Well, we haven’t been able to gain a yard in the power formation all year long so let’s do it again for this short yardage play. Great idea you idiot. He must go and must go now.

The offensive players never give up and have succeeded despite the coaching. Again, I feel sorry White has to be put through the nightmare of Jeff Mullen.


38 Responses

  1. word.

  2. The play that got picked at the end of the 4th was the exact same play that almost got picked in the opening drive. Two guys motion out to the far side, then it’s an out route to the slot. After the first was almost picked, I said, AND I QUOTE, “Jesus, they knew that play comes out of that formation with that motion. We had better not run that the rest of the game.” In the 4th, as that SAME FUCKING MOTION INTO THE SAME FORMATION HAPPENED, I said, AND I QUOTE, “No fucking way we’re running that same–” And then we ran that fucking same play. Pathetic.


  3. Fire Jeff Mullen (LOL). Who fucking cares? He’s just the offensive coordinator. Fire the head coach!!!!! This was all about lack of motivation from the opening kickoff. Why does this site refrain from stating the obvious. The OC can only call so many plays, but if the o-line is going to be TOTALLY DOMINATED in every shape or form then does it really matter???? Firing the OC is not getting to the root of the problem and you all know it……this team is always unprepared at the start of all its games.

  4. We got beat by the better team tonight. That’s ok though. You have to support this team no matter what, and ANY kind of criticism of this coaching staff means that you aren’t a TRUE WVU fan. Kind of like the war in Iraq, if you don’t agree w/ it then you are OBVIOUSLY against the soldiers fighting it. Coach Stew, you did your best, buddy, and we’ll go get ’em next time against those pesky Cardinals. God, college football is so exciting. We almost got em buddy but these kids tried their little hearts out. We’re going to get back after it and finish this year up on a positive note. We can still go 8-4 or 7-5 and go bowling!!!!!!

  5. RR would have won this game 😉

  6. DISTRAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. What do we have to look forward to next year? Barret or Jarret Brown whatever???

  8. You can be a true fan and criticize the coaches.

    The offense and special teams were unmotivated. The defense played a solid game and kept us in it again and were jacked from the start.

    Fire Jeff Mullen!

  9. yeah we looked like the fuckin Ravens. All good at D but less than HS at offense. Our O-line has gone from filet mignon to puppy chow. Sorry to say but Pat White is no passer. He only looks for one target (notibly Jock) and then panics!!

  10. I really REALLY want to believe in him and give him a chance, and was starting to after the last 2 games, but tonight….DAYAMM!!

  11. Stew was quoted in the Gazette, claiming how proud he was of his team in the comeback attempt. The quote that got me though was “they got it back to 0-0, thats all I can ask”. Thats disheartening! 0-0 doesn’t win games Stew!

  12. I tried to remain optimistic through the early season struggles. I was encourgaed by the mid-season win streak. Now all I can say is, “HCBS, jou got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

  13. Stewart = Philip Fulmer (w/o sniffing an NC)

    WVU will be located in the underbelly of the Big East conference next year (if not this year)

    5th year Sr-regarding my post about criticizing coaches, I am the President of the Fire Stewart campaign and have been even when we beat Auburn, a lousy team. Everyone on here knows it and will want to jump on the Fire Stewart bandwagon….There IS room by the way……….that post was satire my friend.

  14. WVUColumbus, I’ll respond to your first post about the OL getting dominated. I believe the OL is getting the shit knocked out of them because Mullens is trying to shoe-horn the spread offense into a spread/power I hybrid motion offense. Our OL was great in the past because they were light, small and fast. They beat the DL to a spot and created gaps there. Today, they are being asked to knock guys out of position. They are VERY ill-suited for that task. At least to me, Mullens actually is to blame for using the OL incorrectly.

    On another note, I was all about giving Mullens a complete year and Stewart 2 years before making any decisions. I think Mullens has proven all he can and should be fired at the end of the regular season. Someone with experience and vision needs to be the OC. And then, if the offense looks the same, we’ll know that it’s Stewart’s wavering hand that is fucking the offense. Then, we fire Stewart at the end of next year.

    We look too disorganized NINE GAMES into the season to continue to blame a “transition” and “the loss of Owen and Slaton”.

  15. Why , each time we lose, we have to point a figure at some one or blame it on some one ? We are learning and new ! If we learn from our mistakes we will be fine and gro to be better ! Dont Panic ! I know our goal is to win every game ! but right now our goal should be to not make mistakes and become a unit. You cant think about winning a national title before thinking about winning your first game. We need to set light goals till we grow! Like keep your head set on straight (HBCS). run new plays and some of them down field (CJM). and our fans , stop booing and whining can support or team. sad to see everyone soming back into the game last night !

    Peace out ! FInd it! keep it ! Ride it !

  16. oh and Columbus is still a fagit !

  17. Old Gold and Blue-you’re the fucking queer. You’re in the minority dude. Don’t panic!….huh? what do you think WVU football program is? the UVA football program? People like you are the reason we will become a lower echelon program, because it will be permitted to make excuses for each an every devastating loss…..Old Gold and Blue—-first of all, did you even go to WVU???? Second, how is it sucking Stewart and Mullen?

  18. Columbus I caught the sarcasm but I just wanted to make a preemptive strike against those that will say that.

    This is a place for semi-intelligent discourse. If you want to start name calling go play in the sandbox or just go over to Blue Gold news.

    Make points and support them don’t call names, we are not in 4th grade anymore you idiots errrr morons errrr people.

    In years past for short yardage situations we continued to run our offense. Now we try and overpower other teams and it just does not work. I can understand giving it a couple games but after 9 games you have to know that it isn’t going to work. Mullen’s inexperience has derailed a good teams season.

    Y’all know that I have called for patience but I have been patient enough. It is time to cut ties with Jeff Mullen.

  19. This was the first game I went to all year in M-town. The last game I went to was last year when we played UCONN and dominated (I believe it was around Thanksgiving). The offense was explosive the team was focused and ready to play and we made UCONN look real BAD.

    There were a lot of things I saw at this game. Coaching all around was messy. Coach Stewart at times was very into the game and at others was on the sideline pacing the opposite direction of where the game was being played. Everytime Pat White came off the field, when we were put in a 4th down situation (3 and out 6 times in a row), he was screaming at someone on the sidelines or maybe at himself. The team themselves didn’t seem very into the game either. I was surprised that we looked like such a different team than we were last year. Unfocused, unmotivated. I thought we were done for but then a comeback, which was awesome. It seemed like all the sudden the team got very fired up! I didn’t think we could win it in OT however and I was right. We have played well in the third and fourth quarters this year but folks, we have to play well in all 4 quarters. We can’t rely on a halftime speech or whatever to make us come out and win. We have to be ready to play, play hard and play the whole game! I have seen this happening in every game this year. Perhaps it’s a coaching problem, or perhaps it’s in the way the players are executing, I don’t know. I do know however that an ex coach who was let go from an ACC school in South Carolina just a couple of weeks ago was seated in the luxury boxes. Maybe he was interviewing for an offensive coordinator position?

  20. Yeah because Bowden’s teams have played really inspired football in the past.

  21. 5th year…Old gold and blue proclaimed “fagit” that elicited the response from yours truly. I never initiate 3rd grade name calling hence the interrogation as to whether he went to WVU or not. I felt I needed to set him straight since he was sucking Gomer Pyle.

  22. lots of truth in all the posts…but the saddest part of that game to me was seeing Pat White, who has done everything for this university, having to encourage the remaining fans to make noise in OT, because the fans walked out on Pat and this team. White deserves better.

  23. Unfortunately, that is a part of football when the fans walk out. I’m sure they did so in protest of the coaching staff, NOT the players…..I heard estimates that 50 % of the stadium left for the gates. The game was over and they knew it….even if it went to OT we had no shot w/ the way our offense played.

  24. I’m still with 5th year. Way before all of the handwringing, it was predicted that a 9-4 season was perhaps the best we’d do this year. The only surprise in mediocrity is not if, but where the loses will come.
    Before Saturday, excluding that powerhouse FCS team Villanova, our opponents combined record was a less than distinguished 28-30. We’re winning and losing against a very average schedule. The hire was an emotional mistake and now we pay. It’s just a shame that Pat White pays as well.

  25. We’ve scored at least 30 points in at least 6 games every year since 2002. We scored at least 30 in 11 games in 2006 and 10 games in 2007. We’ve scored 30 points 3 times in 9 games this season. Once against a D-1AA team, once against an Auburn team that even WVU said quit in the second half, and once against a UConn team that gave it to us FIVE times and we never had to go further that 50 yards.

    We had started each of the past 4 seasons with an 8-1 record.

    I agree with everything Double U says.

  26. Columbus the fans did not walk out in protest and you know it. That is a cop out. They left because they gave up on the game.

    They gave up, simple as that. I left the bar after we failed to score from the two so I am a terrible fan too. I have felt bad ever since I left. I apologize to Pat White and the team. I left you…I’m an asshole

  27. This is a investment that we all make year round. Money, time, effort that we all spend in this team. None of us have the right to judge each others loyalty. But to accept mediocrity from a poor coaching staff is unacceptable and what some would call fair weather fans.

    In order to become a top tier program you must not accept losing. It is not a option. I want a national title and BCS wins. There is 40 other programs that finish 6-6/7-5/8-4 every freaking year. That does not seperate us from the rest. Now ask your self do you want to invest in mediocrity.

    I will never stop watching WVU football. But I will no longer invest in a product that causes me so much heart ache! A product that has so much talent and so little guidance. It is like letting your 90 year old next door neighbor borrow your brand new porche to take to church on Sunday. He’s going to drive it slow, get its doors banged in the lot, and probably won’t even realize that he is actually driving a porche. But he will comment on how good it drives and then he will still brag how much he likes the other neighbor’s kia sport better

    Now sit back and watch Bob Huggins build a power house program just like RR did with great success. Now that is something worth investing in.

  28. Who is our special teams coach? Whoever it is needs to learn how to coach special teams! or go away.

  29. The offense has been a disgrace and there is no one to blame but the coaches.

  30. ahole,

    Our special team coach is Stewy and yeah he needs to go too!!!! His special teams couldn’t cover the special olympics. And that’s our head coach…………..

  31. It is quite refresing to see that many are criticizing Stewart after enough time has passed to reflect on the loss….It is very easy to criticize right after a loss, but criticizing a day later, w/ ample period of time to reflect, speaks volumes re: the situation.

    To the person who commented that 9-4 was possible at the beginning of the season: That was NEVER EVER mentioned on any publication, any newscast, etc. It was known that our defense was going to be raw and young but we were still ranked 8 preseason (although admittedly that means nothing) and in fact, Vingle (or Hickman) predicted an undefeated season, and given talent level, if you looked at each matchup it was hard to argue with him……To say that we could go 9-4 at beginning of season is hard to believe…But even if that is the case it would NEVER have been because of the lackluster offense…..Instead, a 9-4 record would have been predicted due to defensive questions.

  32. I made my comment fresh from getting home from the game. Everyone has the right to comment and to an opinion and to express that opinion. I respect that. This isn’t to call anyone out or piss anyone off. I’m not going to call anyone out for being a “real fan” or not. I do not “accept mediocrity” (Battle Cry of the Stew/Crew Bashers). But if I’d known how spoiled we as a fan base would be at this point, in the middle of a STRUGGLING year, not a DOWN year (again, subject to opinion)….I’m honestly not sure if the last few years have been worth it. I’m not going to label myself as a HCBS die hard supporter or a basher. I, like I think most, am somewhere in between. This fanbase appears SOOOO divided right now. I know all of those out there the best interest of the team at heart and many are disagreeing about the direction of the program and we’d do anything in our power to help this team any way that we can. These are uncertain times (much like the country). I just wish we could get back to being the Mountaineers. Coach LeBlanc has a good thing started in the OneWVU program for racial acceptance. I never thought it would be needed to be applicable to our fan base as a whole towards this football team. United we STAND and divided we fall. I never thought I’d see us fighting with each other as I’ve been seeing. We’re better than this. Call me what you will, but I’m a Mountaineer and that’s the only name I go by as far as this team and University goes.

  33. Columbus it seems like you are getting pleasure out our loses. Sometimes I wonder how many of our fans would cut off their nose to spite their face.

    Stew should not be fired but Mullen should.

  34. How many fucking plays did we get inside the 5 yard line? I say we have some great coaches that cant coach, starting with the o-line coach. WTF? Fellas, we are on the fucking 2 yard line….you have 2 plays to get it in…..but aint nobody on the team has heart enough to blow the d-line off the ball to score a TD. Never seen anything like it in my life! It’s like they watch episodes of The Fucking Brady Bunch before gametime!

  35. We attempted a jump ball in the corner to 5’8″ Jock Sanders on 1st and goal from the 2. Enough said.

  36. I don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but who cares what the fans think, say, cheer or do. A good coach and leader keeps the players insulated from outsider opinion anyway. Fans have about .0004% effect on a football game. Fans being united doesn’t matter. The team scoring more than a MAC school matters.

    I don’t think the players are unmotivated or not intense. The problem is Rick Tricket and Rich Rodriguez were two of the toughest SOBs you ever met and made life hell for the offense, and line especially, 24/7. When the line had practiced as hard as they could, Trickett demanded more and accepted no excuses. Come game day, the line could dig deep because they were used to doing it every day. Now, they think they are digging deep, but its not as deep as it used to be because in practice they aren’t being forced to mentally decide to make their bodies do things their bodies don’t think they can do.

    It’s the mental toughness that leads to physical toughness. Are the players being challenged every single day to improve and work as hard as they possibly can, or are they being told that a game in which they looked like a junior high offense was “enjoyable.”

  37. Columbus,

    I refer you to this comment from 5th year on Sept. 6

    “We had no heart today and I am embarrassed to be a Mountaineer football fan. My prediction for our final record, 9-4.”

    It was made after the mess in Greenville,NC. I was merely agreeing with him, that his assessment of the team’s final record was accurate in my view. I still think it will be an accurate prediction. That’s all. Why our record is what it is, I’ll leave for the more sophisticated among us. I like 25314’s take.

  38. Anybody who is backing Stewart(I won’t even refer to him as coach) is truly holding this program back. WVUColombus is right on, you can’t make excuses for this incompetent and unqualified coach, if you do we are doomed. Let’s face it, he just doesn’t have the capability to be even an average coach. Winning the Fiesta Bowl has turned out to be the worst thing that could have happened to this program, Ed Pastilong and co. need to take some accountability for jumping to such an awful decision without interviewing all of the more qualified candidates. WTF WAS THE HURRY, WAS SOMEBODY GOING TO COME IN AND HIRE STEWART UNDER OUR NOSES, HE HAS NEVER BEEN A HEAD COACH FFS!!!!!!!!!! He is clearly outmatched weekly, and he will ultimately be the demise of WVU program, which was on the verge of consistent greatness under Rich Rod(who is still a prick). Wake up Mountaineer fans and get rid of this tard!!!!

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