Yeah, I Guess I’ll Go To The Game

…but only because there’s beer.

Seriously, this has what it has come to with me.  I don’t even really want to go.  The past few weeks as a fan have completely zapped me of any energy and enthusiasm I had towards this team and program.  And you can’t even call me a pessimist or a bandwagon-jumper.  Hell, I started a damn WVU blog — don’t think I’m a big fan?

I already know what’s going to happen, too.  We’re going to win by 14-17 points in completely uninspiring fashion, and I’m going to leave the stadium trying to figure out just how we’re going to beat awful Rutgers and Syracuse teams.  But I will be walking out of the stadium, which means I had to go into the stadium, which means I went to the game.

…but only because there’s beer.


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  1. Perhaps more depressing than that, is I know I’ll be watching the game on ESPN360. I will be pissed off and relatively inconsolable the entire time, even if WVU puts up 60. The term love/hate relationship just doesn’t do it justice.

  2. I think I speak for everyone when I say we are in desperate need of another dougity dog pat white highlight video. I have been watching the Put the House On Me video a lot over the past week. It has helped but at the same time…makes me feel for Pat.

    All I can say is…I’m sorry Pat. You deserved more.

  3. Geez…you guys sound depressed. Maybe you should go in person (or in spirit via the Internet) and raise hell for all the kids on the team. It’s not their fault.

  4. I’m not blaming the players nor have I ever blamed the players

  5. To be fair, some of it is their fault. They are the ones playing the game.

  6. ..I already know what’s going to happen, too. We’re going to win by 14-17 points in completely uninspiring fashion…

    It would be great if we could just cover the spread…baby steps. Just piling on at this point.

  7. “After practice on Tuesday, White and Mullen were two of the last to come off the field, but as they walked off, the two stopped and looked to have conversation that was less than buddy-buddy.

    White proceeded to walk into the locker room, leaving Mullen standing, shaking his head.

    “A fifth-year senior quarterback that fights you,” Mullen said of White on Tuesday.”

    Either this DA kid needs hanged for poor journalism or I need to go bet the goddamn farm on Marshall…

  8. That’s a pretty big development to be so as-a-matter-of-fact about it…

    Pat White, one of the best college players in America, not getting along with the OC is cause for long-term concern if this is true.

  9. Yeah, he should be hanged for poor journalism.

    Typical DA Sports…

  10. That was way beyond shitty. I can’t believe he fucked up the context AND the quote that much. He should just quit before someone shanks him.

  11. For the record, this is the upitome of the fair weathered fan.

  12. Upitome, huh?

  13. EVERYBODY: BE A TRUE FAN AND ROOT FOR THE MOUNTIES TO LOSE! We need such an obvious out for this coach and this one would do it for numerous donors (listening Bob Reynolds?). It’s one thing for the state of WV to have to succumb to ridiculous stereotypes, but quite another for the university that is dear to me to be associated w/ such an arrogant coach in Bill “I wouldn’t change a thing….I don’t second guess” Stewart. A message to everybody on this site: Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Simply watch the game. Yes, you WOULD be a better coach than this joker.

  14. I don’t consider those who follow the mantra, “I’m going to support Coach Stewart through and through” true fans. These are the same people that will ALLOW the FAST death of this great program.

  15. Uneducated Mountaineer fans: Please go back to school and PAY ATTENTION THIS TIME. Learn to speak correctly, spell and not have a generational hatred towards those who are MUCH, MUCH more successful than you. Instead, try to aspire to be that way yourself. Upitome………Wow!!

  16. Sorry…epitome…been in Morgantown a little too long I guess.

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