Turning Point???

I want to start off by saying I was wrong on my score prediction but only by a few points. This was not an impressive victory but we won. Remember, the last time we played a close game with Syracuse, we went on to win the Sugar Bowl. Could it happen again?

Not likely


33 Responses

  1. Wow! What can you say?? Save ONE late play, and this may have been the worst offensive performance in a win in the history of Mountaineer Field, given the circumstances of facing 6th from the worst defense in the nation. I plead for all of you to do the following:
    1. Call Bill Stewart on his talk show and demand he resign. Tell the producer you want to congratulate him on his fine performance “over those daggone Orangemen” and then lay into him and finish the beratement by asking him what 64 divided by 8 is.
    2. Bring signs to the Auburn game that read “Hire Stew” w/ the H crossed out in true Ghostbusters style replaced w/ an “F”.
    3. Convince the Mountaineer to bring his “other” ammo for the game (just kidding….maybe).
    4. Call your congressman.

    Do not settle for mediocrity or else one is bound to fall into it!

  2. here’s what makes me want to throw my shoe. i sat in the lower level student section and all i heard was people bitching about how HCBS should be fired. blogs are the place to bitch, not at the game. it was tarnishing my gameday experience to hear people complaining. it doesn’t matter if it was deserved or not, im sick of it. get the fuck over it, we aren’t going to have the record we did last year. the fact that i convinced four people around me that “W-V-U first down!” was a better chant is the only thing that pleased me with this game. one more thing, when i went down to the pit for the first time in three years, i learned they are IDing students to drink in there. now not that i would expect WBGV to condone underage drinking, but i do. the pit was lame, a far cry from when i was a freshman taunting wisconsin fans as they walked by

  3. If I’m not getting the job done, they won’t have to tell me, I’ll tell them…..BILL YOURE NOT GETTING THE JOB DONE!!!!!

  4. P.S. Anybody who’s okay with this crap is part of the problem!!!

  5. part of the problem like our o-line or part of the problem like our play calling?

  6. Listening to all this crap is going to make it a long week and a half. Oh my

  7. I have a feeling like I might cry through the entirety of the Auburn game.

    Completely different game had PW been there though, his impact is just too tough to commensurate. Win on Thursday night, and things might be ok. Honestly, the defense is playing well, and with Noel and Pat back there, anything is possible. I don’t think I’m feeling optimistic, but at this point, I don’t really know what to feel or expect at all.

  8. Mike I have to disagree about the defense playing well today. I saw too much soft coverage and holes in the secondary to be pleased with their effort. We got pressure but could not get a sack until the last drive of the game.

    Syracuse shot themselves in the foot multiple times to stall its own drives.

    We got lucky that we played Syracuse this week but a win is a win. Survive and advance. Strap’em up Stew and get ready for next week.

  9. I have never heard this much bellyaching from so-called fans after their team WINS a game. You’re all a bunch of whining pussies. Does the coach suck? Probably, but we won, so get over it.

  10. King, I feel as if pointing out areas that need improvement is fine to but calling for a coach to be fired after a win is regoshdangdiculous.

    I am happy with this win because you play to win the game. We won, YAHTZEE!!

  11. Bill Stewart is a coaching Messiah. He turned offensive gold into crap. This is the work of Jeff Mullen. Thanks be to Jeff Mullen.

  12. 5th, not bellyaching at you, just the general sentiment. Like you said….long week and a half.

  13. I think the best thing about this game is the spin afterwards about “booing Jarrett Brown”. I heard Stewart go nuts on the radio about how Brown had deeper reads and that he shouldn’t be booed for dumping it off short. Here’s an idea Stewart: They weren’t booing the length of the pass, they were booing the length of the drive. And the drive before that. And the drive before that. They’re booing the fact that a group of very, very well-paid adults have completely fucked up a good thing. And they’ve done it in 10 months. They’re booing the fact that we put 17 on a defense that is goddamned horrible. They’re booing the fact that some dumbasses have tanked Pat White’s senior season. They’re booing the fact that we’ve lost ‘it’. We’re not good anymore. We’re not winning the Big East, we’re not in the hunt for a BCS game. We’re not going to be in the top 25 at the end of this season. Or next. Or the one after that. They’re booing that we have to HOPE to get a shitty bowl in a shitty town.

  14. The teams we’ve beaten have a stupendous 5-11 record. Add in the terrific 6-6 record of ECU/CU and we’re just leaving no doubt about the powerhouse we’ve become…in one short year. That’s not bellyaching, it’s the truth. Is turning offensive gold into crap the opposite of alchemy?

  15. I bet we compete against Auburn. That’s the way we roll. We lose to Pitt, then we”obliterate” Oklahoma. We struggle against one of the worst teams in Div. 1-A and we’ll beat Auburn. Score: 2-0

  16. Um, Auburn is not a good team either. If its possible, their offense is even WORSE than ours – they certainly won’t be ranked when we play them after this week’s loss to woeful Arkansas. Its probably going to be an ugly game folks, something in the 7-3 range.

  17. If you want to see what our offense would look like if we flipped out and fired Mullen just look at Auburn’s 193 yard performance yesterday.

  18. I finally figured out what’s going on after reading Mullen’s comment that “we need to keep chopping wood”….Mullen thinks he’s at RUTGERS! No wonder we play like crap…he’s just trying to maintain Rutgers tradition!

  19. I want to know how many bubble screens we ran, they need to throw that out of the playbook, i have nothing against brown i feel they should of took advantage of his arm like they were doing on the first possession, they threw two medium passes and if brown didn’t overthrow the receivers they would of been good yardage plays. When you run a bubble screen and loss yards your better off running the ball with jock or noel at least take a chance at positive yardage. I gave Mullen a chance but we need to do an Auburn and get someone else in there

  20. The problem is, those aren’t even bubble screens. They are just flare passes. On a bubble screen the other wideouts block for the slot reciever. On our flare passes, the other wideouts are running mediocre patters rather than blocking.

  21. We had 156 yards against Syracuse until Devine hit that 92 yard run. 156 yards. If the season ended today, he should be fired.

  22. Err… 176 yards…

  23. When you think of Mullens and Ole Stew….it’s like saying…let Bush and Cheney fix the problems. …it’ll fix it’s self….HA!HA!..Fire these two bums. ED Pastilong is a brain dead guy…..AH!AH!….it’s not about Ole Boys here A_Holes….It’s about the future of our program and our recuits…Get It.

  24. I put most of the blame on Mullens. From my very amateur perspective, he doesn’t appear to be OC material. However, I agree with 5th Year Sr. We cannot be firing people in the middle of the year. I think we have to let these coaches finish the season and then see where we stand. Btw, someone answer this question…I don’t remember. Why didn’t we go after Herb Hand as OC or did we? Why did Mullens get the nod?

  25. I really have no need to comment. Everyone else feels the same as I do. Except 5th year senior. Dude, I will not question your loyalty but your acceptance of mediocrity sounds alot like a Marshall fan. YES I get we won and that’s what matters. However we have seen nothing out of our offense in 6 games against medicore football programs. Do you expect see any difference in the final six games against better coaching and equal to the same talent? It will get alot worse before it gets better.

    Stew and Mullen are embarassing themselves, and our very talented football team. Pat White does not deserve this after what he has done for me as fan, our program and the state of WV.

    But the true problem started with Pastilong. He should be taking more heat than anyone. Pastilong has slapped our doners in the face with this hire and is attempting to cripple the program on his way out the door. Before you say anything about Huggins know that he came here on his own and with the encouragement of the great Jerry West (who I pray will take the job). HUGGS does not count for Pastilong!!!

  26. Nati, I am not alone in feeling good about winning games. I am also not dumb enough to think our team is where they need to be to continue winning. We need to improve in a number aspects offensively and defensively.

    Our O-line and TE/FB really need to start sticking blocks to give Devine room to run, he doesn’t need much. We also need to get open downfield so White or Brown don’t have to throw a check down receiver (I don’t totally buy the fact that many of those were not called short throws).

    Our D needs to play bump coverage and eliminate the HUGE holes in our secondary. I think the D will be fine but our O production does worry me.

    Now to the booing your own team, more to come later in the week. I do not accept any argument in favor of booing. It is one of the only ways that we as fans can adversely effect our team and program. I don’t care if you say it was at a coach, the young men on the field don’t know that. It only takes a small thing to change a young man’s mind about attending our school. Sure our O may lose recruits by itself but if you are responsible for losing a recruit should you lose your season ticket?? Fuck yeah you should.

    I have not and never will BOO a Mountaineer team. (I may of boo’d them while I was blacked out once but from what I remember I have never done it. coherently ) If you boo near me I will walk up to you and quietly boo you to see how you like it. I have a feeling you will hate it.

  27. Well our crappy offense this year just made it so that Tajh Boyd decommitted. It is now officially time to fire Bill Stewart since our recruits are already leaving.

  28. I am not going to say it. Yes I am ” I TOLD YOU SO”

    5th year you are right about the booing. But we need to boo loud outside of the game. Blow the blogs up!!!!

  29. Now I am pissed. We may as well join the MAC too.

  30. Is it signing day already? I know he says he isn’t considering us anymore but if we keep winning I have a feeling he will do a double take.

    More in the morning

  31. Tajh Boyd Just Decommited and it was confirmed!!! Article on Rivals – he is breaking it off and will not even consider WVU any longer, say goodbye to about 4 or 5 other recruits I have a feeling.

  32. Here is the TRUTH: This ugly crash is the result of an incompetent athletic dept., not Bill Stewart. Of course he’s going to attempt to be a HC, even if he’s not qualified to be a HC. The athletic dept, governor, and president are responsible and when a new athletic dept. is in next year, he will be rightfully fired.

  33. 5th year senior-You are in denial my friend. What you are seeing at Mountaineer Field on Saturdays REALLY IS happening…..I wish I could wake you.

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