of him. Don’t get me wrong, we looked awful, but lets give ’em a chance to turn this bus around before we call for his head on a platter.

  9. Pretty corny, but I needed that.

  10. Look y’all, what we you expecting? A trip to the NCG? Our best shot at that was last year. Since then we changed coaching staffs and lost a bunch of starters on defense. That gets you a 8-5 season in most conferences.

    In the loss to ECU the offense looked like they were confused by the “new” system. What would you expect during a coaching change? I hope the staff and players figure it out over the next couple of games.

    We can still get to a BCS game. Who’s to stop us in our conference?

  11. The scrutiny stems from him taking lemonade and making lemons.

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