Bring Your Green Helmets We’re Going Streaking

Boredom makes you do strange things. No, downloading porno is completely normal. I’m talking about watching a few minutes of Marshall v. Houston last night on ESPN2.

Before I vomitted in my mouth a little from ugly ass football I noticed something that made me throw my fucking shoe. Marshall had on green fucking helmets. Why is that a big deal? Because its normal helmet color is WHITE.

Marshall raises something like 25 bucks, an envelope, and a stick a gum a year and they can afford an alternate fucking helmet. Why can’t we get a throwback jersey and helmet for a game too.

Come on Eddie P. do some fucking work and get it done. Who am I kidding, Eddie P. will do nothing but stick his finger up his ass, make Parsons smell it and have him say that shit smells good. So you will never again see this on the field…


10 Responses

  1. They also broke a kids leg into like 74 peices.

  2. Eddie P. must go. Now.

  3. I hope I never see those ugly ass helmets (pictured above)on the field. I like our uniforms fine, don’t fuck with ’em. If anything take that fuckin’ gold stripe off the side of the blue jerseys. If you want to see throwback uniforms watch some old game film or something. That’s fuckin retarded.

  4. I don’t want a throw back game. I like the uniforms just the way they are.

  5. I wouldn’t mind a throwback game where we play offense like we did against UConn in 2007.

  6. Marshall putting your tax dollars to work. I don’t pay taxes so I can only be a little pissed.

  7. what happend? did they make you take down your FUCK Marshall heading?

    5th year is being punished?

  8. NOBODY … I repeat … NOBODY wants to see any kind of “throwback” any thing!!!

    Especially the Helmets!!!!


  9. I want to see throwback uniforms. Especially the helmets. For a game (maybe the Backyard Brawl?), that would be sick.

  10. It would be sick. I’d puke up my pregame food.

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