Is Our Coach Retarded?

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[Thanks to MGoBlog for the only picture that would make me wish I was a Michigan fan. Just kidding. Fuck you.]


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  1. If he is fired after this season his buyout would be 4.25 million….or a quarter million more than rich rod would have been paid if he had been fired last year….

    I keep thinking of the old lady Colorado fan who tried to calm my murder like rage as i passed her after the game, saying “it’s just a game.” Bill Stewart says that too.

    But it was just a game, I wouldn’t care this much, Bill Stewart wouldn’t make this much (he still shouldn’t, he should be wearing overalls somewhere and working the farm…in fact does he remind anyone else of simple jack from tropic thunder), and Charley wouldn’t drink as much…maybe.

    Maybe bill stewart is saving those timeouts to stop time, a la zach morris, to escape the pitch fork and torch toating mob surely to tar and feather him in the coming days.

    Just win baby.

  2. Great Picture! Unfortunately, it’s one of hundreds from Thursday that could illustrate what a moron our Head Coach is… I live in Hurricane (only 30 miles from Huntington) and the green clad homos are really coming out of their closets this week. If we lose to those bumbling idiots, I’ll have to quit my job and move away… Any chance Stew-pid and Mullen take Saturday off?

  3. We should have seen this coming.

    Last weeks game kind of reminded me of every time the national news has someone on tv to talk about whatever event just happened in the state. The media always finds the most retarded piece of shit, trailor trash redneck to speak and represent the state to a national audience.

    Is it true that Stew said that Marshall was family? That itself should tell you that the guy needs a straight jacket.

  4. Ed Pastilong needs fired today. He eliminates 4 sports, he cripples the Rifle Team and he’s royally fucked up 5 major, multi-million dollar employment contracts. Hell, that’s just part of the bill for the last 7 years!

  5. Fast Eddie is a dipshit! He hired a dipshit! We are playing like shit!

    Marshall can eat shit! If we loose, i’m gonna shit!

  6. Thank you, NewGuy, for that stunning piece of literary insight.

  7. Notice that the picture is a photograph of a television screen.

    I thought in January that WVU and Stewart claimed there would be no buyout clause in the contract? Am I remembering that wrong?

  8. Holy Shit.

  9. Mike, Glad i could be of assistance to you fine gentlemen.

  10. Holy fucking Christ…Maybe he will just step down after the season….that would be my wish.

  11. Why in God’s name would we give an unproven coach a buyout clause of more than $500,000????

    Some one needs to answer for this and probably get FIRED.

  12. Well, he said he’d step down if it was for the best of the team, but 4.25 million is a lot of reasons to stick around til they’re forced to fire you. You call him stupid, but he was crazy smart to sign that contract after the ECU loss. It ensured that he’d get out of this mess Ed Pastilong created with a fat paycheck. Wouldn’t it be funny if this went to court and got blown way out of proportion by the media? Don’t let Ol’ Smilin’ Bill into the Single Master Copies of All Relevant Pieces of Paper Room. It’ll be a horrible, smiley, rainbow-filled shred-fest.

  13. Bill Stewart = smiling jack from tropic thunder

  14. When we lose a game an our head coach says he would have changed a thing looking back, then we have a freaking huge problem.

  15. The last post should say “would not have changed a thing”

  16. everybody is taking that quote WAYYYYYY out of context and it’s getting old

  17. I know, he was talking about the time management situation. I know he was trying not to leave Colorado with any time left on the clock. But we have to forget about that and move on. Marshall is a solid football team. (Damn, it hurts to say that.) We’re gonna have to show up and play to beat him.

  18. No, they are not a solid football team! The can’t hold our jock strap in comparison to talent! The only difference is that their coach is only half as retarded as our coach. This game is the Herds superbowl each and every year.

    This game will be a blow out, because they have never played us when we have been down. 48-13 A big message sent to the Huntington faithful.

  19. I hope your right, but they ARE going to make a strong showing in their little ‘ole conference.

  20. How is that quote being taken way out of context? You mean you wouldn’t have taken a time out or two at the end of the game and tried to win it? Especially after the fact? Come on man.

  21. I’m not saying I agree with it, but the there was actual football logic behind the clock management (see Hickman’s article)….my point was for all of those saying “He didn’t win and wouldn’t change anything about that?” and the resulting inferences. Would he change the way we executed the plays, absolutely. Would he change the outcome, absolutely. Would he change the play calls, no. Right or wrong, he is supporting his staff this way. That’s all I meant. Too many people were taking that quote as a stand alone and running with it to too many false conclusions. Yes, he and the staff could be doing a much better job, but the complete negativity all over the place is depressing.

  22. Ok, I understand what you mean.

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