War Damn Mountaineers!

Late in the second quarter, just before Pat White threw the touchdown pass to Alric Arnett, the WVU offense changed.  Down 17-3, this team (and the staff) had a choice: score points or pack up the season.  From my seat, you could almost see the exact moment it happened.  A four play, 78 yard touchdown drive in just 1:31.  It was like the Mountaineer offense of old: just plain dangerous.  And with that drive, this team bid adieu to whatever offense was trying to score points in the first six games.  From here on out, the show is back in Morgantown, and I can only think of one thing to say…

Watch.  Out.

I really don’t want to get too excited, but it’s hard not to.  What we saw last night was what an entire state was waiting half a season to see.  Sure, there were still hiccups last night: two early interceptions, a fumbled end-around, terrible kickoff coverage. But from that turning point in the second quarter, Auburn had absolutely no answer.  None.  They were completely out-classed by a Mountaineer team that looked every bit like the pre-season top ten team.

And that was the characteristic of many Mountaineer teams of past year.  You always got the feeling that the other team just didn’t have a chance.  We were going to run our offense, you couldn’t stop it, and then we’d all go out for beers afterwards.  And with 8:08 remaining in that second quarter, we woke up those echoes and found that swagger.  And from then on, the game was over.  Just like we knew it in the past.

So where do we go from here?

Well, personally, I think the sky’s the limit.  We needed a game like this to truly establish confidence in what this staff was trying to accomplish.  In games where it wasn’t going as well, our offense became increasingly conservative.  And by conservative, picture a turtle retreating to its shell.  But when things started to work and the players started to believe, we let our offensive engine show us what its capable of.

And boy, was it a pretty sight.

PS: I think I’m using the “holy shit, we’re good” tag for the first time this season.  That makes me very excited.

[thanks to the Charleston Gazette for the photo]


16 Responses

  1. Damn it’s a good day to be a Mountaineer in the South–loving this—go ‘Eers!!

  2. I think we’re going to roll through the big east and play in another BCS game… The two early INT’s set up the rest of the game. Auburn was forced to back off cause they knew we were going to keep throwing the rock, and that’s when the o-line got started knocking people off the ball. I feel like I did last year, walking into work knowing we’re bad as hell, and nobody wants to fuck with us.

  3. I’m with you 2000Grad…..I’m feel good about our team now. After those 2 INT’s, I sat there in the end zone thinking, wow this may look bad on national tv. It looked like a total different team coming out of the locker room after the half. Our defense didn’t give up a point and our offense looked great.

  4. I don’t know about you guys but I never doubted Stew for a second…..

  5. I have to sa at half time, I watched the ht report and went to sleep. I thought we were done for and I simply couldn’t watch it. I couldn’t tell from the first half if we (team) just weren’t in our zone or if we (coaches) were making bad play calls. Everything seemed to be gelling, we were just getting outplayed. This morning when I woke up I found that my brother had called me at least 10 times. I listened to my first voicemail and he said “I can’t believe you’re not answering your phone.” So, I ran to the computer and pulled up msnsport.net. Holy Crap, the MOUNTIES WON! I didn’t know what to do so I started screaming and jumping up and down and my little dog shit herself. I’ve read everything about the game today, watched some highlights and in the second half we just plain dominated. I wish I would have stayed up to see the V. Awesome! Here we go folks, just keep this train rolling. We’ve got the talent still, no doubt! Coaches, just don’t screw it up (not a bad job last night)!

  6. Great WIN!!

    Let’s enjoy it until Sunday morning.

    Then … it’s …next up … Connecticut … on the road.

    Another BIG test.

  7. I know one thing. I’m tired as hell at work right now.

  8. WVUD…so the moral of the story is: watch the entire game so your poor dog won’t have to shit on the carpet. 😉

  9. WVUD, you shuld be ashamed of yourself. you call yourself a fan? i don’t think so. you should have to sit in misery with the rest of us when the ‘eers are suckin it up. step up, and watch out for the dog shit!

    Lipsander, my eyes are half closed and burning…i need a nap.

  10. I didnt work today ! fuck it ! Lets play again tom !

  11. That looked like the WV team I was expecting to see this year.
    Good win for the BE.
    Should make the rest of the year and the chase for the BE crown a lot more interesting.

  12. That was a great game by the offensive line last night. They opened up gaping holes for Devine to run through and he hit em all, for the first time this season. I must admit though, “they’re still shitty” from Major League, still applies for me, but one more effort like that and I’m a believer…..the worst thing that could happen is that they show up next game and put up 3 points and lose to UCANT….that would indicate the dreaded INCONSISTENT word and would actually be worse than if we were simply shitty…..until then, though, Go Mountaineers AND WE ARE PENN STATE!!

  13. From my seat it looked like the defense said, OK enough. An side kick recovered, our defense played their asses off. No more scoring. Defense played awesome – keep it up.

    Just so I can bitch, what the fuck is up with special teams. We have a figgin awesome kicker, but how many huge-yard returns did they have, how many dropped punts did we have , wtf an onsides kick?

  14. Our defense is amazing. If our offense continues to play this way, we are going to kill some teams that thought they had a chance.

  15. That was awesome. Love to see SEC schools taking a beating.

    – Your Friends in the Big Ten

  16. Guys-don’t get tooooo excited about the defense just yet. Although I think our run defense has arrived, once we play a team w/ a good QB he will expose the WVU secondary. That is where our problems lie. It is well documented that Auburn has no offense and especially no pass offense……Still, this can’t be bad for their confidence.

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