Starring At Our Tailgate Tonight

While you’re busy tonight drinking skunked Natty and freezing your ass off, we’ll be busy chatting it up with Tommie Frazier and Erin Andrews. It’s a hard life, but someone has to live it.

11 Responses

  1. I know there’s a football game tonight, but i would like to see some “coverage” of Greer Barnes. (women’s soccer) apparently she’s also good at soccer….

  2. Charley, i hope you don’t get too “excited” at your tailgate tonight, oh yeah, EA is kinda hot too.

  3. I’ve said before that you guys rule and I love what you do here….but I hate you right now.

  4. Time to head out…It’s HIGH time we RE-christen Motown “Touchdown City” and let’s hope it starts tonight

  5. All you punks didnt boo tonight ! Huge W and we look like Mountaineer Football and staying this way!

  6. Made me nervous for awhile, but you can’t argue with a big 207 by Devine, two scoring catches by Jalloh, and 33 yards by Auburn in the 2nd half. I was so excited that Erin Andrews climbed in the back of my minivan in the blue lot after the game….

  7. Has the offense bought into the “new” system and started clicking? We’re back bitches!

  8. The think the offense and defense has come together. the coaching has improved. We opened the field up with options to run and pass down field. If we play like this one game @ a time we should not lose another game. PW doesnt throw picks very often and he had 2 last night. We also should have scored @ the begining of the game right off the bat. We could have had more points on the board. The question is will we be back in the polls come Sunday night ?


  10. NosmoKing… do you mean a blow up doll with a blonde wig met you in your conversion van?

  11. Damn guys…..I sat there last night and we were rocking ( the crowd ). That’s the loudest crowd I’ve heard @ home. The “Lets Go”…..”Mountaineers” chant we on for like 3 minutes straight during a tv timeout. I’ve never heard that chant go that long either. Nice job guys, nice job.

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