Ohio State Sucks

Ohio State just got knocked the fuck out of national championship contention. However, they probably won’t drop out of the top 15.


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  1. I graduated from WVU in ’01, and Ohio State Grad school in ’05 and I couldn’t hate anyone more than I hate the Buckeyes, but I was cheering for them and Terelle but what an ASS-WHOOPIN! Fuck Michigan! God EERS!

  2. Go EERS! I’m drunk, I was doing a pub crawl in D.C. with the D.C. alumni crew, sorry for the spelling.

  3. I have a feeling that they’ll work their way back into the NC hunt later in the year. Mizzou and OU will knock one or another off for sure if they end up playing in the big 12 championship, the SEC teams will beat each other up as usual, and who is left to challenge them in the Big 10? A Penn State who has feasted on cupcakes (why they are getting any press right now is beyond my powers of comprehension). Wisconsin who struggled early against Marshall and barely beat Fresno? Michigan (I had to list them just to get a laugh)? USC has a history of dropping games late in the year as they tend to get overconfident and attempt to mail them in.

    OSU (as much as I viciously hate the buckeyes) is a fairly decent team, and they have an easier slate than anyone else who really has a shot at this thing. They lost on the road to the #1 team in the land….they’ll creep back up into the polls as the season progresses. I have a feeling that it will be them and Oklahoma in the title game where the buckeyes will get exposed again.

  4. I love to eat Strawberries! FO SHO!

    LETS GO!

    See everyone thirsty thurs in Colorado !

  5. tOSU represents everything that is wrong with college football. Because this is the internet, I’ll choose not to provide evidence for my assertion, but honestly, all you people know that im right.

  6. Penn State is getting some press because their offense is clicking and putting up massive numbers, even against cupcakes like Syracuse. But honestly, they’re only ranked #16 so it’s not like they’re getting that much hype. They are slowly creeping towards the top ten.

    Ohio State is probably still the team to beat in the Big Ten and they’ll likely play a factor in the NC race if they go undefeated in conference play.

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