Things That Make Me Want To Throw My Shoe

I will be wearing the above boat shoes on Saturday. If you are hit with one of them, I’m sorry, I have really bad aim. I have a feeling I will want to throw them at fans more than the football team or coaches. While I am upset with our football teams performance, I am just as pissed at our fan’s reaction to everything.

Nonsense and stupidity to follow…


Legitimately talking about firing a football coach after 4 games and a 2-2 record is absurd. It makes us look like a bunch of hot-headed hillbillies that burnt our ass on the gas log stove in living room. We need to calm down, for now.


Reading message boards and listening to call-in shows I get the feeling that our fans would rather be right about their doom and gloom predictions, rather than see the team succeed. The “see I told you so” mentality and jumping on and off the bandwagon just diminishes your opinions. Quotes like, “I hope we lose out so Stew is fired…I knew he was going to fail.” Make me want to beat you. If you say that, you are not a fan, you are fucking idiot.


You never hear Marshall fans talking about their team. It is really sad that Marshall fans love to see us fail more than seeing their own team win. All they talk about these days is our record and how bad we are. Be proud of your team, even if they are irrelevant. Y’all have a decent team but you have no shot at Mountaineer Field. Thanks for your money now get the fuck out of town.


If we beat Marshall by 3 or 4 scores I want all of the people that are beating on HCBS now say one nice thing about him next week. I know that won’t happen because most of you would rather be correct than see us win.


Also, don’t forget my attempts to change the first down cheer to OOOOOOOOO W-V-U clap FIRSTDOWN.



43 Responses

  1. #5 – Great idea! i won’t be there to help you, but you need the help of the student section, go to the pit before the game and hold up a big sign…it will work.

  2. Print out about 2000 flyers and post them around during the tailgate.

  3. It’s almost as if our fan base, at least the vocal ones on the boards, have turned into Bammers waiting for Bear Bryant to come back from the dead.

  4. the equivalent thereof, is what I meant

  5. Isn’t it humpday?

  6. I’m very calm and unemotional as I sit here behind my computer screen and say the man must go. That’s right, there is no need to give him a chance, he’s in over his head, we can all see this.

    Ken Kendrick didn’t become successful by putting incompetent people in charge. The man was absolutely right with his comments after the hire.

  7. Bammers hired Nick Saban to fix their problems and shazam… He has fixed them! You get what you pay for.

  8. but he didn’t do it in 3-4 games and by my count, he lost 6 his first year, including Louisiana Monroe (a few steps below ECU and Colorado on the football food chain) AT HOME

  9. Alabama was below average (6-7) and Saban made them appear good in his second season.
    WVU was good (11-2) and Stewart made them appear to be retards in his first season.

    I can understand a transition year for Saban. Stewart should not have needed a transition year.

  10. but it’s not been a year……3 games, 2 of which have been against better than average opponents on the road. I’m not here to argue or throw anyone under the bus. We all have a right to our opinions. I’m not trying to be a HCBS apologist, nor a detractor. I think more time is needed to make a complete assessment is my main point. Either way, this team, staff, school has my full support and voice this weekend!!! What’s the word? F@#$ the HERD!!!!!!!!

  11. But Alambama is in the SEC , not the friggin Big East…so six wins in THAT conference aint bad for the go around. Having said that……

    its not so much about the competition thus far, we did lose to a couple of decent teams….its about the LACK of fire on the sidelines from Stew, he calmly paces up and down the sideline trying to figure out how in the hell to use the fuckin headset…I dont see him as an inspiring kind of guy…honestly at the Fiesta Bowl, while he said all the right things like “attackle” and whatever, I think on a stage like that you could have done as well and I dont even know you.

    I want to see him kick some ass, yell at someone and not put his arm around the opposing coaches shoulders….I want to see him , Oh God I cant believe I am about to say this but here goes, rant like Rod did and dont act like a passive pussy. But thats just me.

  12. do the HUMPTY HUMP, watch me do the HUMPTY HUMP…???

  13. um, 4 wins were in conference (Tenn, Vandy, Ark and Ole Miss)….other than Ark…not that impressive, but I digress

  14. I’m sorry….I want to win as badly as you ALL do. But it’s only been 3 friggin games. No D returning, 80% of offense gone, no WR’s. Cupboard wasn’t exactly stocked….I know, I know, White and the OL. Dent and the right side haven’t played very well is a nice way to put it.

  15. I think most people who have been talking shit have never even stepped on a football field (except to tear down a goal post). It’s easy to place blame when you have no idea about how hard it actually is to win.

  16. Hold on homey….I DID play the game up to my sophmore year in college and I coached for a couple more…and I’m still talkin shit, go figure.

  17. your teams must have SUCKED!

  18. 80% of the offense gone? Um, we returned stancheck, isdaner, dent, figner, capers, and maw, white, devine jalloh, gonzalez, and lyons ALL of whom started games in 2007. We lost only Reynaud, Schmidt, and Slaton. Slaton didn’t even play the Fiesta Bowl. Though huge, Schmidtt only lined up in the backfield on 50% -60% of the plays. Reynaud only touched it 5 times a game. All big losses, but not 30 points a game of a loss. 8 of 11 is 72% of the offense RETURNING.

    The right side of our offense line sucked last year too, look at slaton and white’s yards per carry average last year declining, and watch game tape where we ran to the left every critical play. Also watch the game tape where White, had the ball in his hands on third and short, and not a tailback. Watch 4th and 4 against pitt where dent misses he block and slaton gets stopped.

    Bill Stewart was hired for the sole reason of keeping things going. He has not. Maybe we get it turned around, but to process the information available and not hang to potential hope, so far he has been a failure.

    The losses cant be placed on the defense, at all, WVU won 12 games from 05-07 when allowing 21 points or more. They played well enough to win both losses.

    You don’t need to be a football coach to see that WVU’s offense scored 62 points in the first game last year and only 58 through the first 3 games this year. What changed? The coaches.

  19. YEAH … YEAH … YEAH

    Its not the SEC its the Big East …

    And … Georgia will beat us by 3 touchdowns …

    And … Oklahoma will run us off the field …

    SHUT the F____ UP!!!!!

    The SEC can SUCK MY ASS.

  20. The 25314 makes more sense than all the rest of you combined! I hate those green clad fa*^%ts! Please win Saturday…

  21. Its not the SEC its the Big East …

    Please, Here is the difference in the 2 conferences in a nutshell:

    Current Poll…#3 Georgia
    #4 Florida
    #5 LSU
    #8 Alabama
    #13 South Florida
    #15 Auburn

    Most people could name three or four SEC match-ups they would like to watch….How many Big East matches are “Must See” ?

  22. I can’t wait until Syracuse and Rutgers plays, what the hell are you talking about?

  23. a couple points to clarify:

    1. Big East or not, we haven’t played any conference games yet.
    2. As for the 80%, I meant yards, not players
    3. I agree completely about our defense.
    and lastly and most of all
    4. My argument was with the comparison that Saban has fixed everything. He’s at least had a year before that judgement. I never said Stew wasn’t failing so far. My intent was we’ve only had 3 games to judge by (not too impressive so far, we all can agree).

  24. We brought back 62% of our net rushing yards from last year, 100% of our passing yards and 42% of our receiving yards. We brought back 75% of our total offense.

    I have absolutely no idea where you get the 80% figure.

  25. Calm down with the percentages already. You guys sound like a bunch of nerds. I don’t think you can quantify what Owen Schmidtt did for the offense, first of all. If you use only numbers to define him then you’re missing most of what he did for our team. Secondly, I don’t think anyone, myself included, realized how difficult the transition from one offense to another would be. Finally, here’s my question….why is it that for any other coach people say give him a year or two to make the transition but Stewart is getting a game or two instead? I think its ludicrous what some “fans” are saying. Please step carefully as you exit the bandwagon and stay the hell off.

  26. I’m just as pissed as the rest of you about the first three games. I’m not pissed at the players but at the catatonic state of the coaching staff. But giving HCBS the boot three games in would only make mattters worse. The AD, however, can be fired at any time, right?

  27. Stats don’t lie.

  28. The reason we hired Stew, OK I’ve got no idea why we hired a Wal-Mart greeter as head coach. But one can assume the reason we hired him is SO THERE WOULDN’T BE A TRANSITION YEAR. It’s nearly the same freaking offense, or at least the same offense from the Pitt and South Florida games.

    The fans are upset because we knew this was a retarded hire to begin with, but we wanted to be proven wrong (still do). But BS needs to stop combing his eyebrows on the side lines and get his ass into the game. It’s ok to be pissed when we lose, in fact that’s what I want to see from BS. Get pissed about something, anything. Yes, it’s great to wake up bleading gold and blue but I don’t need to hear that crap after every loss.

    That being said, I hope I look like a jackass at the end of the season when we’re 10-2. Just win BS and we’ll shut up, just show some glimmer of competence and we’ll shut up. Just show you know a how to call time out.

  29. Figures can’t lie but liars can figure, so if a liar is figuring, you can figure he’s lying.

    And the whole point is he was hired to avoid the transition. If we wanted a transition we could have hired someone qualified. I never said to fire him after 3 games. But the first 3 games didn’t look good. And being critical doesn’t make someone not a fan any more than someone against the war hates the military.

  30. I hate you.

  31. Hey Nosmo, you from da burgh?

  32. Who is 2-2?

  33. There are reasons for the phrase “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics” and the lyric “I can get you any number you like…..What’s it worth to ya?”

  34. Boy, 5th Yr hit the nail on the head with the prediction “Nonsense and stupidity to follow…” (myself more than included)

  35. Ok, please tell me where we lost 80% of our yards on offense, I cannot figure it out for the life of me. Even on receiving, with the loss of our #1 receiver, we only lost 58% of our yards. I’m assuming you just made up a number.

    And if one more person tells me that the loss of Owen is the reason our offense can’t line up or execute…

  36. it was an approximation based on something I remembered I read from either Hickman, Vingle or Cassaza….never meant to be taken as literally as it was here…it took into account the rushing yds we lost and receiving yards….not passing, obviously. I never meant to cause such a firestorm with it.

  37. I probably should have found the article before I stated that number, but that would have required RESEARCH, which I’m too lazy to do at this point.

  38. you can’t combine passing and receiving yds…that’s redunant

  39. redundant

  40. I don’t know if 5th Year just said he hated me, but I love 5th year.

  41. I didn’t combine passing and receiving, “Total Offense” is passing plus rushing. We retained 51% of our receiving plus rushing yards, if you’re curious. Here’s the stats from last year:

    There is no defense for what the coaches did to the offense over the summer.

  42. never said or meant that you did…just making a statement to illustrate how anyone can skew numbers

  43. Let me know what I can do to help change the 1st down cheer. I like your idea and I absolutely despise the current cheer.

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