Geno Smith and Stedman Bailey?

Yes, there’s a question mark on the end of that.

After a terribly hectic of second-guessing Mountaineer football, we have a bit shit-ton of good news.  Eugene Smith, the #1 QB in the entire state of Florida, has verbally committed to our fine institution of higher learning.  Along with him comes teammate Stedman Bailey, a highly regarded wide receiver.

So, basically, this is huge.  It almost seems improbable after the events of Saturday through today — hence the question mark — but here we are.  Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Unfortunately, too many Mountaineer fans might commit suicide before seeing it.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

36 Responses

  1. How is that possible after the train wreck that was Cincinati? Are we on Candid Camera?

  2. Will HCBS pull a Saban? Meaning his team struggles the first year, brings in a stellar recruiting class and then leads his team to an undefeated season???

  3. No.

  4. So many pessimists running around.

  5. That’s like comparing General Custer and Robert E. Lee.

  6. don’t hold your breath

  7. Do you mean Grant or did I misread the history of the War of Northern Aggression?

  8. A better analogy would be to compare George W. Bush (Stewart) to Teddy Roosevelt (Saban).

    Bush: Bumbling, Inconsistent, Overly-gracious, makes missteps in speech, does not communicate properly when he does, seen as a dope.

    Roosevelt: A leader of men, strong, intelligent, coy, fantastic public speaker, tough, progressive.

    Sorry, I am a Ph.D.

  9. I meant Custer. Robert E. Lee = a good general. George Armstrong Custer = a bad general. I guess to stay within the same war I could have said McClellan or most of the Union generals or Pickett. How about comparing Jerry Seinfeld to Carrot Top.

  10. Like Ross from Friends to the cat that always chases the little yellow mouse on the old cartoons.

  11. This means nothing to me. There was a recruit a few weeks back (Boyd or something like that) that had verbally committed to WVU and then backed out after seeing the current trainwreck. These guys must have attended a kickass kegger and know that they’ll be able to “rule the roost” w/ a pushover head coach like Stewart……..Get ready WVU fans for JUCO city.

    “It’s much better to be objective and proactive, as opposed to biased and hopeful”

  12. Color me unimpressed. We already have a great QB, and it isn’t equating to greatness.

  13. “our fine institution of higher learning”

    …they’re going to WV Wesleyan??? That is big news.

  14. We will know if next year if WVU will be where talent comes to die…You think a 1st year Eugene Smith is better than a 4th year Pat White?

    I’m not taking ANYTHING away from Eugene Smith. Pat White is a god and look what this coaching staff did with his talent. I’ll be praying he gets the NCAA record…

  15. So basically what Columbus, Jack, and a lot of you are saying is that you are only going to talk about the negative things that happen and completely ignore any positives. No matter how many good things occur you are only going to focus on the negatives.

    How do some of you make it through the day with such negative attitudes?

    Or its like comparing Marissa Miller to Roseanne Bar.

  16. Lt.: General Custer, the indians are coming and we are outnumbered!
    Gen. Custer: Ok, let’s make our line of battle right here!
    Lt.: General, where’s the ammunition for our guns?
    Gen. Custer: I left it at camp.
    Lt: Uhh… so you basically fucked us and we’re going to die?
    Gen. Custer: Hey now! We’ve got these beautiful guns and it’s a sunny day. Are you only going to talk about the negative things that happen and completely ignore any positives?

  17. Stew: Hey Doc, great work my friend. Looks like we bagged em.
    Doc: Yeah hard to believe after this year, huh?
    Stew: What do you mean? We are 6-3 w/ 3 to go in the Big East conference. We easily have 2 losses to go for this to STILL be a hugely successful season.
    Doc: Uhhh, what was er…., uhhhh, ok?
    Stew: Doc, remember we’re WVU. We are in West Virginia. It’s not like our expectations can be better than 7-5 or 8-4 each year. Why do you think I’m so happy after all these wins???? We can still lose 2 out of 3 and be considered a success. Now, go get Jeff Mullens and let’s play FIFA World Cup…….I’m France!!

  18. Mullen needs to be fired. If you get rid of him Smith, Heastie, Bailey, and Hargrett will be great ammunition to fire out of our new offensive scheme.

    I’ve got a conversation for you…

    Me: Despite our lackluster offense look at the players Doc and HCBS are bringing in.

    “Real” WVU Fan: Fuck HCBS he hired Mullen he should be fired. We are not scoring on every play and winning every game by 40+ points. We are a FAILURE.

    Me: Yeah but he also retained and hired a great defensive staff. Not to mention he brought Doc and Beatty in. It is his first year and he has showed improvement. I agree he should get rid of Mullen

    “Real” WVU Fan: Fuck you Pitt fan. Are you happy with mediocrity? I don’t care who else he hired or what recruits we land because Mullen sucks and so does HCBS. Any success we have happens despite HCBS.

    Me: If we fire HCBS we will likely lose the best recruiting class in WVU history because the guys that recruited them will be out of jobs too. Are you willing to risk that?

    “Real” WVU Fan: Hell yeah, I just want to be proven right about saying HCBS would fail. Screw the program. If they are winning I have to be happy and I just want to be sad, do blow all day, and masturbate .

    Me: I will look at the glass half full and you can look at it however you want. I will be logical and look at both the negatives and positives.

    “Real” WVU Fan: WAWAWAWAAWA (just cut off his nose to spite his face)

  19. 5th year, you must be taking Wellbutrin dude. No one can be this happy and optimistic about our team and be serious about it. If you cannot run an offense with Pat White and Noel Devine, then who can you run one with? I do not see our attitudes as negative. I see them as seeing the truth that has been laid in front of us.

  20. I’m not taking anything, I’m high on life Lips. If I wasn’t clear about my stance on this offense let me repeat.


  21. After reading the WVGazette for pretty much the last 2 weeks, the posts from all on this blog, except 5th year and maybe 1 or 2 others, and pretty much the sentiment from WVU fans that don’t live in WV, it is CRYSTAL clear that Stewart is in over his head on this job.

    How many times do I have to repeat that the lack of fire in this team at the beginning of games is a result of the HEAD COACH, NOT SOME LOSER OC. It IS OBSERVABLE as you watch players warm up, play slow in the first half and mope coming off the field.

    Pretty much everyone KNOWS that Bill Stewart needs to be fired and hardly anyone believes that firing the OC will change much of anything, except for one of the posters of this blog.

  22. Name one writer from the Daily Mail, Gazette, Dominion Post, or any other publication in WV that has called for HCBS to be fired? ONE

    All broad generalizations are wrong.

    If you need a coach to fire you up to play a major college football game I think you need to reevaluate your dedication. HCBS did a good job of inspiring the team before the Fiesta Bowl and unless you are in the locker room you have no clue whether he inspires them or not.

    The slow start could be the game plan put in place by the OC and our success after the break could be HCBS and others making adjustments. Who the hell KNOWS.

    All I know is that the offensive game plan isn’t working.

    I support Smilin’ Bill from New Martinsville.

  23. Your position in this matter is well established. Why beat everybody over the head with it repeatedly? Telling people on a blog isn’t going to make it happen.

  24. (my post was aimed at WVUColumbus, but 5th Year jumped me)

  25. There isn’t anyone in the media who has supported firing Stewart. I’m referring to ALL of the posts that are attached to each respective article in wvgazette. There is NOOO way that a small town newspaper like Charleston or any other in WV would ever promote the removal of a WVU head coach, PUBLICLY. I support the “beating over the head repeatedly” approach because to me it really is that obvious. I am not a believer that there is all kinds of mystery and happenings that go on behind closed doors that can’t give the “average fan” any appreciation of what or who is to blame when things go wrong. If fans don’t continue to be outraged and demand excellence from their program/alma mater, that is when it becomes tolerable to not expect as much from the program…..and by excellence, I don’t mean winning. I mean performing job duties such as challenging players, having a constant sense of URGENCY in every game, being resilient, and for the coach to be confident in his actions, demeanor and subsequent results. I want a LEADER as our football coach!

  26. Columbus say we fire HCBS. What should we do then?

    Don’t just complain come up with a solution to your perceived problem.

  27. I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers with a unbridled passion, but I say lets offer Bill Cowher the job.

  28. I’m not in a position to name a specific head coach. However, I want a young, hungry, up and coming assistant to take over the position. 65 year old men don’t relate to college football players, for the most part. And NO he doesn’t have to be a past WVU assistant or alum…..He doesn’t have to be an assistant but at least a young head coach. I would take ANY of the candidates WVU was discussing prior to the Fiesta Bowl over Stewart…..There is a reason, he wasn’t even in the discussion when we started our coaching search w/ Chuck Leinas and his firm.

  29. And if this young up and comer doesn’t win 9 games his first season should he be fired? That would be mediocrity right?

    If you think that then we will never be relevant again. Very few coaches come in and win BCS games in their first season.

    I know I know, those coaches didn’t have all the talent we have. Blah blah blah

  30. Sounds like you think WVU should have expected to finish w/ about 3-4 losses this year, huh?

    5th year, here is why I don’t like this cat—Specific actions my friend, not the fact that he looks like a bumbling fool on the sideline, which he does w/ his headset removal every other second and other clearly nervous tics.
    1. didn’t review Pat White fumble along the sideline. Response at end of game: “If the officials can’t get it right, I sure as heck can’t get it right” (look it up)….it was such an obvious review situation, that the unbiased ANNOUNCERS were perplexed.
    2. many instances of the CU game, he was nowhere near his team, but instead walking down sidelines, most glaring at the end of the game.
    3. CU game-didn’t call timeouts at the end of regulation when WVU was at MIDFIELD (10-12 yards from McAfee range). At the end of the game, he states “I would never change a thing…I don’t second guess play calls”—-right then and there I knew we were in trouble w/ his OUTRIGHT ARROGANCE very evident.
    4. CU game-sideline in disarray as mentioned by the hot ESPN sideline reporter and the announcers LAUGHING at the situation.
    5. Every first half of the season—-every one!—All coaching as the team comes out flat.
    Man, I could go on and on dude. It’s not the lack of wins to this point, but instead the qualities/actions of the guy that have resulted in the lack of wins.

    5th year-my guess is that many dissenters agree w/ this line of reasoning and don’t wish him to be fired for the losses in themselves.

  31. This is the typically attitude of the Big East fan base. Golly gee whiz we have a great man who is mentoring our kids.

    Look, most if not all of us will have no relationship with the coaching staff nor the players. Therefore our investment is based on gameday.

    What seperates us from the SEC, Big 12 is that their insane passion and criticizm has effects on the product on the field. In a good way!!!

    The handycap we face is that we are in the Big East. We will never get any respect(ie.. coverage, ranking obviously you should know these things) if we can’t beat the podunks that we are suppose to beat with superior talent.

    You guys place the transition trump card on the table every time. And in most programs that is the case. But to consider who we have loss to and how we have loss is not good enough for me to accept transition as the excuse. All three of those games are winnable even if you or I am the coach.

    If all you want is to go to bowl game every year than forget my comment. But if you desire a national championship and a place among the elite, than don’t blame fans for being disgruntle who asks for a lil more from a coaching staff that is loaded with talent and is playing in the Big East.

  32. I’ll first address the points Columbus made.

    1. I agree, the play should’ve been reviewd.

    2. I agree, he should be in the huddle getting his team focused and showing his support. After this game he has been in almost every huddle on the sidelines. Offense, defense, and for obvious reasons special teams.

    3. I agree, he totally mismanaged the timeouts and I even stated as much in a post after the game. I don’t think that statement was arrogance but it does give me pause.

    4. I agree but that is the same point as above. Just remember that if Bradley Starks throws a half-way decent pass we win that game.

    5. I agree, but if a college athlete isn’t motivated by the simple fact that they are about to play a huge football game that isn’t the coaches fault. Also, they come out pretty motivated in the second half but I guess that is by divinity and not HCBS.

    Every game of the last 3 years that we lost we “should’ve” won. We looked sloppy, ugly, and unmotivated in all of the losses. Were the masses calling for Fraud’s head after those sloppy, unmotivated, and ugly wins? But now you want HCBS out.

    We are in need of a game plan and make over on offense. HCBS has improved over the season (other than kick off coverage). The offense has not improved at all.

    If we rid the program of HCBS we will also rid ourselves of all these 4 and 5 star recruits. That will set our program back 3 or 4 years.

    Get rid of Mullen, who hasn’t played much of a factor in recruiting thus far, and we keep the recruits and can find a guy that runs an offense that actually gains yards.

  33. I should also add that I want to go undefeated and win a national championship every year. However, I am logical and understand that cannot happen every year.

  34. Just thought I should notify Columbus that one writier has basically called for HCBS to be fired.

    Bill Smith writing for the Daily Mail

  35. Not familiar with the Charleston papers history… this a credible person writing or just an old crabby hack? I see where he’s the former sports editor, but that really doesn’t tell me much. The former sports editor here in Martinsburg is a hack.

  36. He wrote for the Daily Mail for 3-4 decades I believe. His style is pretty lame in my opinion, but I don’t thinkhe is a hack. He wrote Bobby Bowden’s “auto”biography.

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