Are You Officially Back On The Bandwagon?



13 Responses

  1. I hate Pitt Shitj ust as bad as I hate Dirty Jersey, Michigan Muslims, and Fuck Ohio.

  2. Your xenophobia is both admirable and a bit disturbing.

  3. UCONNvicts will be a huge game next week. Just put up 40 against CINN.

  4. Why don’t you just make 10 louder?

  5. Was never off the band wagon. Nothing but Blue and Gold in these veins. But must say was more than a little worried and still am. One game, does not a season make!!

  6. Are we doing Stonehenge? …and I hate Pitt shitj too!

  7. NO, we’re not fuckin’ doin’ Stone-enge!!!!! Pitt can Lick my Love Pump!!!!

  8. I hope we get more of “feed it to devine” Mullen and never see “3rd and Brown” Mullen again

  9. Jack Dick smokes the white owl ! what is Stonehange?

    Lets Go!

  10. To Old G&B: it’s a reference to a song/bit in one of the great comedies of all time, This is Spinal Tap (although I’ve found many who disagree, it’s one of those you love it or hate it movies).

  11. A couple of things:

    1. Regarding the Panthers, there isn’t a number that defines how bad they suck.
    2. Regarding being “back on the wagon”, I will always be on the wagon but that doesn’t preclude me from wanting the head coach and his foolish OC OFF of it. Don’t be fooled by one game, people. Hell, we had a great game against Oklahoma last year w/ emotion and this game was all about emotion for Pat White, an Alabama native. Look for patterns throughout the season. I guarantee many of you will be disappointed when we finish 8-4 w/ remaining losses to USF and Cincy.
    3. Terrelle Pryor made a huge mistake choosing Ohio State. Jim Tressel is not a spread type coach and this is exactly the type of offense that would highlight his ability to throw AND run. 6 yards for TP???……Huh. Jim Tressel is an overrated head coach who is hanging onto a NC many years ago. Ohio St. should go 10-2 at a minimum every year due to hanging onto in-state talent (one of the best states in nation due to population) and although they win EVERY game they should, they also lose every one that is actually a game.

  12. Is there some bradley effect going on here? I know it makes no sense in this context, but i hate pitt.

  13. I am hearing a lot of beeps as people are reversing on being on or off the bandwagon.

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