I Will Boo If I Damn Well Please

You heard me.  BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I booed on Saturday.  Not a lot, but enough to where people around me started  to dislike me.  Seriously, what’s the big deal?

I enjoyed an entire off-season’s worth of rhetoric from our new coaching staff — namely Bill Stewart.  This year was going to be different: down field passing, more variety in the offense, pre-snap motion.  Has any of it happened?  Not really.  In fact, our down field passing may have decreased and our pre-snap motion looks more like a Chinese fire drill than anything else.

Basically we’ve been duped.  I don’t want to say intentionally, because I think Stew is a doggone man of doggone character.  But he hyped everything incessantly all summer, only to fall flat this season.  If he had told the fanbase that transition to an amended offense would be tough, expectations would be a little different.  But he had to go and get everyone’s hopes up.  Personally, I was masturbating to post routes and twelve yard outs.  Unfortunately, I can’t do that anymore.  I’m forced to think about bubble screens and flare passes.  It’s like going from modern-day internet porn to 15th century Gutenburg porn.

To me, that is grounds for booing.  And let me clear, I’m not booing the players.  I am booing the grown men on the sideline that are being paid not to be incompetent.  And remember, they’re being paid quite well.  I think it’s not too much to ask that they run more than three plays during the course of the game.  Unless those three plays all go for touchdowns, which happened a lot under one former coach.


18 Responses

  1. Good…..the AD, president of Wvu, and the coaching staff need to hear alot of boos. I spend alot of $$$ on two season tickets, gas, food and tailgating supplies 6 or 7 times per year. So if they are fine with the team playing at this level, then I’ll have to step aside, because its not ok with me. And do not tell me I’m not a real Mountaineer fan. Real Mountaineer fans would not want to put up with this shit because we want our team to continue to grow from our previous seasons, not regress. Answer one question people……are we really going to put up with barely beating Syracuse? That’s not acceptable.

  2. Let me re-start the movement….CHARLEY WEST FOR AD!!!

  3. I agree. GO CHARLEY!!!

    Although I’m not a boo-er, i will whip a motha fuckin coaches ass! Throw the fuckin ball already! I don’t care if we throw to INT’s a game, THROW IT!

  5. Jump in…the water is warm! Now if you can get 5th to take off those rose-colored glasses…

  6. How can anyone argue w/ Lipsander’s post????? He hit it right on the head……PLEASE BOO!

  7. I don’t wear rose colored glasses. I wear gold and blue shades bitches and those mother fuckers aren’t coming off anytime soon.

    Get ready for optimism until your anus falls off.

  8. Booin’ yer own team (including the staff) is heinous. This is a game. 6 games into the season with eight new coaches and a new formation install at 4 and 2 relegates this commentary on qualifications as a supporting fan relative to the investment in packing an suv to the rating of the “Chris Henry a**hat of the week,” if not the year. Sell the tickets and put away the coolers. This team don’t need the negativity. Jack Fleming’s mother woulda slapped your momma for bringin’ up a Pitt fan.

  9. Great article by Hickman in today’s Gazette


  10. Charley, if you boo near me at the Auburn game I will throw my shoe through your chest.

  11. You guys were probably out there booing Fraud when he went 3-7 his first year. We’re setting ourselves up to have a new coaching staff every year….

  12. Sorry…3-8.

  13. just to qualify….I don’t support the booing, just Charley for AD

  14. Saying you’re booing the coaches not the players is a cop-out. You’re booing the performance of your team, and that includes the players. The players feel the effect of the boos as much or more than the coaches. If you’re OK with that, go ahead and keep on booing. But stop saying that your booing is focused; it just doesn’t work that way.

  15. Booing is the only direct, legal way a fan can show his displeasure. You folks who decry those who boo might be unwitting products of outcome based education. If a player’s self-esteem is so fragile that it must be coddled (after years of playing competitive football) then that team is surely doomed. Cheering no matter what also displays a certain ignorance of the reality on the field. A football game is not some kind of harmonic convergance. That said, booing every little mistake is equally idiotic. However, most of us currently unhappy with the state of the Mountaineer football program have arrived at this displeasure over an extended period of time.

  16. The booing controversy has been started to deflect the discussion from the state of the football program. Fans booed the ‘eers during the 2007 PITT game, fans booed the Mountaineers at the half of the 2005 Louisville night game, fans booed them during the 2004 Maryland game, fans booed them during the 2004 Gator Bowl, fans booed them during the 2002 Syracuse game before Nehlen announced his retirement.

    This isn’t some sort of “MAGIC HAS AIDS!??!?” revelation. We, like the rest of America, boo when we see stupid, lazy play. We always have and we always will. This is being talked about because the Homers are gripping to any sort of high ground they can find.

    You know what stops booing? Fixing the fucking problems on offense.

  17. Check out the latest rankings on CBS Sportsline….if you dare. WVU, at 4-2, is ranked #43…but this 4-2 record has been while playing the #114 out of 120 ranked strength of schedule. Make your own conclusions.

  18. High five to my man The Double U. You hit that right on the head. That’s the best comment I’ve seen in a while….nicely done.

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