Happy 5-year Anniversary Q

Today is the five year anniversary of one of the biggest rollercoaster rides in WVU history. 

1-3 WVU facing 4-0 Miami.  Miami who had won 37 consecutive regular season games, and except for a travishamockery in the Ohio St. game, 2 straight national titles.   Seemingly one of the biggest mismatches of all time.

This game would eventually lead to the “soldier” Kellen Winslow’s 4th and 13 catch over the fingertips of Leandre Washington, but this run is still one of the greatest plays in college football history, and greatest individual Mountaineer play, period.


7 Responses

  1. One of those plays where you remember where you were when you saw it. Incredible

  2. Wow, i had forgotten how great that run was! he was beast…

  3. luv it!

  4. I have ALWAYS been proud to be a Mountaineer and have had to defend WVU many times against our critics.

    This night … this RUN … truly made me PROUD to be a Mountaineer. It litterally overshadowed the outcome of the game.

    Q didn’t just run Merriweather over, he KNOCKED him 5 yards down field.

  5. That video gives me chills. My friends and I broke my couch when he made that run. We were gonna throw the couch we just broke off my porch at Chateau and burn it if we would have held on and won.

  6. When I saw that play on TV, I stood up & accidentally dumped my beer all over some dude. That game really put Pacman on the map as well.

  7. haha, every time i watch that it makes me so happy. freshman year, lyon tower, drunk as could be and breaking the girl’s stuff out of pure elation

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