The Opposite of Awesome

Limping Sobering news for a hump day, but it appears 5-star QB and WVU commitment Tajh Boyd has taken notice of WVU’s Offense (67th in yards, 80th in scoring…coincidentally, Tulsa is #1 in both with former WVU Defensive coordinator Todd Graham as their head coach and former WVU recruiting coordinator and TE’s coach Herb Hand as their co-offensive coordinator) and is now planning visits to Oregon, Tennessee, and Boston College. 

Meanwhile, Hampton (Va.) Phoebus quarterback Tajh Boyd isn’t saying it publicly, but he’s looking at other schools. Boyd is a West Virginia commitment and has a great relationship with Mountaineers assistant Chris Beatty. However, Boyd is considering official visits to Tennessee, Boston College and possibly Oregon. Boyd took his official visit to West Virginia a weekend ago along with fellow four-star commitment Logan Heastie, but he has concerns about the offense.

Tennessee is back in the market for a quarterback after the de-commitment of Josh Nunes. Boston College is looking for two quarterbacks in this class and has no quarterback commitments. Oregon might be too far away, but Boyd likes coordinator Chip Kelly and his offense.

As of right now, he is still committed to West Virginia, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.  Or three.


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  1. C-YA! We’ll never see him in morgantown again because we don’t play any of those teams he’ll be playing for. Thanks Billy.

  2. Bill and his staff initially landed this guy. Most kids take visits to other school, so don’t freak out yet.

    Come home to WVU Tajh and help right the ship.

  3. If Bill lets this one get away then I will head up the “Fire Stewart” campaign…he’s on a short leash as it is.

  4. Yeah, they landed him before they started the year and showed America how to totally ruin a high powered offense. I know we lost Slaton and Schmitt, but we all know that’s not all we lost.

  5. If you build it, he will come.

  6. hate to say it but , i told you so !!!!!!!! we will lose heastie too….

  7. Years of work, re-establishing their national credibility… and slowly, it gets pissed away. It’s Ground Hog day.

    If you build sh*t, he will run.

  8. You don’t hate to say it, don’t fucking lie. You would rather see the team fail than be wrong. Oh and by the way he is still committed.

    When they sign on the dotted line I expect you back here to say you were wrong. Don’t be a dick

  9. sad

  10. You never know about recruiting. Not until signing day does anything really count. If he doesn’t come, let’s see who does. I’ll not count out Coley White either. If he’s like his brother he may lead us for three years. Let the chips fall where they may and I’ll bet WVU will be just fine.

  11. hahahahahahahahhahahaa

  12. alot of people dont know shit on here !

    Lets Go!

  13. I was one of the first to drink the Bill Stewart kool-aid. If we lose Boyd…the kool-aid will be spit out and washed down the sink for good.

  14. With apologies to Martin Niemoeller…

    “At WVU, they came first for the Offense, And I didn’t speak up because we’d lost so many ‘key’ players;

    And then they came for Clock Management, And I didn’t speak up because it was a transition year;

    And then they came for the entire 2008 Season, And I didn’t speak up because we should give Bill Stewart a few years;

    And then they came for the Recruits, And I didn’t speak up because those recruits must not be ‘true’ Mountaineers;

    And then . . . they came for The Program . . . And by that time there was no one left who remembered winning that could speak up.”

  15. Losing recruits is the one biggest thing I’m worried about. You cannot rebuild by getting everyone else’s leftovers. Hell, Jeff Mullen and HCBS can’t get an offense with Pat White and Noel Devine going, what makes you think they’ll get it going with anyone else? Call me what you want, but I’ve had enough of this mediocre, below average offense. Being a season ticket holder, I love going to the games, but hell, I’m even worried about this week with Syracuse. I’m sure Logan Heastie will still come here. I know top notch WR’s are just aching to catch 1 to 2 yard passes time and time again.

  16. WOW! You people act like this is a shocker. Why would either one of these athletes want to play in our sytem that can’t produce with PW as the QB. Watch out for Virginia Tech to steal these athletes with ease. My friends in Virginia Beach tell me that Beamer has been making moves on Boyd and Heastie for the last couple of weeks. Also they tell me that Boston College coaches are putting significant time in the area and at games.

    If we lose these players it will simply be from what they have seen out of our coaching staff. This reminds me of how Rutgers had a great incoming class in 07 and lost them all to BC and Notre Dame (which I can’t explain why anyone would want to go to either of these non-contender programs) due to a unsuccessful product on the field.

    Fire Stew and Mullen before it is to late. Who will save the Big East if not for us!!!

  17. Mullen may be good offensive coordinator one day, who knows. Right now he’s showing his lack of experience calling the shots.

  18. The sky is falling, the sky is falling, a 17 year old kids wants to take free trips around the country to visit another school. Most kids take all their visits. This happens every year when a kid decides to visit new places.


  19. Here’s a thought! It is possble for a player to change his mind during a visit to another major program that rolls out the red carpet.

    What happens to a program when they lose both of their nationally televised games? The answer is not a spectacular recruiting class!

  20. Here is another thought, stop having a completely defeatist attitude. Until anyone signs on the dotted line all you have is their word. I trust these young men to keep their word and don’t mind them using other schools money to see the country. They are 17/18 year old young men you are making a very tough decision. I still waffle over smoking a blunt before work and I’m not 18 anymore.

    I believe WVU has more to offer than any school in the nation. (I’m a homer I know) We are a close knit community, with great facilities, tradition, and coaches that have put guys in the NFL.

    Then again why would you want to come to a school were you miss one kick or drop one pass and you receive death threats and get berated by asshole rednecks who are pissed about never amounting to anything after high school football.

    It really must be horrible to be so negative and paranoid all time. Look at the great things we can accomplish the rest of the season. Backyard Brawl win, BE Champs, BCS game, 11-2, 10-3, BCS game winner

    Reading message boards, listening to Sportsline, and reading some comments on this site really bring me down. There is so much negativity and hatred surrounding this program I almost ALMOST sympathize with Fraud.

    I understand the frustration because I think we should be playing better as well but it ain’t over yet bitches. There is still a ton of season remaining and at the end we will be stomping a mudhole in someones ass. GUARANTEED

  21. Looking at the calendar we still have 3 nationally televised games already announced for the remainder of the season.

    Auburn ESPN
    Pitt ABC

    Did I miss a story nati? I would be really pissed if they took one of these games away?

  22. I think nati was referencing the two nationally televised games we have already lost. So it could be 5 nationally televised games we could lose.

  23. Does this really surprise people? It’s kind of like Obama being elected president….It was just a matter of time. People who do not believe that this current coaching staff is burying the football program just aren’t watching WVU football games. The arrogance of this coach (I don’t second guess…..I would do the same thing…..Colorado loss) is embarassing to WVU fans, especially when it comes from a Gomer Pyle type person.

    “Those who go by the motto, “Support the coach no matter what”, are not true fans of WVU football program.

  24. I was just all caught up in a lot of people being pissed that this weeks game is on ESPNU and not Gameplan or ESPN.

    Very good ovservation mexico. I should’ve waited till I was sober to post. Who am I kidding, I’m never sober.

  25. Don’t bring that “you are not a true fan if” bullshit around here. That is a childish argument in the mold of my dad can beat up your dad (which he can). You just make yourself look like a jackass.

    I guess you have not been reading the blog because I have been critical of this coaching staff. the difference is that I’m not jumping off a bridge like most of you after only a few games. You are never GREAT at something on your first few attempts. It takes practice so I’m willing to give these coaches time.

    I have seen adjustments and improvements in some facets of the game. When the others come around we will be back on track.

  26. 5th, i like your positive attitude. But i’m also a realist. 11-2, 10-3 are pipe dreams…(and i know you’ve been smoking the pipe) But i will also hold out hope for winning the Big Least and playing in the BCS until i break my television and get get so drunk or bourbon that my girlfriend questions my sanity after a couple losses.

  27. I agree 2000Grad, having a positive attitude just isn’t going to hack it. If you do not see our team, mainly our offense looking below average every week, then you need to wake up. I’ve been to every home game so far and they just do not look like the coordinator and the offense is ever on the same page. Honestly….do you think we could score with 4 minutes to go in any game? I don’t. We used to be able to score at will. I watched very average teams play week in and week out on tv and alot of them can go right up and down the field by mixing up the offense. What do we do? Run the same damn plays over and over, working or not working.

  28. yeah, the O doesn’t have any confidence, and rightly so. i don’t see them scoring more than 3 touchdowns in ANY game. i hope to god they can score 30 on syracuse just like everybody else who has played them. but without R.Williams were going to have to score more or we’re fucked.

  29. To the host of this blog-Take it easy dude. As usual, you read too much into my post. Surprised you didn’t take it off like the others I’ve posted before. You and everybody else on here knows the direction that the program is headed….and if you don’t, you’ll soon find out when we win ONE more game MAX this season and finish either 4-8 or 5-7. Don’t HOPE for excellence, DEMAND it! Although I hated Rod and his on field coaching, I detest this new coach and his arrogance. WVU fucked up! Not the fans, not the alumni, not the boosters, not the players, not the cheerleaders, not the mascot….The athletic admin. and the president at the time (don’t know his name…and don’t care) based a decision on emotion, and when you base business decisions on emotion, you always get burned…….This decision will cause West Virginia to be a middle of the road program in a mediocre conference w/ annual expectations of the Charlotte Bowl……………….As I always say to others, I plead for all of you to do one thing…Simply watch the games. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. We really ARE that different from last year, and different in a bad way.

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