Rodriguez’s Agent Contacts Clemson

Damn bro, that was quick.

With the ink on Tommy Bowden’s dismissal not even dry, “The Product’s” agent (Mike Brown, seen here) has contacted Clemson to show interest in the job. I knew Fraud would look to move on to greener pastures but this was so fast and slutty even a sorority girl would be proud.

The Product is ready to declare himself a Clemson man. Tired of always having to look presentable, Rodriguez longs to return to the days he could show up for work in Clemson in overalls. Rodriguez has always felt most comfotable in jorts and shirts without sleeves, therefore Clemson is a logical choice. He is, indeed, a Clemson man.

So, Michigan fans, be prepared for quick and painful exit. We don’t expect it to be pretty. This pull-out could be as dirty as a Ron Jeremy facial. Somewhere, even Bobby Petrino is jealous. Our sources tell us that Rod has been unhappy with Michigan since early 2008, when Michigan administration politely declined to name him “Führer und Reichskanzler” of the Athletic Department.

Stay tuned to this developing story…


28 Responses

  1. What a load of crap…hey, How is recruiting class coming 🙂

  2. HA! I heard he going to meet the AD for breakfast at IHOP on Sunday.

  3. I heard they were meeting in Toledo.

  4. Man I am debating this post. I’m going go with awesomeness!!! Whether it is true or not.

  5. 5th year senior is clearly trying to distract the readers from the current “throw off the chains and revolt” vibe of this blog and attempting to redirect the readers to the shittiness of Richigan football. I, for one, don’t care about Rodriguez (he’s a jerk), Richigan or their shitty conference…..I am concerned w/ the well-being of the WVU football program…One that is AND HAS BEEN better than Richigan’s for a longggggg time….

    To the person that made the analogy of Stewart/Mullen to Bush/Cheney…..Excellent post. I completely agree.

  6. Richigan football huh? And you’re from WVA and support WVU…and you think Michigan is a shit and their conference is shitty? So, therefore, WVU and the Big East are better conferences that the Big Ten and Michigan?

    WOW is all i have to say to that. First off, what Big East team has ever really been that good? and when has WVU ever really been any good?

    Let me see here…both answers to those questions are WVU approx. the last 3 years.

    Who was your coach? Rich Rod himself right? Now that he is gone you have fallen from grace and I know you see the darkness ahead of you. Stewart is garbage, the Big East is garbage, and WVU is going back down the tubes to garbage once again.

    I am sorry but, Michigan has always been and will always be better than the Mountaineers. There is nothing about the school, state, or athletics that even comes close to Michigan caliber. Not even in the same ball park.

    Your stupidty amazes me

  7. He said he doesn’t care about Michigan, or the big ten. With your counter attack you prove you care about what we think and our program since you are on our blog. By the way what is Michigan’s record this year? Enough said go back to mgoblog and talk more about how Barwis should have a athenian temple built after him.

  8. While this isn’t true (Why would he leave Michigan for Clemson, I mean really….), I can’t help but assume that the collective anus of the Michigan fanbase is feeling a tingle if not an outright pucker.


  9. I simply think that the whole state of Michigan is pretty much shit to be frank w/ you. No offense Richigan fan….And this coming from a guy that HATES Slowhio State and the Big Ten, plodding, slow, “it’s about time it’s been exposed as the worst BCS conference” rep that it has maintained the last 3-4 years. It is what it is…I call em like I see em. Michigan IN THE PAST was an upper echelon program….No longer my friend…The general population shift of the US population is not favoring your Northern/industrial/and outright COLD region….thus it affects your school, its ability to recruit, etc…..I’d be willing to bet that Rod is regretting his decision right now and wishes he would have jumped to an SEC school….He’d fit right in down there.

  10. Mike Brown went to Clemson and has been salivating at the chance to get Rod there for years now. I was told at the beginning of the season last year from someone that used to be in the know, that Rod was gone if the Clemson job opened up. I would not be surprised if it happens, then Michigan plucks Les Miles from LSU, now that they are not on a championship run.

  11. Michigan is awome if crack, shootings, unemployment, snow, assholes and white rappers are your thing.

  12. I doubt Rod will end up at Clemson. He and Bowden are like mac n cheese. If the relationship at Clemson didn’t end well for Bowden, I doubt Rod would step in. Of course, it is Mr. Rich Rod we are talking about. Nothing but a slimy, backstabbing, son of a ____….hmmmm, I think he’d fit right in at Clemson. Clemson has deep pockets because every redneck and his brother in SC pay into IPTAY. I’m sure they have, well let’s see….$4million Michigan paid to WVU …plus whatever is stated in his contract to Michigan if he leaves early…..cha-ching! Ha, what an ass. I hope he does leave Meechigan…then we can tell all those HOLEverines to shove it where the sun don’t shine; we told ya so SUCKERS!

  13. OBTW, Richigan-HA!, I hate to tell you this, but as for the state of Michigan and Michigan football (not speaking in the past, respect deserved there but at this moment and in the future)….well….you can polish a turd all you want, it’s still a turd.

    You’ll find most of us here are honest and can see for ourselves that our program and our new coach aren’t any good. We don’t need you here to tell us that, so F off!

  14. Hey Richigan-HA!, WVU and the Big East are, in fact, better than Michigan and the Big Ten. No, I don’t have facts to back that up, nor do I care to. It’s true because I said so. And I think most on this site would agree with me too. Why? BECAUSE WE’RE ON A WVU BLOG YOU DUMB SHIT. You want unbiasness and fairness…get a whore…I’m sure that industry is still alive and well in Michigan.

  15. WVUColumbus is right. The post is to clear the air of the mass revolt about to happen.

  16. Clemson would have to pony up the 1.5 mil Rich still owes WVU + most likely the 2.5 Michigan paid WVU because Rich didn’t fullfil his contract (just speculation) + the 4 mil buyout he has at Michigan right now + the 2 mil-4 mil? buyout of Tommy Bowden = a cool 12 million just to get Rich in the front door and pay him 3 million a years. Would love to see it happen, but just seems like a lot of money.

  17. LOL – A West Virgina fan making references to Clemson as a “redneck” school is like Obama calling Pat Buchanan a liberal. Go burn some couches and get a clue. Good luck in the Big Least. Hating on Rich Rod isn’t going to improve your record.

  18. Come on guys, have you read anything about this outside of this blog? Of course this won’t happen.

  19. Of course this won’t happen.

    That was kind of the entire point of the post.

  20. Frank is a queer.

  21. Frank,
    Did you do poorly in reading comprehension? I didn’t refer to Clemson as a redneck school; I referred to the people who give money to the school as rednecks. Half the people in SC didn’t go to school there yet they give tons of $ to the school. How do I know, because I live in SC and know this to be true? Why do you come on these boards and to see what we write about our ex-coach? Do you secretly have a crush on him? You’re right 2000Grad! We don’t give a rat’s ass what is going at Michigan except that you keep losing! Is this you Fraud…can’t get enough can you! So what if WV and SC have rednecks. Doesn’t Michigan have the largest population of Muslims in the country?

  22. I, along w/ Lipsander and others, clearly see the point of this post…..Simply to divert WVU fan attention to bashing Richigan (how boring because they aren’t a rival of mine and they play in the Blizzard Conference). I now order all of you to resume bashing Stewart and not allowing our great institution to slip down the drain.

  23. Wow, you know, I think you’re right. Michigan does suck. I guess since I’ve lived here my whole life I’ve never realized what a shithole it really is. I guess I’m just real nervous about the Penn State game and the 24 point spread this weekend. Holy Shit, we’re gonna get our ass kicked!

  24. Hating on Rich Rod won’t improve our record…..but it sure makes me feel good. Just like Bill Stewart saying we’re going to be tough, have good chemistry, run the option, play Pat White and Reed Williams, and have great coaches doesn’t make it true…..but it sure made alot of people feel good for awhile.

  25. (add pass downfield to that list)

  26. Someone start a Nick Saban rumor. I would be great to get the bamers on the board again.

    I’m sorry I think I just blacked out!!!

  27. OK. Let’s be reasonable here and take all topics into consideration. I hate Michigan, even prior to them acquiring the asshole, I hate DickRod, and have hated him for quite some time as well. But that aside, let’s do a little comparison.

    Similarities: West Virginia is in a rebuilding year. Yes we have Pat White, Noel Devine, etc., but we have lost a LOT of last year’s starters. Michigan is in a very similar rebuilding year. West Virginia has a first year head coach. Michigan has a first year head coach. Both coaches have multiple years coaching experience. Both teams are implementing new offensive schemes.

    Differences: Michigan is 2-4. West Virginia is 4-2. West Virginia beat Marshall (I don’t think we’ll ever see this statement changed). Michigan lost to Toledo. West Virginia has a legitimate chance of playing in a post-season bowl game, possibly even winning the Big East. Michigan has been labeled as being on track to not play in a bowl game for the first time in 33 years. West Virginia is projected to finish with another winning season. Michigan is projected to most likely lose the remainder of their games.

    These factors taken into account, let’s see what our common denominator is. The last losing season West Virginia had was the first year DickRod coached at WVU. WVU lost to Temple, the worst team on our schedule. DickRod is on pace to repeat his performance at what is considered the “traditionally” strongest program in college football. Coach Stew seems to be finding his way at WVU, even under similar circumstances that DickRod faced in his first year at WVU.

    As far as tradition is concerned, what a crock of shit. What your team did 10 years ago has absolutely no factor on what your team is doing today. I have heard too many people badmouthing Coach Stew as a bad coach and have heard many refer to DickRod as a “good” coach. Let’s just look at the facts above. Good coach my ass. He’s garbage. He’s always been garbage. He’s nothing more than white trailer trash that was lucky enough to find himself in the right place at the right time. Now that’s he’s fooled someone into thinking he’s a good football coach. If you’re so fucking good, why don’t you try winning the easiest game on your schedule? Clemson, Michigan, federal prison, whoever, you can have the piece of shit. West Virginia will never be your home ever again DickRod. Good luck finding one.

  28. It’s funny how your stupidity amazes me:

    I am sorry but, Michigan has always been and will always be better than the Mountaineers. There is nothing about the school, state, or athletics that even comes close to Michigan caliber. Not even in the same ball park.

    Your school swooped in and Hired Belein, they swooped in and hired DICKrod and they tried to hire Nikki Izo Brown the womens soccer coach but she turned them down.

    so I guess our caliber of coaches are not good enough for Michigan but yet they keep coming here to hire them. you DUMB DONKEY!!!!!!

    also I do Believe HUGGINS is WAYYYY beyond the Caliber of your BBALL coach.

    I do believe that the NBA LOGO is of one JERRY WEST that went to and graduated from yes you guessed it WVU.

    And don’t get me started on your state. Your people call me everyday!!!! Help me I lost my job I can’t pay my bills. Your job industry is going to crap while WV just PAID OFF a bunch of debt and is financially stable.

    Get a life you idiot!!!!

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