What Is Mediocrity?


If you have defended HCBS in the past few months, I am sure you have heard this popular phrase, “If you are happy with mediocrity, then keep supporting this coaching staff.” It makes me pound my head against the wall because it could mean so many things. To help me and this coaching staff better understand your expectations, I have to ask…

What does mediocrity mean to you?


11 Responses

  1. It shouldn’t matter how we perform just so we win the game.

    Granted 30+ points and 200+ rushing yards would be nice but YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME

  2. Performing poorly, yet winning, against the likes of Syracuse and Marshall could be forgotten if at any point during the season, WVU proved itself to be a good team by beating a good team or playing well. It hasn’t. Becuase such performances against the Orange and the Herd are the norm and not aberrations, they are signs of mediocicy.

  3. Wow, a couple votes for 10-3 as mediocre. Some of y’all need to sober up from the weekend.

  4. Can I not vote for Steve Kragthorpe?

  5. With this team, and this schedule, and the level of play in every game, we are a mediocre, are arguably bad football team. 8-5 in 2003 was not mediocre, but 8-4 in 2004 was. Why? Because of the schedule, expectations, talent, and performace on the field. Mediocrity is whether the team is playing to its abilities. At this point in WVU football, anything less than New Year’s Day Bowl games is mediocre.

    Gravitating to mediocrity means that a team is performing much below its abilities and making excuses for it rather than correcting it.

  6. First of all, given talent level of WVU players, having a 9-3 regular season record would certainly equate to mediocrity. However, I voted for 9-4 as being mediocre. It also depends on the program level of the team being questioned. I live in Columbus. Ohio State essentially has fences around its borders when it comes to recruiting the best players in Ohio, a state that has 11-12 million people. Based on shear talent level alone, they better have AT LEAST 10 wins a year. There is never a year when they should actually lose to a Big Ten team excluding Michigan and to lesser extent Penn State. They have had HORRIBLE years the last 2 years because their only TRUE games (and this is according to their fans) have come against USC and Penn State this year and last year the only true games were against Illinois and LSU. Therefore, you can’t look at record as the only indicator of mediocrity, because OSU has a very impressive record over last 2 years but yet they are CERTAINLY mediocre due to the teams that are equal to them.

    Now to WVU….It used to be that mediocre would equal 6-5 in the 90’s and before….That is the only record that would equate to mediocrity, as a losing record is a disappointing season (obviously due to no bowl) and 7-4 or better would be considered a success due to the strength of opponents such as Miami, VPI, Syracuse (when they were good), PSU, Pitt, and on and on (7-4 could be mediocre at that time if we beat all no names and lost all big games, which I think we did toward end of Don Nehlen era one year). One could argue that I am simply looking at the name and therefore aren’t giving credit to the Cincy’s, Louisvilles, etc. but you have to figure that in the equation of determining mediocrity BECAUSE these programs are so young (also USF), don’t have the traditions of these other schools, etc….WVU is CLEARLY the flag bearer of the Big East conference (Syracuse and Pitt SHOULD also be but they have their heads stuck up their asses) and having more than 1 loss in the BEAST and losing to cellar dwellar Colorado and ECU, a non-BCS conference school equates to less than mediocre, especially coupled w/ the fact that WVU hasn’t beaten anybody yet this year (UCONN almost counts but not quite).

  7. I must say though, I don’t hate the fact that Gino Smith is going to be a Mountaineer. Nothing mediocre about that. Tajh who?

  8. not being Big East champ is mediocre

  9. We can still win the Big East championship.

  10. Thinking that WVU will win the Big East championship is a pipe dream. What makes you think they’ll win it….The fact that they’ve had o-line issues ALL season, the fact that they dont come out and play until sometimes the last 91 seconds of a game or the fact that their head coach and OC are in over their heads?

  11. I know for a fact that HCBS isn’t the one calling the plays. OC needs to be taken out back and shot by the Mountaineer. Pat White becomes the new OC and we go with what he and HCBS can come up with. It worked in the last 18 seconds of the Cinci game. Thanks Pat, for saying FU to Mullens and doing what you knew your team could do.

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