Let’s Be Realistic!

I’ve bitched a lot and will undoubtedly bitch some more but we can salvage a successful season. We can win 10 games, win the Big East Championship, and go to a BCS bowl. Don’t give up just yet. Don’t jump off the bandwaggon. Patrick White and the rest of the players deserve our support.

The players have improved and are prepared to win out. The coaches need to follow suit and stop being incompetent boobs. Coaches, stop being Stewpid and step up like your players.


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  1. Amen!

  2. My favorite thing about this site has always been that you guys live in the real world, but I’m beginning to wonder about you, 5th Year. The “Don’t Leave Your Wing Man” post last week and now this. We’re all hurting and want to be optimistic, but our head coach was the most disoriented person in the stadium last night. That includes the 30,000+ co-eds who had been drinking since 7:00am… While our play (effort of the guys on the field) improved, our coaching actually regressed. If we improve drastically, we can’t hang with Auburn (I know… they have no offense) or USF. If not… Let’s not think about that.

  3. Vandy could win the BE this year.

  4. I hope I’m desperately wrong about this, but USF will pick WVU apart. That will happen, and we all know it.

  5. What is funny, is that you have been going though the same mental progression as me and your posts show it. I think there are many in out boat.

  6. I agree 100% The coaches have got to get their head out of their asses and stop hindering the players. We improved a lot on defense and offense (not to mention special teams were on fire, minus the final FG), now the coaches need to light a fire under themselves.

    Lots of good things out of the team last night ON THE FIELD…the sidelines and pressbox needs some work.

    As great as the staff may get along, they still need time to gel during games…in the heat of the moment. I just hope it’s before we enter Big East play.

  7. I was as optomistic about the season as anyone at the beginning. I thought with what we had coming back, the only thing that could stop us would be an inexperienced defense. Boy I was wrong. Our defense has actually shown it can play but the thing stopping us is an absolutely horrible coach. Now I got on the Stew bandwagon just like most people, but these last two games have proven that he has no clue how to coach a football team. We brought him in for the sole reason of providing the continuity that this team needed to compete for a national title this year. He has utterly failed at that chore. I have no faith in Stew’s ability to coach the rest of the season let alone rebuild us for years to come. After watching the players last night, it looks like they have no faith as well. The fact that Stew refuses to admit he was wrong is even more disturbing. It just shows that he, as he always says, really isn’t smart enough to be a head football coach. Its time to stop thinking his sayings are pure humility and actually believe him. As much as I hate it, we are in trouble unless our talent can outshine our coaching shortcomings. Something that WVU has never had to do in the history of its program.

  8. I was as disappointed as anyone with the ECU and Colorado losses. Now let’s consider what happened and what can happen. The University hiring of BS was an emotional hire one that was done without any rationale thought (to think Saban was mentioned as a candidate). After the Fraud debacle, the administration was looking for someone who would not question them (i.e. they could control). Most would agree that $800K later that they got what they paid for……..Don Nehlen, I mean Bill Stewart (actually I shudder to say DN might be better). BS was certainly not hired on his coaching reputation. None the less Mountaineer Nation was on board and ready for the 2008 season. Villanova…mediocre win, ECU…outright embarrasing, CU….the talent and skill were there, the coaching was absent. Man for Man WVU was far superior than CU but gaffes by the coaching staff cost us the game. McAfee should never been in the OT position. WVU had the ball with a tad more than 2 minutes left in regulation and the clock management was reminiscent of the Nehlen days (remember the Miami and Pitt games). Poor BS looked dazed and confused and this was called out on national television as the clock ticked to less than 10 seconds and the subsequent hail mary fell short.

    Now that we all have had more Tums in two weeks than we have had in five years, what is in store in the upcoming weeks?. Could we win the rest outright? The talent is there, the Big is mediocre but can the coaching staff raise their game? We are now in a postion to be a spoiler to Auburn and USF. Five losses are possibility. Pat White for Heisman is down the American Standard.

    What we should be most concerned about is future recruiting classes. Could Boyd and Heastie have a change of heart? If they do it could all be down hill. In pains me to look at history and mention Pitt but after Jackie Sherill there was Foge Fazio ( an admin favorite) and they have been eating shit ever since!

    I for one hopes that this coaching staff rallies and that the team rises to the task and thus prevent the beginning of the end!

  9. Hey … where did everybody go????

  10. We have to remember…….none of this is the teams fault. Dickrod put everyone in a bad position. We have been behind the eight ball since January

  11. 3 & punt….Frank Cignetti has returned as Coach Stew!
    BS may be a very good Assistant Coach, but he has established early that he is NOT a Head Coach. Please don’t destroy the talent and hard work of the players by staying any longer Coach Stew. Admit you are in over your head.

  12. Well in that case…I blame the Taliban

  13. FUCK IT! Let’s take it out on Marshall.

  14. I hope we do. We have some recruits coming to town this weekend.

  15. um, I love bashing Rod as much as everyone else, but the dude did put all this together for us, and handed it to Stew on a silver platter. It ain’t his fault we’re losing. Let’s move past the Rod era and start thinking about beating Marshall and getting out of being the laughingstock of college football.

  16. Looks to me like Marshall could win the big least this year….we better get our collective heads out of our collective asses or we’re really going to be the laughing stock of football, not to mention the state of WV…FUCK.

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