A Win Is A Win Is A Win

WVU 24 Rutgers 17



22 Responses

  1. An ugly win is a win is a win.

  2. Once again a coach’s mistake on 4th and inches almost cost us big time. 4th and inches and go shotgun. WTF?

  3. predictable.

  4. Minutes to go and first down and HCBS calls a timeout. Then another to go for it on 4th down. With only one timeout left, Rutgers has the ball and can score. That would have only left us with one timeout—he almost blew this one.

  5. We did a lot of things wrong but we got the W. Survive and advance

  6. Mike Dent needs to be replaced.

  7. I am back on my HCBS rampage. Yes its a win and I’ll take it but damm that man acts clueless on the sidelines starting with his inability to figure out that damm headset ( I wonder if its even on becasue I NEVER see him talking in it.

    He wants to be everyones friend, the opposing coach and team, the officials, whatever, I just want to see him get pissed off.

    I’m sorry, let him finish out the season and lets start the coaching search again.

  8. Are the fans on the message boards ever happy? You know, I’m just asking… I’m not excited, but I’m fairly content. We won and we’re undefeated in conference play, which is more than South Florida can say. A lot of people were saying just the opposite of what ahole said above when we went under center in the same situation at Colorado.

  9. Sure it wasn’t a pretty win. A win in a transition year is a win. Remember RR’s first year? Talk about ugly!

  10. For real. If WVU had blown Rutgers out of the water, some of you fuckers would still look for an opportunity to bitch about HCBS. Take the win and shut up already.

  11. Actually most people think that Stew should have kicked the field goal on fourth and inches. I think if Stew decided to punt and we held them like we did, our fanbase would not be nearly as upset. It is the perception that he made a horrible call, which he did, that has made the win bittersweet. His insistence that he is always right is reminiscent of the stubborn George W. Bush who single handedly took our country into the toilet. I would rather not have our head coach do the same thing to our team.

  12. Apparently mediocrity is ok with you, I on the other hand prefer progress in a different fashion. I will have to to remember your screen name in case one day I interview you for a job and I ask you if you would prefer $50,000 or $100,000 as a starting salary and you answer ” I’m Ok wih $50,000, I ‘ll even take less” because I am ok with medocrity”.

  13. While the statement , “are you ok with mediocirty” makes me want to throw a shoe. Ken buddy, I agree with you that this performance was 100% mediocre, if not below that. However, it is the fifth game for a new coaching staff and, again, there were signs of improvement this week.

    I’m optimistic with the way the coaching staff is making adjustments to our weaknesses and showing some new looks every game. I’m still disappointed with some of the play calls by Mullen. Our lack of coaching experience is showing and was close to costing us another game.

    You play to win the game and that is what we did, we won. Let’s hold our coaches and players accountable and expect improvement in the coming weeks. Ultimately, we should be happy with a win, no matter how ugly it was.

  14. I am happy with this win also. I am unhappy with the coaching and decisions that were made. HCBS is the “head” coach. He is the man in charge and he can’t seem to figure out whats going on. My concern is that he’s been in football for how many years…..? and with 4th and inches plays out of the shotgun? That’s not just Stewpid is borderline braindead. I am holding strong with the team and the coaches and literally pray that they will figure out what’s going on because if not the Auburn game might be real scary.

  15. Im happy, the d played pretty good, but they have a chance to get alot of confidence against SU, and the offense can get some work done as well, but i am happy we have a bye before auburn which may prove to be needed.

  16. I don’t buy the comparisons of RR first team and this years team under HCBS. This team had national title hopes. The expectation was 1 maybe 2 losses and a big east championship with the BCS bid. The offense was to be a juggernaut and the defense would develop by the second half gauntlet.

    I never was a fan of the 3-3-5 nor Jeff Casteel. However, last years defensive performance was amazing. This years transition is also impressive. They are only giving up the underneath route, which is a hard throw for the qb to make with pressure up the middle. I believe in DCJC.

    It is awful to watch that offense struggle. Jeff Mullen has really fucked it up. First off there is no offensive lineman down field for bubble screens or hb screens. NExt everyone and there grandmother knows that Pat is handing to Noel on every first down zone read call. Bringing Jarrett Brown in on every third down call is not smart. First off it changes any momentum. Secondly every knows he is carrying it. If you want to get him hurt than keep plugging him in there every third down.

    This is way worse than the final years of Nehlen. STEW almost lost that game with absolutely some of the most retarded decisions against a bad Rutgers team.

    Next Jeff Mullen in the shotgun on 4th and inches. Now I know Mike Dent is getting blown up, but I don’t care pull down the backside of the tackles UNDER CENTER.

    Fake punt was a awful call. I don’t care what anyone says!

  17. The Defense played GREAT.

    The fake punty WAS a GREAT call. It had eveyone fooled. And, it showed us who our fullback SHOULD be. Cooper rumbled.

    But … we chose to receive the ball on opening kickoff. I think … great … we must have a plan … after all … we had a week to get ready.

    First series … 3 and OUT.

    Second series … 3 and OUT.

    Now that’s what I call preparation. WTF.

  18. You said it much better than me…thank you, I couldnt agree with you more!

  19. I hear all of this “our offense was supposed to be a juggernaut”, “we had national title hopes”, “we should’ve been the best team EVER”, blah blah blah

    Maybe, just maybe, our expectations entering the season were a titty bit unreasonable. New coaching staff significantly changing the offense and losing some key pieces from last years team. Especially being Mountaineer fans we should have known better than to expect a national championship this season.

    Be patient the signs of improvement are there. We’ll see soon enough.

  20. I would respect Bill Stewart alot more if he reacted to losses in the same manner as Bob Huggins or Bo Pelini….

    “I’m not used to losing. I’m not used to getting beat soundly. It’s my fault,” said first-year Nebraska coach Bo Pelini. “Damn right, yes, I’m embarrassed. I apologized to the team. I apologize to the state of Nebraska. I apologize to everyone associated with Nebraska football.

    “It’s my responsibility. I was hired to do a job and I didn’t do the job tonight. Anything else need to be said?”

    ….No I think that pretty much covers it.

  21. –There’s an uproar that we should stick to running the ball after the ECU debacle. We avoid the forward pass like it’s the plague against Colorado.
    –There’s an uproar over clock management after the Colorado game. Stewart calls timeouts at every possible instance against Marshall.
    –After Colorado, there’s an uproar that we’re terrible on 3rd-shorts and we need a bigger back. Stewart goes from playing Brown barely, if at all, to playing him on every short yardage play against Marshall.
    –After Colorado, people complain that Stewart doesn’t involve himself or fire the troops up in the huddle. During the Marshall game he was going crazy on people in the huddle. Like, really weird “crazy”.
    –After Colorado, people complained that Stewart was playing “not to lose” and, after some wildly aggressive play-calling against Rutgers, he screams in his post-game on-the-field interview, “I’LL NEVER NOT PLAY TO NOT TO LOSE!!!”

    Personally, I’m horrified that there’s either:
    1. A growing possibility our head coach is following the whims of the press and fans; or
    2. There’s such glaring mistakes being made that the general public can see them, and point them out, before our coaching staff becomes aware of them.

  22. UU, I’m with you about the coaching staff going on the whims and whishes of the fans. It is kinda scary to have our thoughts and concerns answered during the next game. However, I remember last year when begged what’s his face to throw the damn ball down the damn field and he never did.

    We get pissed when coaches don’t listen and now we get pissed when they do listen. We get pissed when Stew isn’t involved and then get upset he is involved but a little too “crazy.” We don’t run it enough, we run it too much. We as a fanbase need to be heavily medicated with something other than beer.

    It is becoming readily clear that no matter what this team does it will never be enough for some people out there.

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