New Suites Are On Their Way

The press box/suites expansion at Mountaineer Field has been hinted at more and more over the past few months. Well, in the past week, an informational packet detailing the plan was sent to upper-level MAC members. And since anyone named Charley West must be a millionaire playboy who has loads of disposable cash, I was included on the mailing list. Actually, a friend stole it from his boss and gave it to me, but the moral of the story is basically the same: the new suites are on their way.

More pictures after the jump….

Note: There is also a rendering of the suites’ exterior floating around. Being the enterprising journalists we are, we’re working on tracking it down. I don’t care if I have to sleep with every single cheerleader, or selected members of the women’s soccer and volleyball teams, I will find that picture.


25 Responses

  1. I can’t wait for the day that the athletic department does something unique for the fans making under 75K a year. I’d put up the money for it if those luxury suites come with a personal ball washer.

    You can have the comfortable chairs and heated rooms. Give me a hard metal bench, 20 degree weather, 4 layers of clothes, a flask of whiskey, and football under the lights…that’s WVU football experience.

  2. I can only see this happening if we leave The Big East, do you really think they will invest millions in a project when the main attraction is either UConn or South Florida? YES to the investment if FLORIDA, LSU, ALABAMA and the rest of the SEC come in on a regular basis. ARE YA FEELIN ME?

  3. Rich, doing something unique for the fans making under 75K does not make extra money for the program so don’t hold your breathe. It doesn’t make sense for a program to invest millions on people who don’t invest millions back. Also, most fans making under 75K are man enough to sit outside in sub-freezing temperatures so we don’t need all that fluffy shit.

    The athletic department does offer Fan Fest and the summer circuit of trips to alumni chapters for your average working folks. They do a good bit but nobody will roll out the red carpet for us average folk and I don’t have a problem with that.

    The only way we leave the Big East is if we leave with teams currently playing football in the Big East. The stadium should be sold-out no matter who we are playing. If we want to be “big time” like we claim, you must sell-out EVERY game.

  4. And the only way to sell out every game is to win nearly every game.

    These suites would be off the meat chain. This is the kind of thing WVU NEEDS to do in the college football arms race. And we can’t piddle around, they need to be built within 3 years. This is much more important that advertisements painted on the walls, or selling text books back. I’m guessing Rita won’t be given a pass to the new suites?

  5. I look forward to sitting in the new suites in a couple years! i at least have a couple connections that i could swindle into letting me sit there.

  6. I hope these don’t eliminate my seats on the top row of Sect 213, otherwise, I’m all for them

  7. can you see the game from there?

  8. Game? What game?

  9. 25314, I figured all that money you swim in up in South Hills would make you happy. But nope you are very bitter. We have only lost two games that seems like almost all to me.

    Half our fans are too drunk to see the game from their regular seats. It seems like you can drink up there too and that is pretty damn sweet.

  10. what’s the weather going to be like saturday night? i’m making my first appearance in Mo’town this year. No autographs please….

  11. I got this from Tony C….. i was wondering why the replay officials were giving the camera a thumbs up.

    One last note from the Connecticut game: That was MSN Radio producer Jeff Jenkins who was mistakenly appeared on the television broadcast during the replay of Alric Arnett’s reception late in the first quarter. Jenkins flashed the thumbs-up when the cameraman mistakenly showed our booth instead of the actual replay booth. If it’s OK with the Big East, the MSN radio crew will be more than happy to serve as the replay officials for all West Virginia games for the remainder of the season.

  12. yes, you can see quite well up there (after you catch our breath from the steps) and unlike lower seats, you can see plays develop a lot better. Bonuses for the automatic seat backs and nobody bitching if you stand up.

  13. sounds like you enjoy it in the air up there…more power to ya. i’ll see you and 60k of my other friends on Saturday night!!!

  14. What has my life become when I knew immediately that the “thumbs up guy” was Jeff Jenkins, vice-president of news at MetroNews and “spotter” for Tony Caridi during football games.

  15. I personally am surprised that there would be sufficient demand for a club/luxury level OF THAT MAGNITUDE. I could understand it if we were in a big time conference, like one other poster said, but the demand simply won’t be there for that price tag….I’m sure they sent it out as a feeler…..Will be difficult when the biggest game of the year is the non-conference opponent o’ the year (ie. LSU, FSU, Mich State (ugh)….ok I’d rather watch Syracuse that Mich State), unless the PSU/ND/Army/Navy acq. takes place for the BEAST.

  16. 5th Year, I wasn’t making a crack on this year’s team. My point was that neither Syracuse or Rutgers were sellouts, even with all the hype of this year’s team, and Pat White at QB. It only took two early season losses for people to stop going. We were 7-1 and ranked #10 in 2006, but people were so upset that we lost to Louisville that we failed to sell out the subsequent 2 home games. There just aren’t enough people in West Virginia to sell out every single week unless we’re in the title hunt. That’s why 1988, 89 and 2007 are the only years we’ve averaged over 60 K.

    And swimming in all that money does feel pretty good. Most South Hills homes are equipped with a money-swimming room where we jump off a diving board into a pile of gold, a-la Scrooge McQuack.

  17. There is a waiting list for suites now.

  18. I’m sure they sent it out as a feeler

    From all accounts, these things are just about ready to go after the season.

    I personally am surprised that there would be sufficient demand for a club/luxury level OF THAT MAGNITUDE. I could understand it if we were in a big time conference, like one other poster said, but the demand simply won’t be there for that price tag.

    Stop thinking small. Big-time conferences become big-time conference is because of projects like these. Let’s stuff our coiffers and then go out and start murdering Big EAST programs. They’ll have to follow suit.

  19. As a West Virginia Alumni member, I can surely tell you that if I wanted to be that comfortable during a football game, I would have received an education further south. You gotta grind it out with the players! Oh yeah…and I can’t afford it.

  20. […] New Suites Are On Their Way The press box/suites expansion at Mountaineer Field has been hinted at more and more over the past few months. Well, […] […]

  21. LET’S DO IT.

  22. How long is the waiting list?

  23. Looks a lot like the airport.

  24. In the interest of BALANCE….The other side of the field (east side) should have a third tier added with regular seating to increase the seating capacity to 75,000.

    The way they keep engineering the box seating they are not allowing for future expansion….the only side of the field left is the east side……

    If you will build it…they will come.

  25. syracuse and rutgers were sellouts. below 60000 but still officially sellouts. the students did not take their full allotment those games. the students were the problem again as usual. these people are right, build it and they will come. we need to build to match our play. this is what big time programs build to generate revenue. and doc did say on sportsline back in august that the long term plan is to build a third deck on the away side of the field. which would free up cheaper ticket plans for the normal joes.

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