Take A Redshirt

Reed Williams, please take a medical redshirt and come back next season. Your experience, leadership, and play making ability would be invaluable to next year’s defense. After two games you are hurting again and questionable for the game against Rutgers.

Do you really want to spend your senior season wondering from week to week if you will be able to play? Take a medical redshirt and sit out a year. You are a fierce competitor but it appears as if time-off is best for the team and for your health. Take the season to get stronger, rest your shoulders, and build on your already vast knowledge of the defense and the teams you will be facing.

We will need you to be the team leader next season after Patrick graduates. The defense will have more experienced next season and with your leadership could be one of the best in the country. We will support whatever decision you make but give serious thought to a medical redshirt.


8 Responses

  1. agreed. But what happens to this years defense?

  2. Put Lazear in there to get some experience. The experience will allow him to easily fill in more Ivy and Holmes next year. It will be a huge loss to the D but some of you feel the season was over three weeks ago so they shouldn’t care.

  3. I think winning the big east this year is not only attainable, but neccesary. I would rather continue our success this year to show all of the kids we are recruiting, that even in the midst of adversity, wvu still wins our conference and plays in a big boy bowl game. I think that if he takes a redshirt, the chances of that happening are significantly reduced.

  4. Can Reed even take a redshirt at this point?

  5. Yeah he can actually play in this game and the Syracuse game and then take a redshirt.

    ccording to NCAA rules, a player who has participated in games can apply for a medical redshirt only if he is 1) injured in the first half of the season and 2) has competed in no more than three games or 30 percent of a team’s schedule, whichever is greater. In a 12-game season, 30 percent would be 3.6 games, but the NCAA rounds that up to the next whole number.

    Article that explains it better Gazette

  6. Hell no don’t take a redshirt! we play to win this year not next year. if he doesn’t play, we don’t win the big east.

  7. Totally agree with 2000Grad! We need him badly. Maybe not so much for the next 2 games but definetly in the last six.

    There is no doubt he is a difference maker on that young but talented defense. I say rest him for the next 2 games and let’s get him healthy or healthier for the Auburn game.

    His injury sounds like something that might keep him from making it to the next level anyway. No need to redshirt, because our defense will be strong next year with or with out him.

    Does Lazear just not get it? He was suppose to be like the next Grant Wiley. He has not been on the field much and when he is on the field he is not making any plays. Is it fair to say that he was overhyped?

  8. Pat Lazear cannot make good enough reads at this point. That’s why he hasn’t played that much.

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