Yes They Can…Make Me Stand At Attention



I apologize for the earlier screw-up but you can’t expect good work from me.


12 Responses

  1. I could only view 3 of 6, but the first one has me wondering. How can “they” be so big, but “she” be so skinny?

  2. i’ve always been a legs and ass guy….but my god….

  3. How does the girl get her shirt over those enormous tits?

  4. is the first woman angie harmon? OMG!

  5. 5th year senior…How did you get a not-gay picture next to your posts?

  6. I know guys always joke about a girl with big tits probably cannot go jogging without blacking her eyes……I think that girl would actually do so.

  7. gotta be photo-shopped

  8. hey that third chick used to be my friend on friendster

  9. i must have looked at those things 10 times today…

  10. Yeah, I’ve looked at those alot today also….lol.

  11. Even though I voted for McCain/Palin…thats f-ing hot.

  12. If she is representative of the talent at WVU sign up for the fall semester. 🙂

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