Taking Your Temperature

Let’s play doctor for a minute. Not the middle school version, where you convinced a girl it would help her with science when all you really wanted to do was touch your first boob. Rather, I want to take your temperature about the rest of the season following a win.

Many of you have gotten a little hot under the collar discussing the coaching staff’s performance following two road defeats. A win at home will not cure your ills but it should improve your outlook. If it doesn’t, then you really need to head to a strip club and eat the lunch buffet.

I feel great. I am optimistic about the remainder of the season and think we could go undefeated in the Big East. We showed improvement in our offensive coaching and it was slight problems in the execution, not the play calls, which kept us from putting more points on the board. The execution was pretty good, save for a number of missed blocks and passes that were released a tick too late.

All-in-all, I think it was a good performance by a team and coaching staff that is still going through the learning process. When the light bulb finally goes off we will have an offense that can run you into the ground and make you pay if you load the box.

My prediction remains unchanged since the ECU game, 9-4. We will win the Big East but get beat in the BCS game. I hope HCBS proves me wrong with a 10-2 record but I just don’t see it happening while we are still learning.

Now, let me know how you feel and I promise I won’t touch your boob.


14 Responses

  1. Earlier, you asked for compliments for CBS if, as expected, the Mounties beat the Turd… Great job CBS, now let’s keep it rolling. We even beat the spread!

    That said, it’s apparent that ECU and Colorado are not the powerhouses they seemed to be against us. 9-4 is still a good bet, because we do have a good team (and Coach), just not a great team (and Coach).

  2. I’m gonna go way out on a limb and say that we get on a roll, beat Auburn in an OT thriller, and go undefeated in the Big East, culminating with a big upset win of the previously undefeated Bulls of S. Florida. Ok….maybe this prediction is a little too much, b/c there is no way that S. Florida will be undefeated. But the rest of it…money in the bank. I know I’m gonna hear it, but just wait….you’ll see come December 6.

  3. 9-4, but a possible share of the B.E. championship. WVU loses to Auburn and South Florida, but USF drops one in conference too. I actually like the chances more against Auburn, there will be a ton of momentum and their offense has looked shaky at times. Matt Grothe is going to pitch it all over the yard against the secondary, and the Mounties won’t be able to do anything about it. Who’s pumped for the Gator Bowl (if we’re lucky)?

  4. matt Grothe is good, but everyone seems to have annointed him as some kind of golden god. he is good, not great. If we play well, and it is cold, that is a win for us.

  5. If we go 9-4 then who do we lose to in the BIG EAST and are you suggesting we will lose to Auburn?

    Two weeks ago, after the Colorado game, I looked at bowl predictions YTD and that particular poll had us in the Meineke Car Care and the win over Marshall didnt improve the outlook. For me, its the Big East and a BCS. I cant accept anything less and I think its possible although I am still skeptical of the gameplan and coaching, this year will be like last year where everyone will have two losses and the last team standing will sneak into the NCgame.

  6. If we go 9-4 then who do we lose to in the BIG EAST and are you suggesting we will lose to Auburn?

    The third loss is Auburn, fourth loss is the BCS bowl.

  7. It pains me to say this but …if we don’t improve significantly we will need to worry about UCONN and Louisville on the road.

  8. The optimism coming from people who (I assume) have watched the games confuses me.

  9. At this point, we are still a very mediocre football team.

  10. I’m optimistic b/c I think the schedule is favorable for us. We have two more games that are against teams that we should win and gain some more confidence going into Auburn and the heart of the Big East. UConn and Louisville are not that great. Even on the road, we should win both. Our toughest games will be the last two. By then I think we will be much improved and on a huge roll. We’ll beat Pitt and then USF at home. This may be overly optimistic, but the Big East is down. It’s perfectly feasable. Btw, I don’t understand why people weren’t more impressed w/ this win, especially on defense. I was really impressed with our secondary. We shut down a passing offense that is the best we’ve seen. Passmore and Slate could be the best receiver/tight end combo we’ll see all year. They’ll both be in the NFL. I don’t get it.

  11. It feels so much better to be optimistic. Y’all should try it out sometime. I’m glad you fellas won’t be playing the rest of the season because we would definetly lose the rest of our games. Negativity pisses me off.

    We are 2-2 and will be 4-2 to climb back in the top 25 after our next two games. Don’t call it a comeback…

  12. I think the games this past weekend exposed alot of teams weakness especially Pitt and Syracuse( whose whole team is a weakness) two weeks ago we saw usf win a tight one to a ok Florida Atlantic team, uconn doesnt have their top qb or tight end, Louisville is extremely inconsistent and rutgers can only beat Morgan state. i think the two games that will test us are Auburn, which i think we’ll find a way to wind and South Flordia, who has a godd qb and not much of a running game from what i’ve seen this season, the big thing about these games are they’re at home, night games, and in weather teams will not be use to. So i’m with 5th year, i am really optimistic for the rest of the season.

  13. What a difference a week makes. I detect a bit of bi-polarity.

  14. 12-2 ! we add ECU and Colorado after our BCS bowl victory …

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