It’s UConn Week!

That’s right, boys and girls, it’s UConn week.  And what a big week it is.

Every year, when the schedule comes out, I circle this game as one of the biggest of the Mountaineers’ season.  With two national championships, eight Elite 8 appearances, and tons of All-Americans, UConn is one of the most storied programs in the country.  Plus, you don’t just go into their house and walk away with an easy victory.

The revenge factor has to be high this year, especially, since WVU dealt UConn a crushing defeat in the Big EAST Tournament just last March.  Returning players from that team, including Haseem Thabeet, AJ Price, Jeff Adrien, and Jerome Dyson, join all-world freshman Kemba Walker to form the predicted #1 team in this year’s Big EAST.

Throughout the week, we’ll have plenty to talk about here on WBGV.  Profiles of Jim Calhoun and Kemba Walker, and interview with Associate Head Coach George Blaney, and a recap of all of WVU’s games at Gampel Pavillion over the years.  It should be a fun week.


12 Responses

  1. I’m really concerned about how we will do without Joe Alexander. He made such an impact in the Tourney…

    BTW, did you hear that UCONN is considering a football program? The AD thinks their intramural flag football program could be expanded into something…

  2. The loss of Alexander really hurts. That dunk over Stanley Robinson was just nasty.

    While I think we’ll eventually have a very good team, I think it’s going to take a few weeks to gel. That’s why this early test is tough going.

  3. I will not play along.

  4. Play along with what?

  5. Aren’t they retiring Emeka Okafor’s number at halftime? Greatest Tight End to ever suit up.

  6. Aren’t they retiring Emeka Okafor’s number at halftime? Greatest Tight End to ever suit up.

  7. I hear that Marcus Williams and A.J. Price stole laptops from dorm rooms.

  8. Hey Randy Edsall, they didn’t kick players off teams for buying beer during prohibition, lighten up Footloose, what are you going to do next, ban dancing?

  9. You forgot to mention Maya Moore and Tina Charles.



  10. Best moment in WVU/UCONN history was in ’98 when Damian Owens, Adrian Pledger, Brent Solheim and company POUNDED the Huskies in the Coliseum when they were ranked 6 (I believe)….Khalid El-Amin flipped the student section off and the rest of the game we chanted “Fat Ass” EVERY time he touched the ball. Not only did we contribute to him having a horrible game from that point on, but we also probably destroyed his self esteem for the remainder of his life.

  11. I was there!! it was awesome! we stormed the court afterwards and slapped Dickie V on his bald ass head!
    He was screaming “get me outta here baby!! the mountaineers are crazy!!”

  12. I heard we are playing the game outdoors … on grass?????

    I guess they need any advantage they can get to topple HUGGY’S BOYS!!!

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