Oh Yeah, We Play Auburn Thursday


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  1. I’ll be DAMNED if you think you can tempt me to root for Auburn by showing a picture of such a girl!

    However, as a gesture of goodwill, I am willing to buy and wear an Auburn t-shirt under my WVU shirt if you could find a picture of this young lady topless.

  2. PLEASE let this just be a teaser for a MAJOR Hump Day post tomorrow

  3. Does anyone know the line on this game? I’d be interested to see what Vegas is saying about a game that at the start of the season had title implications. Now, maybe not so much.

  4. Yeah, not so much…

  5. No idea on the line, but I think the over/under is somewhere around 9 points….

  6. currently we are at -3 and the o/u is 38

  7. I am curious how either of these offenses will score 3 or 8 points, let alone 38.

  8. wait a minute, WE are at -3…?

  9. Damn, looks like Auburn is a lock at +3. Hopefully there’s something to the Thursday night mistique and we pull out a W.

  10. Auburn by 5, WVU -3 Auburn 2. Ok it could happen.

  11. I like boobs.

  12. Real??????

  13. Really real.

  14. I feel good about his game. I think PW will refuse to lose and will all be singing country roads on a late night in Mo-town.

  15. I hope so, because I’m going to be cold as hell sitting there that late.

  16. Auburn 13
    WVU 3 and the slow degradation of the WVU football program continues…….SOS!! Please help Bob Reynolds, Ken Kendrick, even Chuck Finder!!! Just when it appeared that our program had evolved over the last 8 years, we revert back to the “dagnabbits” and “geewhillickers” and “daggone hot fudge sundays” of yesteryear that was Don Nehlen and the 20th century WVU football program….Only this guy couldn’t touch Don Nehlen. But remember, I’m sure they’ll turn it around and we’ll compete for a BCS game, because it really is that easy to flip a switch and play like a 90th ranked team one week and then a 9th ranked team the next……….yeah that’s it.

  17. Eventhough i hate what you are saying…i have to agree that it appears to be true, and HCBStupid can not hold a candle to Dandy Don and that scares the shit out of me. It took 8 years to build and 9 months to piss away.

  18. I agree too with all the above, but wouldn’t it be great to SHOCK the nation! I can hope can’t I? Cold nights in Mo-town might be hard for a school from Alabama to handle. I got a misty taste for moonshine and a tear drop in my eye…LET’S GO…
    Fired Up, if only for a few seconds!

  19. I don’t get fired up about games w/ mediocre teams from the SEC (exactly what Auburn is THIS year). If WVU and Auburn were playing up to their PRESEASON billing, then we’d have something. Too bad games actually have to be played, huh? And Bill Stewart actually has to coach. BTW, look for more of Jock Sanders at tailback tonight. Despite poor O-line play, Noel Devine is not having success at the RB position and Jock Sanders is the better option at this time. He’s more versatile and much better w/ pass protection and has as much elusiveness and speed as Devine…Oh wait a minute, I couldn’t possibly be right because this is NOEL DEVINE that we’re talking about. There’s never been an instant where a kid has a great frosh season and then a sophomore slump….Never mind 🙂

  20. Open mouth, insert foot….DUMBASS!

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