On Location

For the second week in a row I am not at Mountaineer Field. It sucks donkey dicks but I will be at a bar in SC with other Mountaineer fans.

Pat White is out and JB gets the start. We shall see what happens. Let’s GOOOOOOOO Mountaineers!!


5 Responses

  1. No shit?! I’m in NC and i had not heard that….FUCK!

  2. Mullen must go!

  3. What bar is pictured? Looks sweet.

  4. I have no clue. I just typed bar in to google and that picture came up. I must maintain my secret identity and not divulge where I viewed the game.

  5. Tajh Boyd Just Decommited and it was confirmed!!! Article on Rivals – he is breaking it off and will not even consider WVU any longer, say goodbye to about 4 or 5 other recruits I have a feeling.

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