Rollercoasters Make Me Nauseous

Here’s a quick snynopsis of this season:

  • Rodriguez leaves (not good)
  • Stewart is hired (panic)
  • Stewart talks great game during offseason (better)
  • Win first game of the year (Villanova, eh)
  • Lose next two games (panic resumes)
  • Beat Marshall (yawn)
  • Tajh Boyd gets cold feet (even more panic)
  • Unconvincingly beat Rutgers and Syracuse (sleepy)
  • Tajh Boyd de-committs (martial law is imposed)
  • Huge 2nd halfs beat Auburn and UConn (Obama-like change?)
  • Crushing defeat to Cincinnati (nope, that’s more of the same)
  • Eugene Smith commits (whiskey tango foxtrot)

Basically, there has been very little rhyme or reason to anything that’s happened this season — and that includes our gameplan.  We’ll take one step forward and two steps back, and then immediately take three steps forward and two back.  But, at the end of the day, we seem to end up in the same place.  Which is: not knowing what the hell is going on.

We have had a very good recruiting class that, as of two days ago, was being held together with both hands and duct tape.  Our top verbals were taking trips to Sea World if only because it was paid by another school.  Then, Eugene Smith commits and all seems right with the world again.  Oh, except for that fact that we have 3 losses and no cohesive system on offense.  But we have one of the best WR classes in the country.  Unfortunately, no one knows if we’ll know how to use them next year.  No one knows anything, especially me.

So, since so much is up in the air, I think there’s only one thing to do: call a national championship in 2009.  Who’s with me?



9 Responses

  1. Call me a lemming, but I’ll drink the kool-aid that you’re dishing out here.

  2. I’m game, hell I think we will win a national championship every year. The eternal optimist yet realistic.

  3. stay off the METH….tweekers!

  4. It is nice though, not to have any expectations. Last season was infintely more stressful than this one because WVU was in the hunt, which made the Pitt game that much more painful, and every other game on the docket (whether WVU was playing or not) gut-wrenchingly horrorific to watch due to its implications. Now, I just watch games knowing we might make it to the Orange Bowl to play a just-as-mediocre ACC team. Or we might not. Neither would surprise me, the way this season has gone.

  5. I LOVE rollercoasters.

    But, only if I am sitting in the front.

    Right now, i feel like i’m sitting near the back and some kid three rows ahead of me just PUKED!!!


  6. As someone several threads ago remarked…Thank God for Huggins and the hoopsters. That emotional investment is easily made and right now, far more rewarding than the cluster—- on the gridiron. Rollercoasters are terrific fun because you “know” you won’t be thrown off, but it seems as though this one is fixin’ to leave the track.

  7. Beat Pitt!!!

  8. Wasn’t there like a bowl game in there…somewhere around new year’s?

  9. I am and will always be a true WVU fan… I will always believe in, and have faith in the team… I believe that HCBS knows more than he lets on, but it’s the rest of the coaching staff I have my doubts with… like Mullens…

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