Week after week we post pictures of scantily clad college girls for you to enjoy. This week I got the idea, “What about a video of barely clothed college girls.” Sitting down to put this video together, I quickly realized that my talent is in pleasuring women and not composing a video.

Then I embarked on a journey to find a video. The video below is the result of that search. Sure the video has another site in it but if you are looking at words you need to check between your legs.

Celebrity hump day after the jump…


6 Responses

  1. Oh to be a young man enrolled at Arizona State! No one even comes close in the hot chick to dude ratio!

    I find it very hard to type with one hand. Best hump day post ever!

  2. great show but why does WVU never have any hot female pics?

  3. Litttttttle too much goin’ on there, Nasti. Honestly, swing and a miss on the video. Let’s keep it rollin’ with the celebrities and more scantily clad selections.

  4. In addition, what do the symbols next to the posts mean?

  5. When my boys are old enough, I will have to have them at least go out for a visit to Arizona State.

  6. True dat hoe

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