Wait, Tajh Boyd Chose Who Now?

Tennessee. Yes, that Tennessee.

Remember way back when — like three weeks ago — Tajh Boyd told us he was opening up his recruitment to look at schools that were more successful throwing the football? Remember?

Well, he has officially committed to Tennessee. A team that is mired in awfulness at 3-6. A team ranked 99th nationally in passing. A team who’s coach just agreed to step down after this year. But our (former) boy Tajh really likes their traditional I-formation offense. I hope he likes the next coach’s offense, too, since Fulmer just got his portly self fired.

Yeah, that’s going to last.

Don’t worry Tajh. If you stick with Tennessee (which you won’t), in just a few short years, you can have a Wikipedia page just like this one.


9 Responses

  1. Seriously, who is advising this boy??? Who on earth commits to a school without knowing who the coach is going to be. Ridiculous!

  2. Seriously, who really cares? I think that college football recruiting is kinda creepy and not worth one’s time. Obviously, it’s important for the coaches and program, but too many people get wrapped up into it. There’s no way of knowing how he’ll do in college. My guess is that he de-committed due to 2 games earlier in the season that were downright embarassing to watch and indicated a severe lack of execution from the head coach (ala calling timeouts, requesting review, taking off headsets, then putting them on again, then taking them off again and then putting them on again, and then taking them off again and then putting them on again in literally 9 seconds—–dead serious, no exaggeration on that written sequence)

  3. UConn 08. It has been mentioned on this site before that nothing matters before signing day. And how indecisive the recruits really are- he may decommit with his next visit, or with next girlfriend fight.

  4. There’s no way of knowing how he’ll do in college.

    I think that’s incorrect. From all accounts, Tajh Boyd has a great release and pinpoint accuracy. Also, save for the fiasco his recruitment has turned into, he seems to have a very good head on his shoulders. I think just writing off recruiting as a crapshoot isn’t fair to recruiting. It’s not a perfect science, but it’s been really helped with the availability of game tape, combines, etc.

  5. I’m going with WVU Columbus on this one. Of the top 20 ranked QB’s each year, only about 7-10 ever end up starting and only 2-4 end up being good to great college QB’s. However, the chances of a 5 star turning out as good as Pat White is more likely that a 3 star.

  6. On a side note, I remember in high school thinking how weird it was how grown men were obsessed with sports being played by teenagers. I recall commenting how depressing their lives must be. What I didn’t realize was how depressing it really is to be a grown man.

  7. 25314.

    But atleast that depressing grown man can purchase alcohol. Recruiting feel the 8 month off season for us die hard fans.

  8. Tajh,
    Come on back. All is forgiven.

  9. Tajh,

    Go to hell….or Michigan! With the amount of class you are showing….you would fit right in with RR! DICK!

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