Marvin Graves Is An Asshole

The video quality is horrible but it reminds me of a time when this was a fierce rivalry.

Marvin Graves is still on my Top 10 list of most hated people. You suck, you fucking pussy.


6 Responses

  1. No fights this year cause HCBS “loves” everybody…

    We’re fucked after this game anyway, R.Williams is out, good bye defense, good bye BCS.

  2. I still get pissed when I think about this incident.

  3. 2000Grad, you are SO right and that is one of the things about him that pisses me off.

    I belong to another forum but I am getting tired of that one for the same reason, everyone there is afraid to speak the truth, its almost they are all relatives of HCBS.

    I much prefer this becasue you guys are real.!!!

  4. Jenkins out for season with dislocated knee cap !


  5. I’m really fucking real.

  6. What an awful flashback to a terrible memory. But, listening to the clip really made me miss Jack & Woody – those two are the soundtrack to my childhood.

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