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Give us your thoughts throughout the game…


47 Responses

  1. Uh Oh.. we look sluggish out there.. down 7 – 0… time to wake up boys!

  2. Our defense looks TOTALLY uninspired and this is exactly what I feared….a game where the team is looking around and not into it….let’s get this going

  3. Urge to kill….rising…..

  4. This is EXACTLY how we looked when we played ECU! This IS coaching boys, and the expectations are lowered at WVU now….Welcome back to the good ol’ daggone days when 7-5 was a successful season. You say it’s early in the game?? I played this sport and I can tell from body language, lack of emotion, etc. You don’t turn those things around in the blink of an eye!!!! THIS IS ALL COACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 1st Quarter Grades:

    Tackling – Fail
    Run Defense – Fail
    Pass Coverage – Fail
    Force Turnovers – B+
    Total Defense – Fail

    Rushing – C
    Passing – Fail
    Receiving – Fail
    Blocking – Fail
    3rd Down Conv. – Fail
    Total Offense – Fail

    Kicking – C-
    Kick Coverage – A+ (This grade is curved from recent performances)
    Kick Return – B-
    Total Special Teams – B-

    Was Auburn that bad, or are we this inconsistent?

  6. I have to agree… with the talent that this team has, if you can not get a team up for a game that gives you the lead in the Big East… even if that team is UConn… then it has to be coaching.

  7. Hopefully WVU makes the adjustments at the half like last game to bottle up the run. Sure would have been nice if PW hadn’t led out Jock 6 miles on that route. Would have been 6 for sure. All is not lost.

  8. TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!

  9. Vintage Pat White. 3rd and 24 and P-Dub leaves nothing but destruction in his wake.

  10. Oh where, Oh where has our defense gone?

  11. Sideline interference. Umm, what?

  12. Maybe just maybe can we stop them on 3rd down?

  13. Our defense is and always has been HORRIBLE….DarywnZ, Rutgers and Syracuse are the 2 worst offenses in the conference and Auburn’s offense is one of the worst in the nation. I understand that the name Auburn excites many fans, but it wasn’t as good of a win as many would believe. This is exactly how we played at the beginning of the season, save a beautiful play by Patrick White.

  14. Why has Noel gone MIA. Give the kid some carries, pitch a screen to him, whatever it takes, but he’s too explosive not to have the ball in his hands more.

  15. 2nd Quarter Grades:

    Tackling – B+
    Run Defense – B
    Pass Coverage – Fail
    3rd Down Stops – B
    Force Turnovers – Fail
    Total Defense – C+

    Rushing – B
    Passing – Fail
    Receiving – B
    Blocking – B-
    3rd Down Conv. – B
    Total Offense – B-

    Kicking – B
    Kick Coverage – B (Not curved)
    Kick Return – C-
    Total Special Teams – B-

    Best Player in First Half:
    Pat White’s Legs.

    Worst Player in First Half:
    Pat White’s Arm.

  16. Our expectations vs. opponents were much higher under Rodriguez. This clown seems to reinforce our losses w/ statements such as “that is a daggone good football team out there” instead of being sick to his stomach, ala Rodriguez. I like my steak medium and my football coaches grizzled and surly….not happy go lucky…..Why couldn’t we have gotten Jimbo F., oh why???

  17. This is one of those, “We played like THAT and we’re only down 6? I’ll take it!” halves.

    And would someone tell the fucking TV tech guys that they are leaving the field mics on during commericials and half-time segments? Goddamn high school AV departments do better than that….

  18. Mullen may be the worst coach of all time. Devine has like 3 carries.

  19. What happend to our QB? He made 1 play the entire half.

  20. Actually, he has 4. That’s way more than 3.

  21. There was some running back in the Auburn game, little guy- name escapes me right now- who ran for like 207 yards. I’d go find that guy and hand the ball to him.

  22. Justice Potter Stewart on porn: “I know it when I see it.”
    DoubleU on ill-prepared, poorly-coached teams: “I know it when I see it.”

  23. Where did that drive come from? It’s like we use 6 terrible drives to blow our wad on one great one.

  24. You have to start to wonder if Mullens calls all the plays up until another coach gets so disgusted he gags Mullens and starts calling the plays himself… either that or Mullens has mini-strokes during games that make him a genius for 3-4 minutes a few times during a game.

  25. Like when Frank blacks out and out-debates James Carville?

  26. Hi Dr. Jekyll? I’d like you to meet my friend, Mr. Hyde.

  27. 3rd Quarter Grades:

    Tackling – A-
    Run Defense – A+
    Pass Coverage – B+
    3rd Down Stops – A+
    Force Turnovers – A+
    Total Defense – A+

    Rushing – A+
    Passing – A
    Receiving – B+
    Blocking – A+
    Total Offense – A+

    Kicking – C+
    Kick Coverage – B-
    Kick Return – C+
    Total Special Teams – C+

  28. Amazing…

    5 play 14yd PUNT
    5 play 15yd PUNT
    3 play 7yd PUNT
    9 play 54yd TD
    3 play 8yd PUNT
    3 play 6yd PUNT
    7 play 29yd PUNT 133 yards in 35 plays
    6 play 56yd TD
    4 play 33yd TD
    4 play 42yd TD 131 yards in 14 plays

  29. 4th Quarter Grades:

    Tackling – B
    Run Defense – C
    Pass Coverage – A-
    3rd Down Stops – B-
    Force Turnovers – A+
    Total Defense – A+

    Rushing – A+
    Passing – C
    Receiving – C
    Blocking – A-
    3rd Down Conv. – A-
    Total Offense – A+

    Kicking – B-
    Kick Coverage – C
    Kick Return – B-
    Total Special Teams – C+

  30. fyi– my prediction was pretty close, i said 35-10. i did well.

  31. Say what you will about how the defense has played in the first 1.5 qtrs in games, but Casteel and Co. are the best at making adjustments I’ve seen in a long time.

  32. These coaches are better than what you or I gave them credit for. half time adjustments were awesome. Bill Stewart finally stepphing up and challenging calls. Held Brown to 84 yrds total averaging 165 a game. Jock Sanders recovers after 2 dropped balls. Pat White PERIOD!!!! Brandon Hogan 1 FR and 2 INTs. Defense wins championships and the Big East title goes through MOTOWN!!! BRING ON CINCY!!!!!

  33. and I’m telling you…this team is like the fans….HATE waking up at the taint of dawn for noon starts. We win next week by 24. You heard it here first

  34. Very surprised at how well the defense played in the 2nd half. A very big play was when Devine got the 1st down on long east-west run to get the first on 3rd and 9 deep in our own territory. Very surprised WVU beat UCONN and Pat White is the best QB in WVU history (like that was ever in question because there isn’t even another close competitor)……Like when Frank blacked out and outdebated Carville………..That was a classic moment……..me and the wife have a busy day tomorrow….a little Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond if we have enough time. It tastes so good when it hits the lips.

  35. Glad they were able to make the adjustments… hopefully that will give them some confidence (but not too much) going into the Cincy game.

    DoubleU… Thanks for the report cards 🙂

  36. If you were surprised at how the defense played in the second half then you have not been awake all year. This defense has been nasty since the first five minutes of the Colorado game. While I was as angry at the new coaching staff as anyone after those two losses, our team has played well and our coaches have coached well the past two games. We have now shown we can win on the road and we will be ranked next week. We are officially BACK bitches!

  37. It’s 8 games into the year and I still have no idea what we’re trying to do on offense. Sloppy turnovers and Uconn drops won us the game. We need to lock it up on offense, not every QB is going to thow to the wrong team nearly every play.

  38. WVUColumubus-you must now change your post name. So many predictions and so many underestimations- you have been jaded like a true WVU fan. However, I will follow all of your posts and predictions with UConn 08. Let’s Go Mountaineers!

  39. Happy for this win. I saw some of the Pitt / ND game. What do you all think about our game with them. As much as I hate to say it, they didn’t look so bad and McCoy? looked decent. Shit on Pitt but they could be a huge test.

  40. Columbus please re-read your text ? your a re-tard. obvious you were not @ the game… i was….

    W . THATS ALL !

  41. Columbus: Stay at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You are better shopping than at football commentary.

  42. I am surprised at the defensive effort despite a poor start to the game. I am excited as hell that we are looking the way we are right now. If you EVER think I will give credit to this coaching staff, you have another thing coming! I refuse to be happy w/ Gomer Pyle as my alma mater’s head coach. This team should have been playing this way from the start….You state, “But this is a new coaching staff w/ new system”. Bullshit, it’s the same system as stated prior to the season only w/ motion added.
    Unfortunately, in college football you MUST win every week or else you have no shot at the grand prize (unless you’re Florida, USC, etc. who then can have 1 loss or extremely unlikely season like last year)….THAT’S WHY YOU PLAY THE GAME!!! To win a championship….we can’t do it so the season won’t reach the expectation level we all had at the beginning…Say that you disagree, but know that you really believe it to be true, and also know that it was completely unavoidable, yet out team looked like deer in headlights (coaching) and didn’t ask for replay review on NUMEROUS occasions when my grandpa would have asked for it……and he has glaucoma.

    Old Gold & Blue: OK, I’ll bite. “your a re-tard” should be “you’re a retard”
    –Please re-read your text? should be text.
    –Obviously you were not at the game, I was….Actually, I see effort, hitting holes on offense, gang tackling on defense better on TV than “at the game”

  43. should read avoidable and our team not out team……Gold and Blue that’s for you.

  44. 25314, 8 games and you don’t know what were doing on offense?…. Maybe thats our secret weapon? We’ve shown so many different looks it’s hard to figure what were going to do next. I suggest Pat White pause and look to the opponets sideline before the snap. Boy that oughta confuse a defense.

  45. I think 25314 is kind of on point. I understand we have a lot of “weapons”, which is a good thing, but like an un-organized bag lady, it takes us a while to rummage around in our bag of offense to figure out what’ll work.

    Regarding Noel: on more than a couple plays when Pat faked the handoff to Noel, no one was on him, they were all still keyed on Pat. Is this a bad fake, or were they focusing on the one player they thought could beat them? I thought Noel should have gotten more touches than he did.

    I’d agree with the “Pat white’s arm” comment too, I can’t recall when he’s passed as badly as he did in the first quarter.

  46. MIke, UConn was definately keying on PW. I agree with you, it looked like he should have given the ball to ND more than he did on the zone reads. I think teams are going to try and stop us that way, by not letting PW beat ’em. And forcing him to throw or someone else to run.

    I”ll be making my first appearance of the year in Mo’town Saturday night! No autographs please…

    I can’t wait to smell that moldy, dank Sunnyside air! It feels like a big rat infested, dirty hug. I love it.

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