You’d Think Drugs Would Do The Trick, But No

 This just doesnt do it for me

This just doesn’t do it for me.

Seriously, Saturday’s game against UConn is a big game.


I keep telling myself that, over and over.  And over and over.  It’s the top two teams in the Big EAST squaring off for control of the conference’s BCS bid.  It’s actually a huge game.  But it’s still UConn.  And as much as I try to fool myself, it always comes back to, “it’s still UConn.”

Out of all the new conference teams, UConn is probably the one that feels least like a big-time program, at least to me.  Even with what’s at stake this weekend, I can’t make myself get excited.  Trust me, I’ve tried.  I’ve tried cocaine to get myself amped up.  I chugged a whole pot of coffee.  I even swallowed like 14 No-Doz and then drank 47 Mountain Dews.  Still, nothing.

So, if you have any ideas on how I can get excited about this game, please let me know.  Because, as of right now, I am seriously looking past a team towards Cincinnati.  Sad, isn’t it?


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  1. go here
    then remember that UConn’s seniors can have something in common with Doug Flutie if they lose this weekend.

  2. The Cincy game may look a lot less interesting after tonight. Hope that helps.

  3. i’m drawing a blank….sorry.

  4. was that picture taken during an inner squad scrimmage or something? i hope so. cause that’s sad.

  5. If we win, everyone gets laid!

  6. Charley….I hope we aren’t eating these words come Saturday. UCONN has waxed Virginia 45-10, beat a decent Baylor team (every bit as good as Auburn) 31-28, beat Louisville on the road and destroyed the same Cincinnati team that you are looking ahead to 40-16. As I’ve said before on here….we are NOT good enough to think we can just show up and win. Hell, we almost lost to Syracuse!! I’ll be pulling like crazy for WVU on Saturday….but I am nervous as hell about this game!

  7. Good job Jeff! I’m glad somebody could pull that out and actually make this game seem tough.

  8. UConn has a trophy that reads “2007 Big East Champs.” Their fans beat their chest about it even after a 45-point beatdown to the real champions.

    I hope we win by 46.

  9. UCONN knows in their heart they can’t beat us. It’s kind of like Marshall. I say stay focused on one game at a time. However, they game that scares me is Louisville on the road. They had a major injury this week that lowered my fear, but they are starting to click on defense under Ron English (formerly fired by Fraud). Everyone knows the ville can score.

    Sit back and watch PW and Devine Intervention run wild on a much slower Uconn team. I no longer fear their basketball team either. Huggstown!!!!!

  10. Dudes, don’t get caught up in that looking ahead thing. And pray that our team doesn’t either. ‘It’s still UCONN’ is still dangerous. Everybody in the BE is still dangerous, because we need every win we can get.

  11. I love how so many were hating this coaching staff and then we win one game against a team in the SEC that is reeling, and rumors are that its head coach had a stroke the week before the WVU game. And then the brilliance that is the WVU head coach actually says in an interview that David Lockwood is “really working hard w/ Ellis Lankster to get his drops corrected on special teams”….What, is he an optometrist? Is he giving him manicures? What an ignorant coach! Beating an underachieving Auburn team, w/ emotional ties from our QB since he’s from Alabama, was the worst thing because our fan base has totally forgotten about EVERYTHING prior to Auburn. We will get beat on Saturday, unfortunately, and if we don’t you all can call me out. This is a HUGE game to UCONN and WVU will go into this game w/ “deer in headlights” attitude it had in Greenville.

  12. Fuck You Columbus your a Bitch Tits FAG ! We will win 48-17. You should go Cheer for Marshall, Auburn or go be the Illinois Mascot they dont have ( A cheif Suckem DIck ! )


  13. Old Gold&Blue-You OBVIOUSLY didn’t go to WVU w/ that profanity-laced and cleverless response. I would bet that you are fat and in fact have tits and are probably gay as well. LETS GO ! MOUNTAINEERS! What the hell is the exclamation point between for? And by the way, I don’t care about Marshall. PITT is WVU’s biggest rival.

    Old Gold and Blue-chief not cheif, and remember it IS COOL to be intelligent. Don’t let them tell you that it isn’t when you go to school tomorrow morning.

  14. I’m with Jeff on this one. Uconn will not be a push over tomorrow. Every game scares me this year. We’re getting better ( I think ), but we aren’t anything like we were last year. So, I’ll be watching tomorrow with my good luck Jaiger.

  15. Columbus — you are the fag! And you are wrong quite often if my memory serves me correctly. Go suck a buckeye! We will NOT loose, and we will continue to run the offense like we did against a tough Auburn defense. The game tomorrow will not be easy in the first half, but we will continue to pound the rock and eventually beat ’em down by 3 scores. Another big day for WVU. we’re going to come out of the funk for good and get back in the rankings and continue to climb the poll.

    WVU 31
    UConn 10

  16. That’s the spirit.

    I love the smell of RAGE in the morning!!

    And … just to make myself feel better … Columbus, YOU SUCK!!

  17. Hmmmm. Remember our two road games? I hope all this chest thumping is confined to the fans and not the team. I’d hate to see them get ‘big head’ syndrome.

  18. Arguing on the internet is like winning in a Special Olympics race. Yeah, you may win, but you are still retarded.

  19. Lip….that one tickled me!!

    Reminds me of the funny line on here a couple months ago… watching two retards try to screw a door knob!! HAHA!!

    Did anyone else think USF and Cincinnati looked like complete dogsh!t last night? We are in prime position to play in another BCS game….if HCBS doesn’t get in the way!

  20. Don’t make fun of me. Your mom is the one who said i was “special”.

  21. Let’s do the damn thing. This game is going to be thisclose, I think. PW’s shoulders hurt from carrying this team at the end of this one, and we see a vintage QB draw for a TD for a 20-17 victory.

  22. I dont care if im a SPED ! I support my team thru everything ! I Drink Beer, Shoot Deer ! And I say LETS GO ! MOUNTAINEERS! and Colump-my nuts- are your chin. One side of the stadium yells LETS GO ! Thee other yells Mountaineers ! thats the reason for (2) ! Also I go to every game home and away with or without profanity, it all depends on what comes out of my drunkin mouth. Im in blue lot, row C, come have a beer. Want to sit in a better seat than yours. 126 (50) yards line, row 2, seat 119. Best seat in da house ! I talk to Pat White from therre. This to all! stay off the blog with negativity ! Or i will respond with my balls in your face! Columbus your the fag! im not fat, im big boned !

    LETS GET IT ON ! SEE Yins in the AM @ a bar in Hartford early and WV scores often !

  23. Old Gold and Blue- Let me tell you and 2000grad something. You are probably the ones who threw garbage cans at Miami coaches back in ’97 after the Mack punt block….You are probably the ones who threw whiskey bottles onto the field during numerous games in the 90s that caused the student section to get a bad rep and revise policy. You are probably the ones that can’t stop yourselves when you go through the Ponderosa buffet line. You are probably the ones that ESPN shows every broadcast that weighs about 4 bills and is wearing a coonskin cap and a t-shirt that shows your gut and while everyone else is standing you’re just sitting there drowning in your alcohol.

    And another thing, get w/ the times dude. You say you drink beer and shoot deer. I also drink beer, shoot deer, catch trout, climb mountains, ride rapids, etc. but the difference is that I’m intelligent and you…….are not….Your blind loyalty is the reason that Don Nehlen was able to stay at WVU for as long as he did. I just love it when people say you aren’t loyal to the program when one is critical of its Gomer Pyle, ignorant and arrogant, currently has a pass because of beating a lousy team coach. Go on a diet !

  24. I’m shocked, dismayed, and, yes, a little sad that our sophisticated WBGV blog has degenerated to this…you all are making Charley weep

  25. Our Family has donated to date roughly about 2 mill! We have a house on cheat lake. Im nott talking to you about intellents, success, and loyalty. I stooped to your level on this one, to give my opinion on your negativity cause i was so pissed about your response. Also I would never throw anything on any field, show my gut cause i dont have one, or drowned in my booze cause i only drink coors light. Dont hate the game or they player, hate they opponent that week! This is going be a great game today !

    Thanks Columbus, and I apologize you and everyone else!


  26. I’m not intending on being negative. I am intending on being real, and my initial post did not warrant a response w/ profanities, slurs, etc. You don’t like my post, just skip it like many others. I am an objective person, who doesn’t allow emotion get in the way of what I see on the football field. When the game starts, I’ll be rooting for Pat and boys all game long, and when it’s over I’m going to be damn well critical of this coaching staff. I don’t hide the fact that it was a mistake for this athletic dept. to hire this head coach based on one emotional ridden game. Go Mounties!

  27. You guys love each other now?

  28. Looks like Columbus is a moron.

  29. Yep! he loves watchign sports center . ..

  30. Columbus, you were right. We looked like deer in the headlights out there. UCONN ran all over us and beat us by 20. WVU is finished. Coach Stew destroyed our program. We won’t even go .500 this year. The world is ending.

    A word of advice, don’t go into sports betting. You really don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. I wouldn’t want to see you giving rim jobs on high street so you can make enough money to pay off your booky.

    You take a post about football and somehow transform it into some kind of personal hit piece against your fellow WVU fans. I’m sorry that we wear coonskin hats, and don’t wear our Armani or Egyptian cotton to the football games like you. I’m truley sorry that you’re embarrassed by the University you claim to come from.

    Fuck you sir. Have a good day.


  32. […] almost the same exact feeling as UConn last week (just replace UConn with Cincinnati in every sentence).  Once again, I know it’s a […]

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