Girls Of Colorado

The crack research team here at WBGV searched and searched for some scantily clad ladies at Colorado but we failed miserably. Actually, we did not fail. It is the University of Colorado’s fault for not allowing hot co-eds on campus.

While none of the pictures below feature scantily clad ladies they are some of the hottest athletes Colorado has to offer.

Amber Sutherland

Katie Hnida

Amanda Foulk

Hannah Skildum

Allison Eckert

That is all I could find.  Enjoy?


4 Responses

  1. I’ll give their athletes an A-.

  2. Hannah, Katie, and Amber could stop by my place any day.

  3. How very….mediocre.

    Wasn’t the kicker at the center of the CU rape allegations a few years back?

  4. Yep

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