Go Play Intramurals Brother!

Thanks to Captain Obvious, aka Charley West, you now all know that we play Colorado this coming Thursday. What some of you may not know or may not remember was this classic rant by Colorado Head Ball Coach, Dan Hawkins.

By the way, if anyone off the Buffs football team took Hawkins advice you should contact The 25314 because I hear his intramural team is struggling this year.

In honor of Hawkins explosion we have included some of our favorite rants from coaches after the jump. Have fun wasting time.


6 Responses

  1. That Bob Knight top 10 was great.

  2. How in the world did Mike Gundy not make the list? Is it because, at 41, he’s no longer a man?

  3. I’m with you Country Roads, Mike Gundy is all time #1. “I”m a man, I’m 40” will go down in history.

  4. bob knight is my hero

  5. Mike Gundy is an all-time great but I wanted to go for some blasts from the past.

    I really wanted to put up Iverson’s practice rant up but he is not a coach.

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