Tajh Boyd…HE GONE

Tajh Boyd and the BAMF (bad ass mother fucker) that he is, has decided to look elsewhere and pulled his verbal from WVU. He has every right to do this and I don’t fault him one bit. Losing Boyd’s commitment is the first real repercussion of having an offense that is unable to move the ball. These coaches need to show their recruiting prowess and get this kid back on board.

From his comments it appears as if he is serious about not even considering WVU any more. I hope this is Josh Jenkins esque but he has no ties to WVU, so it ain’t looking good folks. It is also very likely that Logan Heastie will also pull his commitment if we don’t turn things around very quickly.

Being an eternal optimist I feel that when we right the offensive ship Boyd will remember what he loved about WVU in the first place and decide to come back on board. However, I have this pit in my stomach thinking something isn’t right. Is Beatty headed elsewhere or is something else afoot inside the program?

No matter what happens, I wish Boyd the best of luck with his decision. His best decision would be to come here but that may not be what happens. STAY TUNED

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  1. He was promised an offense that would air it out (and deep) and has seen one that is trying to grind it out. I don’t blame him.

  2. So where’s all the people that were saying let’s stay positive? Our fu*king offense, HC, and OC suck balls and are taking our team down the shitter. The one thing our OC and HC are doing that piss me off more than anything is taking the best QB in the land and setting him up to fail with this shadow of an offense we have.

  3. According to an article on BGN, Heastie re-affirms his commitment and said Tajh is just exploring his options based on his concern with the offense.

    So you’re saying there’s a chance…..

  4. Until signing day nothing is set in stone. That is why I maintain my happiness (thanks mostly to percocets). That is why you should not jump of a bridge at the first sign of trouble. Some of you “By-Godders” really need to drink a beer a chill out.

  5. Nah, no chance. Would you actually want to come to WVU to throw screen passes every down?

  6. We didn’t throw screen passes all day. Stew quote

    “If we were out there throwing bubble screens all day, I’d boo too. But we weren’t throwing bubble screens. We had three-level floods on, we had triangle reads – short, long and deep coming over the middle. We just missed some stuff.”

  7. Maybe they did have different reads, but didn’t they all fail, thus the massive booing by the fans? Our fan base doesn’t boo the team unless things are obviously not working. Even though I’m not that optimistic about some things on this board, I do not boo our team when I’m at the game, but had I been there Saturday, I would have maybe thrown a shoe…..lol.

  8. Here’s a couple pieces of nice info:

    “I called Head Coach Bill
    Stewart today and told him that I was not going to be coming to West Virginia,” Boyd said. “I told him that I felt like I only have four years in college and want to make sure I’m making the right decision for myself
    and playing somewhere that I actually fit both personally and in respect to how I
    play football.”

    “I have a lot of respect for the coaches there and
    thought Morgantown was full of great people, but I really feel like I rushed things,” Boyd added. “I also want the right fit for me as a football player. I want to throw the ball a lot and play in a certain type of offense.”

  9. “I definitely have interest in Penn State, but they are on the same level as every other school right now. I don’t even have a list of programs I’m going to look at right now. I’m going to talk to my coach on Monday and
    just ask him to tell me who is calling and I’ll tell him from there if I’m interested in those programs. I’m just kind of going back to square one right now and
    looking at every program out there.”

    Read between the lines or just read my text, he’s gone and so are alot of others. He wants to throw the ball and go to a school that will. Tells alot about the future of our program doesn’t it?

  10. And that is why you never, ever, ever promise someone that you won’t recruit another player at their position.

  11. You are right 25314. That shows the ignorance and/or unexperience of our staff.

  12. Maybe this will open Stewarts eyes. Does he still think everything is jim-dandy????

  13. You know, freaking HCBS probably gave the following to the call. ” I understand son, you are great person and deserve to make the best decision for yourself and your family. I hope you find what you are looking for both sports-wise and personally.” I can honestly sit here and see him saying that shit.

  14. And then … depression set in.

    F____ US!!!

  15. First he destroyed the present.
    Now he destroys the future.
    Next, he kills Don Nehlen and destroys the past.

  16. I’m sorry for all the optimistics out there, but that is the straw that broke this camel’s back. Now, we need to crank up better play calling and save face for our other recruits ( if we can save them ) for the remaining schedule.

  17. We will ALWAYS have Jack Fleming!!!

  18. Losing one player is not going to kill us, but it just goes to show you that the rest of the country is taking notice. Recruiting is like going to party, when a couple cool people are going to be there, everybody wants to go.

  19. In the year 2010, we’ll know if this hurt us or not. Like I said losing him is huge to me, but the domino effect coming will be what hurts us.

  20. Hey, maybe can get Rich Rodigeuz back.

    Just kidding.

  21. Bowden gone from Clemson. TN looking for new head coach to replace Fat Phil. Think we might want to put our name out there before all the good ones are taken?

  22. Lips: “…he’s gone and so are alot of others.” Who are the others?

  23. Nosmo King:


  24. I’ve got to disagree with two of 5th Year Senior’s statements. This is not the “first real repurcussion of having an offense that is unable to move the ball.” Losing to mediocre ECU and Colorado teams were repurcussions in my book. And if someone jumped off the bridge now, it would not be at “the first sign of trouble.” The first sign was when Mullen and the players began referencing the “new offense,” after Coach Stew had promised a continuation of the old offense. Since then, there has been an unending stream of signs of trouble.

  25. Great, this is exactly how i wanted to start the week after the show we put on against Syracuse! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh =(

  26. @ trinity……..I hope that was an attempt at sarcasm.

    @Nosmo King……….Logan Heastie and maybe Hussain Trowery, but Hussain hasn’t committed to anyone.

  27. Remember, he never would have come here with this staff. That my freinds, is the yin and the yang.

  28. Without this staff i mean.

  29. hahahaahahahahaha

  30. according to an interview yesterday with Heastie he is still strongly committed to wvu

  31. @ Matt……he is for now. Let Boyd go somewhere they throw alot, see if he stays with us.

    On my way home from work yesterday I got to thinking. Is there any shred of possibility that Boyd did this to shake things up @ Wvu because he really wants to still come here? Probably not, but it is a thought.

  32. As for losing a ton of recruits because Boyd backed out. Per the Gazette this morning

    “It’s simple. They had concerns about the West Virginia offense,” said Dee, who also said he didn’t believe Boyd’s decision would alter those of teammates Dominik Davenport and Shawne Alston, a lineman and running back, respectively, who have also committed to WVU.

  33. I hope there is no connection between losing him and others, but we’ll soon see I guess.

  34. Here’s an article on this by Dave Hickman today:


  35. A quote from HCBS during his press conference:

    “NO player will call the plays”, that “no player’s daddy will call the plays”…”and I’m glad I found that out sooner than later”

    Which from reading a little into this, maybe Taj’s dad called HCBS bitching about the offense?

  36. We don’t need no Mustains or Marinovich’s!!!!!

  37. Nor should Bill Stewart or his offensive coordinator call plays

  38. Columbus, I laughed when I read that but I still want to give them a chance to right the ship.

  39. Gimme a break. Fire Stewart now while there’s still something left to salvage. Picking up the elite recruits trails the performance of the team by a couple of years, but only if the team is still performing. West Virginia was poised to enter the world of elite program football. Why oh why did anyone think that Stewart had anything to do with beating Oklahoma. Did he call a single play in that game?

    What a wasted season!! Let White call the plays, and we’d have won a couple more games!!!!

    The team is a mess. Boyd is doing the right thing and fleeing. All of the other recruits will probably end up wishing they had done the same.

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