OK, That Was 100% Decent

Decent win Saturday.

Think it was great?  Good?  Awesome?  Fucking spectacular?  A lot of Mountaineer fans did.  I didn’t.  Decent is as far as I will go.

We went out and executed everything pretty well Saturday.  The running game rolled up our once customary 300+ yards.  The passing game took just enough pressure off the running game.  No mistakes in special teams.  And our defense shut down Marshall, to the tune of 158 yards.  Not too shabby.

But then again, it was Marshall — a team we were favored over by two touchdowns and would have been favored by four had the first month of the season not happened.  Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the Thundering Herd decided to take a cyanide pill everytime they got the ball in a crucial situation.  A much less talented team handed us the game on a silver platter — hooray!

Even so, we won, and I can be happy about that.  Earlier in the week, Stewart refused to call this game a “must-win.”  As a fan with loaded firearms and an itchy trigger finger, I can tell him that this game was absolutely a must-win.  If we had lost that game, Stewart would have been better off in Morgantown going under the alias “Rich Rodriguez.”  Tells you a little something about how this year has gone.

While I am only calling this win decent, there was a lot shown on the field that we can build on.  All of a sudden, I’m not so doomsday on Syracuse and Rutgers (not that I was ever truly doomsday about either).  Win those next two, get to 4-2. build some momentum, and beat Auburn.

All of a sudden, it doesn’t sound so hard.


13 Responses

  1. At least, not too hard until the “beat Auburn” part.

    Doesn’t it seem like the linebackers don’t cover the pass as well as last year?

  2. A win’s a win….not too much to get excited about (save Noel), but lots and lots of good things that were visibly better and good things to build on. To quote Alec Baldwin, “Good Things.”

  3. I gues I am a little more optimistic than most.

    158 total yards? Who cares if it was just Marshall — a team playing better than it was last year when it rolled up the yards and 23 points against what ranked as a pretty good defense.

    Oh, and we did have mistakes in special teams. All three put our defense’s back against the wall. Lankster’s fumble and two terrible kickoff coverages led to three Marshall possessions inside our 25-30 yard line. Final outcome? 3 points — amazing.

    Offense did just enough and I’ve been hearing that since Saturday. But if we’d made one more play before the half and them punched that final drive in — like we should have — you’re looking at 41-3 and suddenly the offense isn’t “just good enough” in everyone’s eyes — it was once again dominant.

    We’re not going to get it all back at once. But a week-by-week improvement is all you can ask for and we’re getting it.

    Two reletively easy games coming up, although we can’t overlook either. Well, maybe Syracuse. But everyone is chalking this Auburn game as a loss. Anyone remember being an underdog for a night game in Morgantown? I know, it’s been a while. The two most recent that I can recall — 2003 Virginia Tech and 2005 Louisville.

    It can happen — it will happen.

    ‘Nuff said.

  4. Stat of the Day:

    WVU is averaging 5.2 yards per pass play. Which is a yard less than running plays. Which is 2.5 yards less per pass play than last year. And is 3.5 yards less per pass play than 2006.

  5. Did you say no mistakes on special teams? How about two long run backs and a muffed punt?

    Other then that, I would say decent is a good adjective.

  6. Is that 5.2 per pass play or per completion?

    5.2 per pass play will win you a lot of games. 5.2 per completion isn’t bad, but it can be misleading.

  7. Anyone remember being an underdog for a night game in Morgantown? Michael’s comment reminded me of one of one of the greatest underdog night games in Motown history…Miami 1993. For those of you who were at the game – you know what I am talking about!

    Special teams looked weak – I am still nervous about Rutgers. Thankfully we have them at home.

  8. It’s 5.2 per pass attempt. And no it won’t win you alot of games. It’s actually really bad. Last in the Big East and one of the worst in all of college football. And 5.2 per completion would be VERY bad. The point is we have far less of an efficient/vertical passing game than we used to. We also haven’t run a toss sweep out of the I or a normal reverse this year, which accounted for 3 Fiesta Bowl touchdowns. We also run the belly option about once or twice a game, hardly the bread and butter Stewart talks about.

    Basically, Bill Stewart’s rhetoric all summer proves either he is a liar or has no idea or has no input on the offense. But at least he is good at in game management….oh wait. Well at least we’re aren’t letting up big returns on special teams….oh wait.

    He also claimed Reed Williams would start the first 2 games….which he didn’t. He also said we had the best line, LB’s, coaches, and kicker in the country. Which we don’t.

    The only thing he has said that’s been true is play backup QB Jarrett Brown at QB in place of Heisman candidate Pat White on some plays….which is a whole other animal.

    Miami ’93 and Louisville ’05 were 3:30 games, not night games.

    27-3 against a bad Marshall team is decent ….I guess….if you didn’t have basically the same offense that scored 41 points on a worse Marshall team last year…..in one half.

  9. The problem is that when you look at stats and compare teams with different personnel and different offensive concepts, you tend to have skewed conclusions.

    5.2 yards per pass attempt. We average 6.3 yards per running play, which is near the top in the NCAA. It averages out to 67th, which shows improvement. We can’t jump from near the bottom to the top in one week.

    Our average per play total isn’t bad — we just have run way fewer plays than many of the top teams. Again, we improved there each of the past two games.

    Reed Williams wasn’t Stewart’s call. IT was the medical staff. Everyone thought Reed would play in the first two games — not just Stewart.

    Stewart didn’t say we had the best kicker in the country. He said we had the best punter/kicker combo in the country. Show me one better.

    He said we had one of the deepest LB units in the country and they could be one of the best. They’re pretty good now that Reed’s back and Mortty is back in his natural position.

    Offensive line — even Athlon said we had the best. Everyone was wrong on this one.

    3:30 games/night games — Way to nitpick. The best parts of these games happened at night. The games changed atmosphere as the darkness fell. I’ll add ’84 Penn State to the list, as well.

    “if you didn’t have basically the same offense that scored 41 points on a worse Marshall team last year…..in one half.” — Really?

    If you truly believe that we have “basically the same offense” — you’re absolutely off your rocker. Nevermind we have a new coordinator. We’re missing Owen, which we’ve seen thus far how big that is. We’re missing Reynaud, which seems to be big seeing how we have yet to find reliable hands/speed at the WR position this year. Jock is getting there, but he’s no Reynaud yet. Our offense is very different just because of those two losses and a different coordinator. One who is still finding his groove and has never called plays before.

    Oh, and it was 42 points in the second half last year against Marshall. I can nitpick, too.

  10. I just re-read what I wrote and let me correct something — we rank 67th in total offense as in yards per game. The reason we’re as low as 67th is that we’ve run fewer plays. If we’d run as many plays as the top 20-30 teams, we’d be in the top 15 in yards per play. — turnovers hurt early as did our defense giving the opponents extended drives.

    Hope that clears that up ….sorry.

  11. I don’t have the time to write everything that’s wrong with that analysis. Simply, 44 point the last 3 games is pathetic.

    3:30 is not a night game, that’s not a nitpick, that’s a fact. Take it up with the sun.

  12. I wonder what level of suck we’ll have to achieve in order to hear how Owen parted the Red Sea in 2007…

    95% of the cluster-fuck coming from the offense is because the offensive coaching staff is executing some awesome on-the-job-training.

  13. The sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling. We are not scoring on every play. vWe are not winning every game by 40 points. We are not getting a sack, intercepting a pass or making a tackle for a loss on every play. Fire everyone and hire Tom Landry, Vince Lombardi, Buddy Ryan, and Pop Warner as our coaching staff. Good lord take a chill pill people and check the reality of college football these days.

    Nobody wins every game. There is parity, it is good for competition and revenue. If we don’t live in the “real world” we will fail because our unreasonable expectations.

    Good lord I’m glad some of you don’t work in our financial sector or you would be jumping off buildings and driving people further in debt right now.

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