Now For Something Completely Different

We don’t normally do this but it seems that we have a lot of fortune tellers around predicting total calamity recently. This is your chance to prove your mystical powers. The compound question is simple. How will the game play out and what is the final score?

As I look into my crystal ball this is what I see…

WVU will come out strong and score on their opening drive by means of a Pat White 12 yard run. Both teams will then trade punts. Then Hogan will make-up for his early season mistakes by picking a ball off and returning it for a touchdown. After that the Mountaineers are off and running.

WVU will total 502 yards of offense and hold the Orangemen 232 yards.

Final score will read WVU 42 Syracuse 2


15 Responses

  1. 42 points?

    Yeah right.

    We will fail to break 30…again.

    Mullen isn’t a good enough playcaller (yet at least) and Stew tries to run out the clock as soon as the lead reaches 7 points.

    That’s a recipe for offensive disaster and that’s exactly what we’ve seen so far this season, particularly late in games.

    The defense will play solid, but we will give up a few big kickoff returns that will result in points for ‘cuse.

    The offense will have a good drive or two but sputter around with piss poor play calling and crappy line play.

    We’ll pull out yet another ugly victory over a terrible team and Billy will spend another post-game presser defending his retarded decisions with illogical reasoning even Dave Wannstedt can laugh at.

    WVU 27
    Syracuse 13

  2. Defense will keep O’men out of endzone…for a while. The offense will sputter (see BG’s above post) and as a result, the defense will tire in the second half. A win is a win…I guess.

    ‘Eers 23
    ‘Cuse 17

  3. Wvu 28
    SU 24

  4. I’m a huge homer with my prediction

  5. Beamer’sGoiter….that’s funny in its self. But your prediction is right on. But we may only score 2 toucdowns.
    20-13 WVU

  6. WVU 24
    SU 21

    …another gut-wrenching, uninspiring victory.

  7. I’m sittin this one out. I’ll give you my prediction after the game.

  8. LAME

  9. What I saw last week was that the kids and the coaches were starting to think alike. They may not be good at it yet, but they are starting to gel.

    WVU – 31 SU- 17

  10. I’m with Nosmo King, although my heart wants us to score 31. Defense will start great, but then lull to sleep in the 2nd Q and allow two Syracuse touchdowns.

    Is Dent out of this game?

  11. 48-17 WVU COVERS !

  12. 63-0. Let the flood gates open.

  13. WVU will not score more than 28 points against the Orange. WVU-24 Syracuse-14 in the final win of the year for our beloved ‘Eers…Let’s at least hope anyway as we need Ken Kendrick and Bob Reynolds to threaten to move funding to the academic part of the university (which I am always in favor of) unless they get rid of this coach. We all make mistakes, so hopefully the AD admits to it and rights the ship ASAP

  14. Actually, we may all be dreaming here with a win. How would Stw blow the game:

    1. Starting Jarrett Brown, perhaps holding White out for the big one

    2. Even worse, calling he plays himself instead of Mullins, then everyone will want Mullins back

    3. More Squib Kicks, our mastermind has an excuse for everything

    4. Perhaps he will read a book on Quantum Mechanics during the game

    I hope they win big, but Stew gives a new definition to Big, whether its games or thinking.

  15. WVU 12 ( 4 crappy fg’s),Syracuse 7

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